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and con­ver­ted in­to a lar­ge han­gar dou­bles sto­wa­ge spa­ce wi­thin, whi­ch means being able to car­ry ad­di­tio­nal toys wa­ter ga­mes and so on whi­le not ha­ving to al­ter the vo­lu­me of ex­ter­nal spa­ces whi­ch com­pri­se an am­ple por­ch and bea­ch club or to mo­di­fy the in­te­rior lay­out whi­ch fo­re­sees an ow­ner’s ma­ster ca­bin, four gue­st ca­bins and th­ree for the crew. OCEA­NE­MO 55, is the lar­ge­st and hi­ghlights the con­cep­ts de­ployed whi­le spor­ting a re­mar­ka­ble 100 squa­re me­tre han­gar, as well as a rai­sed deck of 130 squa­re me­tres. All told this ver­sion can stow away an even grea­ter col­lec­tion of ex­clu­si­ve toys. In this way in the ga­ra­ge there’s spa­ce enou­gh for a 9.6 me­tre ten­der-li­mou­si­ne, a crew ten­der of 4.5 me­tres, two wa­ter-je­ts or a pla­ne wi­th fol­ding wings. Fur­ther­mo­re the rai­sed deck can ho­st a Fi­sher­man, lu­xu­ry car or off the road ve­hi­cle, ho­ver­craft, he­li­cop­ter or even a small sub­ma­ri­ne or small sea­pla­ne. The por­ch and bea­ch club area of­fer ad­di­tio­nal spa­ce by com­pa­ri­son to the smal­ler 33 me­tre mo­del and com­ple­te the of­fer of the ex­ter­nal li­vea­ble spa­ces. The in­te­rior lay­out on the other hand of­fers one ad­di­tio­nal ca­bin by com­pa­ri­son mea­ning five gue­st ca­bins, one 65 squa­re me­tre ma­ster ca­bin for the ow­ner and crew lod­gings for twel­ve. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.ocea­ne­mo.com

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