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Among the nu­me­rous bi­ts of news that land on our de­sks from the press, from ope­ra­tors pro­fes­sio­nal­ly in­vol­ved in ya­ch­ting, from the gra­pe­vi­ne, in the cour­se of the even­ts and in­ter­na­tio­nal ya­cht sho­ws we at­tend, the­re are so­me whi­ch spur us on and de­ser­ve so­me thought be­fo­re dra­wing our own ideas and con­clu­sions. Re­cen­tly a num­ber of ship yards ha­ve been ac­qui­ring others among them Lürs­sen whi­ch has ac­qui­red Blohm+voss and then went on to se­cu­re a deal wi­th MB92 in La Cio­tat, but whi­le still re­mai­ning in nor­thern Eu­ro­pe the­re’s al­so Royal Hui­sman that can now not on­ly count on its own pre­mi­ses but al­so on Em­den Yachts’ and Hol­land Ja­cht­bouw’s as well. The­se exam­ples are a clear in­di­ca­tion of the kind of po­ten­tial nor­th Eu­ro­pean in­du­stry pos­ses­ses to ex­pand their mar­ket stra­te­gies. In Ita­ly thou­gh, the on­ly re­cent exam­ples are from San­lo­ren­zo whi­ch has ac­qui­red the Can­tie­ri San Mar­co in La Spe­zia, Grup­po Pa­lum­bo that has suc­ces­sful­ly ex­pan­ded its struc­tu­re by ac­qui­ring Can­tie­ri di Mar­si­glia and soon af­ter ISA shipyard. In a nu­tshell the­re’s lit­tle el­se going on for the ti­me being, ex­cept for the fact the­re’s plen­ty of talk as to how the in­ter­na­tio­nal ya­ch­ting mar­ket is pic­king up stron­gly and is mo­re dy­na­mic than the lo­cal one. The en­suing gap could be cau­sed by the fact the­re is lit­tle in­te­re­st in in­ve­sting in Ita­ly, for the le­vel of bu­reau­cra­cy, hi­gh costs, and la­st but not lea­st for the lack of ade­qua­te in­fra­struc­tu­res and or the con­si­de­ra­ble dif­fi­cul­ties pro­spec­ti­ve in­ve­stors ha­ve to fa­ce to se­cu­re and re­sto­re the struc­tu­res that ha­ve been aban­do­ned, di­smis­sed or at lea­st di­su­sed, again be­cau­se of the red ta­pe and of the bu­reau­cra­cy in­vol­ved. But the­se pro­blems are not the on­ly de­ter­rent sin­ce the dif­fe­ren­ces in the amoun­ts ear­ned from the sa­le of new yachts are con­si­de­ra­bly lo­wer for the Ita­lian shi­pyards when com­pa­red to nor­th Eu­ro­pean com­pe­ti­tors. What’s mo­re the tou­gh ne­go­tia­tions whi­ch ta­ke pla­ce prior to si­gning a con­tract of­ten mean ac­cep­ting to sell at even lo­wer pri­ces, whi­le pur­cha­sing costs by com­pa­ri­son ba­sed on the sa­me pa­ra­me­ters mea­ning sa­me si­ze and sa­me qua­li­ty may dif­fer even as mu­ch as se­ve­ral mil­lions of eu­ro: the­re­fo­re an in­ter­nal all Ita­lian “dum­ping” po­li­cy not on­ly lo­wers the va­lue of the end pro­duct but al­so pro­fit mar­gins con­se­quen­tly get thin­ner whi­ch is de­tri­men­tal to the in­du­stry but it al­so cau­ses our shi­pyards to lo­se cre­di­bi­li­ty and tru­st abroad and on the in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ket.

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