From pools to waterfalls

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For exam­ple, a glass pa­ne 1,150 by 1,150 mm is 27.04 mm thick and its com­po­si­tion is the fol­lo­wing: 8EXC/1.52PVB+XIR/8EXC/1,52SG/8EXC. This co­de tells us that in rea­li­ty this pie­ce of glass is ac­tual­ly ma­de up of a sand­wi­ch of th­ree 8 mm extra-clear (8EXC) glass pa­nes and two thin films of pla­stic ma­te­rial that al­so en­su­re the glass doe­sn’t shat­ter in­to a thou­sand pie­ces should it break. Of the th­ree glass pa­nes two are struc­tu­ral, whil­st the third, the in­ter­nal one, the one we would walk on, is con­si­de­red sa­cri­fi­cial, as it’s po­ten­tial­ly mo­re ex­po­sed to ri­sk of da­ma­ge. What’s the lar­ge­st pool CRN has fit­ted on­to one of its yachts? Aboard our 73 me­tre Yal­la, on the lo­wer deck astern, we put a pool 7.8 x 3.3 m wi­th va­ria­ble dep­th, for a to­tal ca­pa­ci­ty of about 23 cu­bic me­tres. In the part whe­re one swims, thanks to the de­vi­ce that ma­kes it pos­si­ble to swim again­st a cur­rent fit­ted to the pool, mi­ni­mum dep­th is 1.2 m. From pools we’ve mo­ved on to waterfalls: are the­re ad­di­tio­nal pro­blems in su­ch ca­ses? What are your ex­pe­rien­ces on this front? We ha­ven’t as yet fit­ted a wa­ter­fall to one of our yachts, but right now we are stu­dy­ing one for the 79 me­tre under con­struc­tion. From a technical point of view the­re are no ma­jor pro­blems that need to be ad­dres­sed, apart from the hy­drau­lics. For exam­ple, for the wa­ter­fall we’re stu­dy­ing, the wa­ter, ta­ken from the pool, falls back in­to it sli­ding do­wn a glass pa­ne. The who­le sy­stem is thus re­la­ti­ve­ly sim­ple. If in­stead the wa­ter­fall does not flow back in­to the pool the sy­stem will be a lit­tle mo­re com­plex but, all in all, the pro­blem will be li­mi­ted to the pro­per si­zing of the hy­drau­lic cir­cuit and the pumps. Then you’ll need to stu­dy the kind of jet you’d need for the de­si­red ef­fect, the ae­sthe­tic ef­fect, the sce­no­gra­phy: a wi­der or nar­ro­wer bla­de of wa­ter, mul­ti­ple je­ts, or wha­te­ver.

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