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Ocean­co from Hol­land pre­sen­ted the yard’s la­te­st en­try Spec­trum in the cour­se of Fort Lau­der­da­le’s In­ter­na­tio­nal Boat Show. This ya­cht is 102 long, it has been de­ve­lo­ped wi­th pro­ject work from Ma­rio Pe­dol’s Nau­ta De­si­gn Stu­dio in Ita­ly. Sub­stan­tial in­vest­men­ts we­re ma­de in R&D in a que­st for op­ti­mi­sed hull sha­pes able to ta­ke on hy­brid pro­pul­sion sy­stems on board. Cur­ren­tly the ya­cht is pro­pel­led wi­th a pair of 1,440 KW MTU en­gi­nes and will al­so sport 500KW elec­tric en­gi­nes. Spec­trum will the­re­fo­re of­fer dif­fe­rent so­lu­tions ac­cor­din­gly. This me­ga­ya­cht boasts an LOA of 102 me­tres and a beam of 15 wi­th five decks she’s an im­pres­si­ve sight. The lay­out con­cer­ning the de­cor in­si­de is fle­xi­ble at ti­me of pur­cha­se. A stan­dard con­fi­gu­ra­tion trans­la­tes in­to pri­vi­le­ging con­tact wi­th the sur­roun­dings whi­ch is achie­ved via in­ter­nal spa­ces lea­ding out on­to the va­rious decks wi­th see th­rou­gh lar­ge cut glass sli­ding doors and hu­ge ter­ra­ces over­loo­king the ocean. Of cour­se there are am­ple areas spe­cial­ly de­vi­sed to de­li­ver en­han­ced re­la­xa­tion as for exam­ple a sau­na, beau­ty treat­ment par­lours, mas­sa­ge and an ine­vi­ta­ble gym in whi­ch to work out. The up­per deck is de­di­ca­ted to the ow­ner. It is equip­ped wi­th a hea­ted pool and of­fers brea­th­ta­king pa­no­ra­mic views, com­pri­sing a loun­ge, an “al fre­sco” di­ning area as well as a tou­ch’n go he­li­pad. Among stan­dard con­fi­gu­ra­tions there’s a Por­tu­gue­se style deck wi­th win­gle­ts for ad­ded vi­si­bi­li­ty whi­ch is use­ful gi­ven the si­ze whi­le ma­noeu­vring in re­stric­ted wa­ters or ber­thing. This deck nea­tly con­tours a pro­fes­sio­nal helm con­trols sta­tion. And there’s al­so a 3 by 3 me­tre Ja­cuz­zi for guests. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.ocean­coya­cht.com - www. built­byo­cean­co.com - in­fo@ocean­co.nl - in­fo@ocean­co.mc

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