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Superyacht - - Refits -

na­tu­ral ones: mar­ble, raw silk, skin. A lovely stair­way si­tua­ted beyond the sa­loon near the lob­by leads out to the deck and to a la­te­ral (star­board si­de) boar­ding ac­cess from the wa­ter. This is ve­ry ra­re on a ya­cht of this si­ze. The bow hosts the ow­ner’s ma­ster ca­bin whi­ch com­pri­ses a lar­ge dou­ble bed pla­ced at cen­tre, com­for­ta­ble arm­chairs on ei­ther si­de and a cof­fee ta­ble. A small bal­co­ny ac­ces­sed by the ow­ner’s quar­ters ex­clu­si­ve­ly of­fers a di­rect link wi­th the sur­roun­ding wa­ters. A de­tai­led set of LED lights kno­win­gly in­ser­ted in­to so­me of the fur­ni­tu­re, ca­bi­ne­ts and cur­ved bed­si­de ta­bles pro­du­ces a se­quen­ce of ca­sca­ding light. Na­tu­ral light to the ow­ner’s quar­ters is gua­ran­teed by la­te­ral win­dow li­ke ports and fil­ters th­rou­gh the ba­th­room cei­ling’s sky light whi­ch is part of the bot­tom of the swim­ming pool in­stal­led along the up­per deck. Era­mo­sa mar­ble li­nes the lar­ge ba­th­room’s sho­wer unit re­cal­ling trea­ted oak whi­ch un­der­sco­res a sen­se of con­ti­nui­ty al­so in the use of dif­fe­rent ma­te­rials. A lar­ge al fre­sco di­ning area wi­th a cut glass ta­ble spor­ting a teak wood cen­tre co­re wel­co­mes guests along the up­per deck. A sof­tly lit sky loun­ge whi­ch con­tains a lar­ge screen is fur­ni­shed wi­th ma­de to mea­su­re so­fas pla­ced around rec­tan­gu­lar ba­ses whi­ch when pie­ced to­ge­ther can form a lar­ge sur­fa­ce area and can be de­ployed as a work top, ta­ble etc. The captain’s ca­bin pre­ce­des the helm con­trols sta­tion whi­ch sports a won­der­ful er­go­no­mic con­so­le li­ned in black and smo­ke grey hues whi­ch com­bi­ned to red LED lights re­call the da­sh­boards in sports cars. An at­trac­ti­ve in­fi­ni­ty pool is si­tua­ted fur­ther for­ward in the midd­le of the bow whi­ch is fur­ni­shed wi­th sun beds and a h ydro mas­sa­ge tub of­fe­ring a 360° view. The four gue­st ca­bins, two dou­bles and two twins and the crew’s are si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck. Ea­ch one of the gue­st ca­bins’ de­cor ta­kes af­ter a par­ti­cu­lar ho­li­day pla­ce and

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