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It all be­gan when Can­tie­ri Na­va­li Co­de­ca­sa pre­sen­ted their new Vin­ta­ge Se­ries to the who­le world in the cour­se of the 2011 edi­tion of the Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show wi­th their ve­ry fir­st mo­del, the Co­de­ca­sa 42 – Vin­ta­ge Se­ries, con­struc­tion co­de F73. The ya­cht was mo­re than wel­co­med by vi­si­ting par­ties, and by pro­fes­sio­nals wor­king this ya­ch­ting seg­ment in fact the Co­de­ca­sa 42 Vin­ta­ge Se­ries was rewar­ded wi­th the 2011 Nau­ti­cal De­si­gn Awards,for Be­st In­te­rior De­si­gn. Two years la­ter, in Ju­ly 2013 the ini­tial suc­cess was con­so­li­da­ted as the twin si­ster ship F75 hit the wa­ter. This mo­del re­cal­led the clas­sic sty­ling and the tra­di­tio­nal ex­te­rior and in­te­rior de­si­gn of the fir­st one whi­le spor­ting all of the la­te­st cut­ting ed­ge tech­no­lo­gy avai­la­ble. In the cour­se of summer 2016 the third of the Vin­ta­ge Se­ries, the F76 Co­de­ca­sa’s 43 Full beam hit the wa­ter.the pro­ject for this la­te­st kic­ked off by buil­ding on the Co­de­ca­sa 42 Vin­ta­ge Se­ries plat­form from whi­ch the F76 Full Beam can be con­si­de­red as na­tu­ral heir.the new Co­de­ca­sa 43 – Full Beam, boasts a lon­ger ove­rall leng­th by a good half me­tre aft in the stern area when com­pa­red to the Co­de­ca­sa 42 whi­ch trans­la­tes in­to ad­ded spa­ce in the technical areas and in the pro­xi­mi­ty of the ten­der sto­wed in the stern ga­ra­ge.tom­ma­so Spa­do­li­ni wor­ked wi­th the yard’s technical team to draw up the in­te­rior de­cor and lay­out, whi­ch sports an all new spe­cial­ly de­si­gned con­fi­gu­ra­tion for Con­struc­tion F76. The area de­di­ca­ted to the ow­ner’s quar­ters fea­tu­res con­si­de­ra­ble in­no­va­tion wi­th a stun­ning full

beam con­fi­gu­ra­tion in the bow area of the main deck de­sti­ned to ho­st the ow­ner’s sui­te mu­ch li­ke what we find on the two Co­de­ca­sa 42 mo­dels, but de­fi­ni­te­ly lar­ger to the ex­tent that the ow­ner’s sui­te now boasts a pri­va­te stu­dy/of­fi­ce as well. On board of the Co­de­ca­sa 43 – Full Beam Vin­ta­ge Se­ries the cap­tain’s ca­bin is si­tua­ted on the up­per deck next to the helm con­trols sta­tion well away from the four crew ca­bins set along the lo­wer deck. The win­dow li­ke ports in­stal­led in eve­ry area of the Co­de­ca­sa 43 Full Beam from the main sa­loon along the main deck, the loun­ge areas, and the ow­ner’s sui­te are all lar­ger than on the Co­de­ca­sa 42. The ex­pert hands of the yard’s pro­ject de­si­gn team left no­thing to chan­ce and up­gra­ded the deck spa­ces as well by ma­king them mo­re com­for­ta­ble and bet­ter equip­ped wi­th: an ex­ter­nal loun­ge area in whi­ch to en­joy fre­sh air whi­le re­la­xing on well pad­ded so­fas, and sea­ts con­tou­ring low ta­bles whi­ch are in­stal­led for­ward of the helm con­trols sta­tion along the bow area of the up­per deck, whi­ch of­fers con­si­de­ra­ble pri­va­cy al­so when ber­thed in a marina.the sun deck si­tua­ted in the bow peak is equip­ped wi­th an at­trac­ti­ve hy­dro-mas­sa­ge tub. A pair of 1,650 HP Ca­ter­pil­lar 3512C die­sels can pro­pel the ya­cht up to a top speed of 16.5 kno­ts at 1,800 rpm when the ya­cht is se­mi la­den. At 11 kno­ts the Co­de­ca­sa 43 Full Beam – Vin­ta­ge Se­ries can co­ver 4,000 nau­ti­cal mi­les and ju­st li­ke the two pre­ce­ding mo­dels is ano­ther great achie­ve­ment for Can­tie­ri Na­va­li Co­de­ca­sa. This ya­cht fea­tu­res in­te­rior vo­lu­mes ju­st be­low 500 GRT, of­fers am­ple ex­ter­nal spa­ce, so­ber ele­gant li­nes, rea­so­na­bly low fuel con­sump­tion, ex­cel­lent con­struc­tion stan­dards, and pain­sta­king ca­re for de­tail. A four­th Co­de­ca­sa 43 Full Beam – Vin­ta­ge Se­ries mo­tor ya­cht con­struc­tion C122 is cur­ren­tly being com­ple­ted and is sche­du­led to hit the wa­ter in Ju­ne 2017.

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