42 Na­ma­sté

Superyacht - - Refits -

M/Y Na­ma­sté, was laun­ched la­st Ju­ne and pre­sen­ted at the la­te­st Can­nes Festival de la Plai­san­ce. This is the ve­ry fir­st of the Long Ran­ge Man­gu­sta Ocea­no 42 li­ne, the fir­st of the group’s wi­th a di­spla­cing hull and th­ree decks in alu­mi­nium al­loy and steel su­per­struc­tu­re. The con­struc­tion of this mo­tor ya­cht in­vol­ved a con­si­de­ra­ble in­vest­ment – in­clu­ding the crea­tion of a 22,000 squa­re me­tre co­ve­red area in the Pi­sa­na docks – whi­ch pla­ces the shipyard in­to ano­ther mar­ket seg­ment. Loyal and co­he­rent wi­th Over­ma­ri­ne’s sty­ling Na­ma­sté is proof enou­gh of new looks, we’re tal­king about a mo­dern ele­gant spa­cious ya­cht spor­ting re­co­gni­sa­ble ex­ter­nal li­nes thou­gh mo­re roun­ded and sof­ter. Se­ve­ral aspec­ts hi­ghlight this ya­cht’s per­for­ming cha­rac­ter whi­ch blen­ded to ex­cep­tio­nal li­vea­bi­li­ty make it uni­que. The re­sear­ch that went in­to ob­tai­ning plen­ty of na­tu­ral light th­rou­gh the de­ploy­ment of in­no­va­ti­ve so­lu­tions paid off and fea­tu­re as di­stinc­ti­ve trai­ts. All of the pro­ject de­si­gn is Al­ber­to Man­ci­ni’s work. He’s suc­ces­sful­ly con­veyed his own crea­ti­ve vi­sion wi­th Over­ma­ri­ne’s great buil­ding ca­pa­ci­ty. The re­sult is one of har­mo­ny em­bel­li­shed by ori­gi­nal sty­ling and spe­cial ca­re for de­tail. The ya­cht’s lay­out fo­re­sees ge­ne­rous ac­com­mo­da­tion for ten guests, and six crew, of­fe­ring pri­va­cy, se­pa­ra­te crew pas­sa­ges and con­si­de­ra­ble com­fort. The lighting sy­stem has been rea­li­sed in a way whi­ch en­han­ces per­cep­tion of spa­ce whi­le se­ve­ral adop­ted so­lu­tions ha­ve tran­sfor­med pu­re­ly func­tio­nal pieces of fur­ni­tu­re in­to so­me­thing mo­re than ori­gi­nal. The con­si­de­ra­ble em­pha­sis gi­ven to de­tai­led pro­ject de­si­gn work stands out in the con­ti­nui­ty of the ya­cht’s ex­ter­nal li­nes, whi­ch are roun­ded and pri­vi­le­ge a silhouette whi­ch is free of sharp ed­ges and taught li­nes. The at­mo­sphe­re in­si­de re­calls one of voya­ges, whi­le the de­co­ra­ti­ve sty­ling of the guests’ ca­bins en­han­ces re­mi­ni­scen­ces of dif­fe­rent coun­tries. The sa­loon si­tua­ted along the main deck is stri­kin­gly bright wi­th na­tu­ral light whi­ch ta­kes the lion’s share thanks to sli­ding cut glass floor to cei­ling pa­nels whi­ch run the leng­th

of the deck up as far as the lob­by area. A loun­ge area fur­ni­shed wi­th chest­nut bro­wn lea­ther so­fas and arm­chairs pre­ce­des the di­ning zo­ne whi­ch sports a for­mal cut glass ta­ble wi­th sto­ne built cen­tre. The struc­tu­re whi­ch di­vi­des the two areas is ma­de of light material whi­ch does not vi­sual­ly se­pa­ra­te but en­han­ces an ‘open spa­ce’ fee­ling thanks al­so to se­ve­ral ver­ti­cal ob­jec­ts spe­cial­ly de­ployed to ac­cen­tua­te a sen­se of dep­th. All the fur­ni­tu­re in­clu­ding ca­bi­ne­ts whi­ch are sha­ped li­ke smal­li­sh trunks are ma­de to mea­su­re. The pre­vai­ling co­lour sche­me in the loun­ge area is off white and blends well wi­th war­mer sha­des of the wood floo­ring and lar­ge car­pe­ts whi­le the ex­ten­si­ve use of mir­ro­red sur­fa­ces ge­ne­ra­te light ef­fec­ts and ex­pand per­spec­ti­ves. The material and fa­brics are all

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