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In the cour­se of the la­te­st Can­nes Ya­ch­ting Festival, Ca­na­dos Ya­ch­ts from Ostia pre­sen­ted th­ree new mo­dels. The lea­st stri­king is a 95’ ver­sion from the ex­pe­di­tion li­ne cal­led Ocea­nic Ya­ch­ts. We’re tal­king about a 28.95 me­tre in com­po­si­tes wi­th a spor­ty di­spla­ning hull whi­ch gua­ran­tees ad­ded com­fort when pla­ning and when crui­sing in di­spla­ce­ment mo­de. The yard’s de­si­gn team wi­th Cri­stia­no Gat­to who drew up the in­te­riors ini­tial­led the pro­ject de­si­gn work. This 95’ looks li­ke an over­si­zed 76’ GT Ocea­nic Ya­cht seen in Can­nes at the re­cent boat show. The up­per deck of the 95’ can sport a clo­sed deck area or an open one fit­ted wi­th a lighter hard top whi­le keen deep sea fi­sher­men can de­ploy the ex­ten­ded stern plat­form (by 2 feet) wi­th a full si­ze chair built for the pur­po­se. A pair of hef­ty 1,925 Hp CAT C32 Acert en­gi­nes can pro­pel this 99 ton­ner to an esti­ma­ted top speed of 27 kno­ts wi­th a ran­ge of 450 nau­ti­cal mi­les at 23 kno­ts. The se­cond new en­try is the 969 Co­li­seum an ele­gant 29.50 me­tre fly­brid­ge ver­sion ( whi­ch can be clas­si­fied wi­thin the 24 me­tre ran­ge) de­si­gned by Mar­co Ca­sa­li who’s pri­vi­le­ged stri­king si­nuous flo­wing li­nes.the ex­te­riors sport two loun­ge areas equip­ped wi­th su­spen­ded sun pads, whi­le a cir­cu­lar en­tran­ce opens out in­to the di­ning area whi­ch can dou­ble as an “al fre­sco” va­rie­ty in hot sum­mer eve­nings and the se­cond is si­tua­ted fur­ther for­ward of­fe­ring di­rect ac­cess to the ow­ner’s sui­te on the main deck. The in­te­rior vo­lu­mes are equal to tho­se nor­mal­ly found on lar­ger ya­ch­ts spor­ting full beam ow­ner sui­tes. The lo­wer deck hou­ses th­ree gue­st ca­bins one of them is si­tua­ted amid­ships and com­pri­ses a king si­ze bed al­ter­na­ti­ve­ly the in­te­rior lay­out can ho­st four ca­bins ma­de up of two dou­bles and two twins. The en­gi­nes in­stal­led are al­so Ca­ter­pil­lar C32 1,925 Hp en­gi­nes whi­ch are ex­pec­ted to de­li­ver 28 kno­ts wi­th an econ crui­sing speed of 16 whi­ch of­fers a ran­ge of about 650 nau­ti­cal mi­les. The third new en­try is an open ag­gres­si­ve loo­king ya­cht kno­wn as Gla­dia­tor 822 whi­ch has al­so been de­si­gned by Mar­co Ca­sa­li. Li­ke the Co­li­seum, the Gla­dia­tor al­so re­veals its true co­lours and ties wi­th Ro­me ci­ty, ca­pi­tal of Ita­ly but be­fo­re that ca­pi­tal of the Ro­man Em­pi­re wi­th her gla­dia­tors and wi­th the world’s mo­st fa­mous am­phi­thea­tre. The Gla­dia­tor mo­del fea­tu­res ae­ro­dy­na­mic su­per­struc­tu­re whi­ch is pro­tec­ted by a wind­shield ma­de up of th­ree se­pa­ra­te pieces. The cen­tral one dou­bles as ac­cess to the bow loun­ge­ree dif­fe­rent in­te­rior lay­ou­ts are avai­la­ble wi­th th­ree or four ca­bins, the de­cor of whi­ch can be cho­sen ac­cor­din­gly. Four dif­fe­rent se­ts of en­gi­nes en­han­ce this mo­del’s ver­sa­ti­li­ty. The basic po­wer hou­se is ma­de up of a pair of 1,550 Hp MAN en­gi­nes wi­th V-dri­ves de­li­ve­ring speeds abo­ve 30 kno­ts, whi­le the top end of the pro­pel­ling sy­stem is ma­de up of th­ree 1,900 HP MAN en­gi­nes cou­pled to Top Sy­stems dri­ves ca­pa­ble of ex­cee­ding 60 kno­ts. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Ca­na­dos – Can­tie­ri di Ostia,via dell’idro­sca­lo 252, 00121 Ro­ma, tel.+39 06 88379494, fax +39 06 88379495,­na­ - in­fo@ca­na­

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