Galactica Su­per No­va Text by Da­nie­le Car­ne­va­li Pho­tos by Guil­lau­me Plis­son e Da­vid Chur­chill

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lea­ding superyacht shi­pyards the­re’s one in par­ti­cu­lar whi­ch stands out of the cho­rus li­ne for the kind of per­for­man­ce its ‘small’ ships are ca­pa­ble of. The yard’s na­me whi­ch co­mes from Hol­land is Heesen Yachts. It was one of the fir­st if not the fir­st to adopt FDHF con­fi­gu­ra­tion (Fa­st Di­spla­ce­ment Hull Form) by Van Oos­sa­nen back in 2013 we’re tal­king about “Galactica Star”. Along­si­de mo­re tra­di­tio­nal su­pe­rya­ch­ts, this shipyard’s ca­pa­ci­ty did not go un­no­ti­ced right from in­cep­tion by Frans Heesen in 1978. Ten years on in’88 it had al­rea­dy laun­ched 38 me­tre “Oc­to­pus­sy” whi­ch could ap­pa­ren­tly ex­ceed 50 kno­ts and had been la­bel­led as the fa­ste­st lu­xu­ry built ya­cht and has con­ti­nued to build se­ve­ral hi­ghly performing yachts in ad­di­tion to “Galactica Star”, the 42 me­tre “Ali­ve” laun­ched in 2014 whi­ch was the fir­st

to sport bo­th an FDHF as well as a Hull Va­ne, the 50 me­tre “Si­bel­le”, the 55 me­tre “Aza­man­ta” whi­ch was the fir­st over 50 me­tre ya­cht wi­th a Fa­st Di­spla­ce­ment Hull Form fea­tu­ring an all steel hull built for its cu­sto­mers in 2015 and the in­cre­di­ble 70 me­tre “Galactica Su­per No­va” in 2016. This la­te­st is Heesen Yachts’s lar­ge­st so far and it owes its spor­ty clear­ly de­fi­ned li­nes to Espen Øi­no’s in­no­va­ti­ve de­si­gn work en­ri­ched wi­th new sha­pes whi­ch con­vey Heesen’s per­so­na­li­ty and ca­re for de­tail. This ya­cht is not on­ly ca­pa­ble of top­ping 30 kno­ts but it car­ries fuel enou­gh to cross oceans in its stri­de wi­th a con­si­de­ra­ble range of 4,000 nau­ti­cal mi­les. The le­vel of on board com­fort is hi­gh and on par wi­th that of lu­xu­ry ho­tels, and its de­gree of ma­noeu­vra­bi­li­ty ma­ke it a joy to steer sin­ce it hand­les li­ke so­me­thing mu­ch smal­ler al­so thanks to a Rolls Roy­ce cen­tral­ly in­stal­led jet boo­ster. The ya­cht’s Fa­st Di­spla­ce­ment hull Form can per­form long hauls, ob­viou­sly in di­spla­cing mo­de ma­king the trip all the mo­re com­for­ta­ble and quiet thanks to Quan­tum sta­bi­li­ser fins, and to ad­van­ced noi­se dam­pe­ning sy­stems. “Galactica Su­per No­va” al­so sports sta­te of the art in­fo­tain­ment and Si­not Ya­cht De­si­gn stu­dio car­ried out won­der­ful well lit de­di­ca­ted in­te­rior de­cor whe­re the pre­do­mi­nant sty­ling is con­tem­po­ra­ry, ele­gant and by no means ex­ces­si­ve. Wen­gé and sy­ca­mo­re fra­mes add a plea­sant con­tra­st to light sand co­lou­red ma­te­rials ador­ning the in­te­riors.the ya­cht’s si­lhouet­te clear­ly hi­ghlights ea­ch one of the th­ree decks and a four­th spe­cial­ly de­si­gned for tan fans.the main deck wel­co­mes guests in a lar­ge sa­loon area and boasts a six me­tre long pool in the stern area whi­ch is

along the up­per deck whi­ch dif­fers on­ly slightly from the others ina­smu­ch as it sports a dif­fe­rent co­lou­red head­board. Ob­viou­sly li­ke ma­ny other ocean cros­sing yachts this one too sports plen­ty of spa­ces in whi­ch to spend ti­me in ad­di­tion to rea­ding by the fi­re­pla­ce and or chat­ting whi­le sit­ting com­for­ta­bly in a con­vi­vial loun­ge area si­tua­ted along the main deck. In fact “Galactica Su­per No­va” pos­ses­ses a ge­ne­rous in­te­rior sky loun­ge si­tua­ted on the up­per deck whi­ch looks out on­to a ter­ra­ce over­loo­king the sea whi­ch is fur­ni­shed wi­th a lar­ge round ta­ble, cof­fee ta­bles chairs, a sun ba­thing area. The helm con­trols sta­tion along the brid­ge is si­tua­ted fur­ther for­ward. This area can dou­ble as ad­di­tio­nal sun ba­thing spa­ce, open air thea­tre wi­th a 4x2.5 me­tre screen wi­th CAT Ma­ri­ne au­dio gear or even as a tou­ch-n-go he­li­pad. The stern area ta­pers off wi­th a bea­ch club area ju­st abo­ve the wa­ter­li­ne whi­ch ex­tends on port si­de.thanks to a so­phi­sti­ca­ted lighting sy­stem and to an avant-gar­de au­dio ste­reo sy­stem the day ti­me bea­ch club area can con­vert in­to a night club wi­th wet bar by night. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Heesen Yachts – Ri­jn­straat 2, 5347 KL, Oss – The Ne­ther­lands – Tel. +31 412 665544, fax +31 412 665566 www.hee­se­nya­ch­ wel­co­me@hee­se­nya­ch­

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