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Mi­chael Sch­midt Ya­cht­bau shipyard in Ger­ma­ny is cur­ren­tly buil­ding the new Bren­ta 80 SRD de­si­gned by Lo­ren­zo Ar­gen­to. This is a na­tu­ral evo­lu­tion from the pre­ce­ding Bren­ta 80 DC whi­ch was ve­ry suc­ces­sful and at­trac­ted ma­ny vi­si­tors in the cour­se of la­st sea­son’s Ya­cht sho­ws. The Bren­ta 80 SRD is being built for a fa­mi­ly wi­th small chil­dren, a fa­mi­ly whi­ch is used to sai­ling wi­thout a pro­fes­sio­nal skip­per. And the fir­st ya­cht of this new mo­del has been de­vi­sed for sai­ling shor­than­ded al­beit by ex­pe­rien­ced ya­ch­tsmen. For this SRD, Lo­ren­zo Ar­gen­to de­li­ve­red a spe­cial­ly de­si­gned se­mi-rai­sed sa­loon whi­ch is not over­ly in­va­si­ve but crea­tes mo­re ex­ploi­ta­ble li­vea­ble spa­ce on board whi­ch is ne­ces­sa­ry when sai­ling wi­th kids. The ex­ter­nal lay­out has been con­ve­nien­tly se­pa­ra­ted to di­vi­de the areas con­tai­ning deck gear con­trols from the re­st so as to avoid get­ting in ea­ch others’ way whi­le crui­sing.the stern area sports two helm con­trols sta­tions in­stal­led on a lo­wer le­vel whi­ch of­fer good all round view, whi­le fur­ther for­ward the­re’s a se­cond coc­k­pit in whi­ch to re­lax, and en­joy a din­ner and so on.this se­cond coc­k­pit is ju­st aft of amid­ships clo­se to the com­pa­nio­n­way and away from the “hands on” area.this boat is a performing crui­ser, Bren­ta 80 SRD is a light di­spla­ce­ment car­bon built ya­cht wi­th light­weight fur­ni­tu­re. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Mi­chael Sch­midt Ya­cht­bau, Karl-marx-pla­tz 11, D-17489 Greif­swald, Ger­ma­ny, tel. +49 3834 585877-0, www.msya­cht­ - in­fo@msya­cht­

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