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Pre­sen­ted for the fir­st ti­me in the cour­se of the la­te­st Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show, Be­net­ti Now is the new pro­ject from Be­net­ti shipyard and by ar­chi­tect Ste­fa­no Nat­tuc­ci and by de­si­gners from Bri­ti­sh Red­man Whi­te­ley Di­xon stu­dio.the pro­ject de­si­gn work com­pri­sed a year’s mee­tings, mar­ket re­sear­ch, in­tui­tion and de­duc­tions. Be­net­ti Now is no­ne other than the star­ting plat­form whi­ch will ena­ble the yard to build uni­que ya­ch­ts wi­th un­di­spu­ted ex­cel­len­ce and re­du­ced de­li­ve­ry ti­mes, built on the li­nes of what the yard does wi­th the se­mi-cu­stom ran­ge at the pre­mi­ses in Viareggio. Cur­ren­tly wi­th Be­net­ti Now this ope­ra­ti­ve wor­king sy­stem whi­ch is ba­sed on pre-con­cei­ved na­val plat­forms will be al­so ap­plied to the Le­ghorn shipyard as well but for ya­ch­ts mea­su­ring over 50 me­tres. This me­thod does not aim to sub­sti­tu­te the pro­duc­tion of en­ti­re­ly cu­stom built mo­dels but will flank it. “Smart-de­si­gner Cu­stom Se­ries”, as it is de­fi­ned at the yard will be ma­de up of four over 50 me­tre steel and alu­mi­nium al­loy mo­dels a (B164), a 58.6 me­tre (B192), a 65 me­tre (B214) and a 73 me­tre (B240), de­si­gned by ar­chi­tect Ste­fa­no Na­tuc­ci so as not to do away wi­th re­co­gni­sa­bi­li­ty and the brand’s tra­di­tion. “Wi­th Be­net­ti Now I ha­ve do­ne what I wanted and Be­net­ti has had what it wanted.there was an im­me­dia­te en­ten­te right from the be­gin­ning to the la­st pen­cil li­ne. We’re tal­king about a win­ning pro­ject be­cau­se it mee­ts the mar­ket’s cur­rent needs. The sty­ling is well de­fi­ned, li­near. I’ve been wor­king on con­cep­ts en­tai­ling com­pact­ness, flui­di­ty and har­mo­nious di­stri­bu­tion of the mas­ses for lon­ger than I can re­mem­ber. When emp­ty spa­ces are si­tua­ted in the right pla­ces, the ya­cht is a beautiful one. I love to chan­ge and still, as for the­se four boa­ts I’d build them again exac­tly as they are” – com­men­ted Ste­fa­no Na­tuc­ci – who then con­ti­nued: - “We’ve li­mi­ted technical spa­ces. In this area you can do eve­ry­thing in­clu­ding a di­sco. Not on­ly. A stair­way con­nec­ts this sa­loon wi­th sea view to the in­te­rior one”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Be­net­ti Ya­ch­ts – Li­vor­no, Via Ed­da Fa­gni 1, 57100 Li­vor­no, tel. +39 (0)586 415600, fax +39 (0)586 834053,­net­tiya­ch­ - in­fo@be­net­tiya­ch­

Pe­ri­ni Na­vi the world’s lea­ding shipyard in terms of me­ga sai­ling crui­sers pre­sen­ted its new 47 me­tre mo­del at the la­te­st MYS (Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show). This im­po­sing 47 me­tre was un­vei­led be­fo­re a se­lec­ted group of jour­na­lists who we­re ho­sted on board of Mal­te­se Fal­con whi­ch was ly­ing to an an­chor ju­st off Port Her­cu­les. Fran­co Ro­ma­ni from Pe­ri­ni Na­vi led the team of pro­ject de­si­gners de­si­gna­ted for this pro­ject. The new 47 me­tre com­bi­nes per­for­ming li­nes wi­th a flo­wing ve­ry mo­dern silhouette well in­ter­pre­ting the yard’s style whi­ch has ma­de the brand so re­no­w­ned world­wi­de. Pe­ri­ni’s pa­ten­ted stee­ring sy­stem de­ploys twin rud­der bla­des and en­su­res “one fin­ger stee­ring”. The ya­cht sports a sloop rig on an alu­mi­nium al­loy hull and an in­no­va­ti­ve keel de­si­gn whi­ch is a na­tu­ral evo­lu­tion born from years of te­sted ex­pe­rien­ces in the field and can gua­ran­tee ex­cel­lent per­for­man­ce. The drop keel the ya­cht is equip­ped wi­th is tru­ly ver­sa­ti­le con­si­de­ring its span, whi­ch ran­ges from a ma­xi­mum draught of 9.5 me­tres to an all up of 3.9 whi­ch means great per­for­man­ce when sai­ling up and do­wn wind! Ad­di­tio­nal­ly the shal­lo­wer draught (of 3.9 m) means being able to en­ter in mo­re har­bours and in mo­st bays wi­th re­la­ti­ve­ly shal­low wa­ters. The on board au­to­ma­ted sail trim­ming sy­stems rea­li­sed by Pe­ri­ni Na­vi make sai­ling this 47 me­tre ea­sy wi­th plen­ty of re­ser­ve po­wer rea­di­ly avai­la­ble thanks to a hef­ty set of li­thium bat­te­ries whi­ch has al­so been in­stal­led on two of the la­te­st Pe­ri­ni ya­ch­ts na­me­ly on the 70m Sy­ba­ris and the 38m Da­hlak.this ya­cht of­fers mo­re than 160 squa­re me­tres of deck spa­ce on the sa­me le­vel of­fe­ring guests un­pre­ce­den­ted in­com­pa­ra­ble com­fort. Be­low decks there’s plen­ty of na­tu­ral light and the main sa­loon of­fers great unin­ter­rup­ted ho­ri­zon views. Th­ree ele­gant gue­st ca­bins in ad­di­tion to the ow­ner’s can ac­com­mo­da­te up to 12 guests. The en­ti­re bow area of the deck is com­ple­te­ly clut­ter free and hosts the ya­cht’s ten­ders, a third ex­ter­nal loun­ge area equip­ped wi­th an am­ple bi­mi­ni top gua­ran­teeing plen­ty of sha­ded spa­ce, and a 32 squa­re me­tre bea­ch club area are con­ve­nien­tly si­tua­ted in the stern. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­ri­ni­na­

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