Superyacht - - Refits -

The steel hull was ca­re­ful­ly te­sted, mea­su­red and ma­ny steel shee­ts we­re re­pla­ced for new ones. The ori­gi­nal shee­ts we­re not sol­de­red as they are to­day but ri­ve­ted. So as to main­tain the ori­gi­nal con­struc­tion mo­del of ti­mes go­ne the new shee­ts we­re al­so ri­ve­ted even if the exer­ci­se was con­si­de­ra­bly mo­re co­stly to car­ry out and dif­fi­cult to exe­cu­te. Her masts we­re re-en­for­ced and heighte­ned so as to ex­ploit an em­po­we­red sail plan. To­day this ya­cht sports 1,386 squa­re me­tres of can­vass; new hy­drau­lic bron­ze win­ches whi­ch blend har­mo­niou­sly wi­th the ya­cht’s ae­sthe­tics. The ori­gi­nal teak deck was strip­ped off and re­pla­ced en­ti­re­ly wi­th Bur­ma teak fea­tu­ring the sa­me cha­rac­te­ri­stics as the ori­gi­nal. The new teak deck was fa­ste­ned to an all new steel one whi­ch gua­ran­tees bet­ter struc­tu­ral ri­gi­di­ty and en­han­ced com­fort be­low. All of the elec­tro­nics we­re sub­sti­tu­ted for the mo­st mo­dern avai­la­ble on the mar­ket. Pi­ping for wa­ter and fuel tanks, wa­ste wa­ter tanks, hy­drau­lic lu­bri­cant ones, as well as all elec­tri­cal wi­ring and RI­NA ap­pro­ved pa­nels al­so we­re re­pla­ced. To de­li­ver ad­di­tio­nal elec­tri­cal po­wer out­put new ge­ne­ra­tor se­ts we­re al­so in­stal­led. The in­te­riors and lay­out we­re en­ti­re­ly con­ver­ted to en­han­ce com­fort to mo­re mo­dern stan­dards wi­th the sa­me ma­te­rials and or wi­th precious ca­re­ful­ly trea­ted wood es­sen­ces whi­ch de­li­ver a great a fi­nal re­sult and con­vey the sa­me ori­gi­nal ae­sthe­tics. The ca­bins to­day are five for a to­tal of twel­ve guests: one ma­ster dou­ble, two twins wi­th bunk bed and a fur­ther two dou­bles. Ea­ch ca­bin has de­di­ca­ted ba­th­rooms, Wi-fi. sat.tv, in­ter­com and ori­gi­nal sky­lights. The ya­cht sports au­dio Fu­sion Hi-fi 700 en­ter­tain­ment. Ad­di­tion- al pop up te­le­vi­sion se­ts are con­cea­led from eye­sight and si­tua­ted in the main areas. The gal­ley has al­so been con­ver­ted and sports pro­fes­sio­nal gear, ovens frid­ges and free­zers. One su­ch free­zer has a ca­pa­ci­ty of 1.5 cu­bic me­tres. The crew’s quar­ters con­si­st of 4 ca­bins for up to 8 and an ad­di­tio­nal ca­bin for the captain. The en­gi­ne room too was re-de­si­gned as well, and now boasts a ful­ly re­con­di­tio­ned 405 Hp Ca­ter­pil­lar 3406 en­gi­ne. Dif­fi­cult as the­se vin­ta­ge clas­sic ya­ch­ts are to ma­noeu­vre in re­stric­ted wa­ters and gi­ven to­day’s traf­fic Xarifa now sports an 85 Hp bow-th­ru­ster whi­le new fuel tanks wi­th a ca­pa­ci­ty of 15,000 li­tres of­fer a grea­ter ran­ge un­der po­wer. So as to com­ply to the la­te­st norms con­cer­ning pol­lu­tion the ya­cht has been equip­ped wi­th a Ha­mann wa­ter treat­ment unit ca­pa­ble of trea­ting up to 5,200 li­tres per day. The to­tal refit and restoration al­so in­vol­ved in­stal­ling AC/DC uni­ts ca­pa­ble of de­li­ve­ring 288,000 BTU when coo­ling and 360,000 BTU when hea­ting. Eve­ry gue­st ca­bin has in­de­pen­dent re­mo­tes to ad­ju­st tem­pe­ra­tu­res ac­cor­din­gly. The wheel hou­se tra­di­tio­nal­ly in the stern sa­loon has been in­stal­led fur­ther for­ward to­ward the bow whi­ch en­han­ces grea­ter vi­si­bi­li­ty. The new helm con­trols sta­tion sports two Fu­ru­no ra­dars FAR 2117 and an ad­di­tio­nal Fu­ru­no TZ14 mo­del wi­th Max-sea wea­ther di­splay. Ra­dio com­mu­ni­ca­tion and mo­re is gua­ran­teed by a Sai­lor 900 VSAT unit whi­ch is SOLASS GMDSS com­pa­ti­ble in zo­ne 3 whi­ch means un­li­mi­ted te­le­pho­ne con­nec­tion and in­ter­net eve­ry­whe­re as well clo­sed cir­cuit ima­ging di­rec­tly to the cen­tral con­trol sta­tion.

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