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Vec­tor Ros­si­na­vi’s new 63 me­tre ma­de its de­but at the la­te­st Fort Lau­der­da­le in­ter­na­tio­nal Boat Show. En­ri­co Gob­bi’s Team for De­si­gn stu­dio de­li­ve­red the ex­ter­nal and in­te­rior pro­ject de­si­gn work whi­le Giu­sep­pe Ar­ra­bi­to over­saw the na­val ar­chi­tec­tu­re in­vol­ved. Vec­tor re­calls the sty­ling of the tra­di­tio­nal Ita­lian au­to­mo­ti­ve in­du­stry wi­th at­trac­ti­ve ae­sthe­tics and spor­ty looks whi­ch be­fit a sports cou­pe whi­ch is clear­ly ae­ro­dy­na­mic, na­tu­ral­ly ele­gant and abo­ve all fa­st. Team for De­si­gn star­ted up in 2005 the stu­dio’s head quar­ters are si­tua­ted in Ve­ni­ce’s hi­sto­ri­cal cen­tre. The team is ma­de up of se­ve­ral de­si­gner/ar­chi­tec­ts led by En­ri­co Gob­bi ea­ch one of them shares un­di­vi­ded pas­sion for ex­cel­len­ce in de­si­gn. The group’s ac­ti­vi­ties com­pri­se in­te­rior and ex­te­rior pro­ject de­si­gn work for per­so­na­li­sed su­pe­rya­ch­ts as well as ya­ch­ts built as se­ries star­ting wi­th con­cept de­si­gns from dra­wing boards’ ini­tial pha­ses. Vec­tor’s de­cor is on the so­ber si­de fea­tu­ring neu­tral co­lour sche­mes, clear­ly de­fi­ned li­nes where white, bei­ge hues and blues blend well wi­thout being over so­phi­sti­ca­ted. All of the fa­bric was ca­re­ful­ly cho­sen for all of the in­te­rior de­cor and was sup­plied by top Ve­ne­tian sup­pliers from Piaz­za San Mar­co to exalt beau­ty. Fa­mous brands su­ch as Swaro­v­ski wor­ked wi­th Ros­si­na­vi for the ya­cht’s in­te­rior de­cor whi­ch sports ele­gant cut glass works and fa­med Ru­bel­li and De­dar ma­te­rials and fa­bric. All of the mar­ble in­stal­led co­mes from Car­ra­ra, whi­le the “wi­ne cel­lar” was de­si­gned wi­th ex­pert as­si­stan­ce form the be­st wi­ne pro­du­cers from Chian­ti in Tu­sca­ny. The swim­ming pool sports mi­ni­ma­li­sm at its be­st, ac­cor­ding to the ow­ner’s wi­shes. Al­coa whi­ch is re­gar­ded as the world’s top alu­mi­nium sup­plier in the world pro­du­ced the hull and top­si­des in alu­mi­nium al­loy and four ca­ter­pil­lar en­gi­nes ha­ve been in­stal­led to de­li­ver mo­re than 10,000 Hp. Vec­tor is not on­ly a lu­xu­ry ya­cht spor­ting so­phi­sti­ca­ted de­si­gn work, but is well suited to crui­se ex­ten­si­ve­ly not on­ly in Me­di­ter­ra­nean wa­ters but in the Ca­rib­bean and Flo­ri­da as well. Crui­sing in shal­low wa­ters is no pro­blem for Vec­tor, sin­ce “Vec­tor is a fa­st boat po­we­red wi­th hy­dro-je­ts – says Fe­de­ri­co Ros­si CEO at Ros­si­na­vi – she’s ideal for the Ca­rib­bean and per­fect in Flo­ri­da too”. Vec­tor was de­si­gned ac­cor­ding to ri­go­rous stan­dards laid do­wn by JR Ri­din­ger, foun­der Pre­si­dent and COO of giant re­tail si­te Mar­ket Ame­ri­ca and Se­nior Exe­cu­ti­ve Vi­ce Pre­si­dent Lo­ren Ri­din­ger of the sa­me firm who al­so ini­tia­ted Mo­ti­ves®

co­sme­tics li­ne of pro­duc­ts. Bo­th of them are two ve­te­ran ya­ch­tsmen who’ve crea­ted a per­fect mix brin­ging to­ge­ther bu­si­ness and ya­ch­ting and se­lec­ted Ros­si­na­vi’s me­ga ya­cht as their com­pa­ny’s next ya­cht par­tly thanks to the yard’s re­pu­ta­tion, the ele­gant de­si­gn it sports as well as the uni­que ae­sthe­tics the ya­cht fea­tu­res but al­so thanks to the sta­te of the art technical fea­tu­res it pos­ses­ses and for its ad­van­ced dri­ve sy­stem. “Ros­si­na­vi exem­pli­fies a long and ex­cep­tio­nal­ly well foun­ded tra­di­tion whi­ch com­bi­nes the art and ele­gan­ce in de­si­gn of true Ita­lian ya­ch­ts buil­ders – said JR Ri­din­ger in the cour­se of a press con­fe­ren­ce – they ha­ve moul­ded uni­que cha­rac­te­ri­stics whi­ch make this ya­cht an ideal one in whi­ch to crui­se in shal­low wa­ters whi­ch is all im­por­tant in the vi­ci­ni­ty of Mia­mi Bea­ch he­re in Flo­ri­da where it will be ber­thed. Ros­si­na­vi’s team has do­ne ex­traor­di­na­ry work and has de­li­ve­red and ad­he­red to eve­ry sin­gle re­que­st and de­tail. The team has ma­de the ex­pe­rien­ce of the buil­ding of this ya­cht - whi­ch we shared - a real plea­su­re and re­pre­sen­ts a spe­cial ca­te­go­ry of ya­cht buil­ders. Ros­si­na­vi has ma­de the tran­si­tion from our pre­vious 150’ Tri­ni­ty ya­cht whi­ch ser­ved us so well for so ma­ny years a great deal ea­sier”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Ros­si­na­vi, Via Ma­ri­na di Le­van­te 4/B, 55049 Viareggio (LU), tel. + 39 (0)584 384227, www.ros­si­na­vi. it - in­fo@ros­si­na­

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