CA­LA DEL FORTE VEN­TI­MI­GLIA In­ter­view wi­th Gian Bat­ti­sta Bo­rea D’ol­mo, new Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger at Ca­la del Forte.


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Con­struc­tion work star­ted again at the end of Fe­brua­ry in the Ca­la del Forte in Ven­ti­mi­glia, fol­lo­wing the Mo­na­co ba­sed buil­ding so­cie­ty’s ac­qui­si­tion of the area. The port is sche­du­led for com­ple­tion du­ring the summer of 2018. It will com­pri­se 171 ber­ths, a main­te­nan­ce/re­pair yard and an area de­sti­ned to com­mer­cial­ly going con­cerns. A bin­ding agree­ment bet­ween So­cié­té Mo­né­ga­sque In­ter­na­tio­na­le Por­tuai­re (SMIP) – ow­ned by So­cié­té d’ex­ploi­ta­tion des Ports De Mo­na­co (SEPM) – and the Coz­zi Pa­ro­di Ita­lian group for the ac­qui­si­tion of the Ca­la del Forte’s com- pa­ny shares. This con­si­de­ra­ble in­fra­struc­tu­ral de­ve­lo­p­ment is a uni­que mo­re than a ra­re op­por­tu­ni­ty for this bor­der to­wn, as un­der­sco­red by En­ri­co Lo­cu­lan ci­ty mayor du­ring the event ce­le­bra­ting the re-start of the work on Fe­brua­ry 21st. We in­ter­viewed Gian Bat­ti­sta Bo­rea D’ol­mo, Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger for SEPM who’s al­so been head of Mo­na­co port for a de­ca­de, in his of­fi­ce to learn mo­re about this ac­qui­si­tion. Let’s be­gin wi­th the news about the re­star­ting of the works in Ven­ti­mi­glia, what was it that star­ted eve­ry­thing? It all real­ly star­ted for lack of spa­ce, in the Mo­na­co ports, Port Her­cu­le, and Font­viel­le, ha­ve li­mi­ted ca­pa­ci­ties that can’t be ex­pan­ded any fur­ther, fir­stly due to the dep­th whi­ch

is pe­rhaps one of the dee­pe­st in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean, in so­me spo­ts it rea­ches about 60 me­tres. In 10 years of our ma­na­ge­ment we’ve ma­na­ged to op­ti­mi­ze to full ca­pa­ci­ty. On one si­de we ha­ve no mar­gin to ex­pand in­to and on the other we’re con­fron­ted wi­th long wai­ting lists. For this rea­son we we­re com­pel­led to look el­sewhe­re. Ini­tial­ly we thought about Cap-d’ail whi­ch al­rea­dy has a small har­bour and could ha­ve been an in­te­re­sting op­tion, but the­re we­re se­ve­ral dra­w­backs fir­st and fo­re­mo­st the exi­sting con­ces­sion is due to ex­pi­re in 2027. Ob­viou­sly I be­gan to look again and thought about so­me­thing in Ven­ti­mi­glia whi­ch in fact is less than 20 ki­lo­me­tres away and on­ly 8 nau­ti­cal mi­les away from Mo­na­co. Geo­gra­phi­cal­ly spea­king the spot is al­so well sui­ted be­cau­se it is ju­st be­low Ven­ti­mi­glia’s hi­gh ground wi­th its re­si­den­tial area, and the spot has enor­mous po­ten­tial al­so from a tou­ri­stic view point. In ac­tual fact Ven­ti­mi­glia is plun­ged in­to a ve­ry dif­fe­rent so­cial con­te­st when com­pa­red to Mo­na­co’s, wi­th an image whi­ch is not en­via­ble pe­rhaps nor even re­mo­te­ly gla­mour. In whi­ch ways can this pro­ject re­pre­sent a re­sour­ce for the ci­ty and vi­ce-ver­sa? What’s de­ci­ded­ly mo­re dif­fi­cult and com­plex to un­der­stand is whe­re the po­ten­tial of a port is. Ven­ti­mi­glia pos­ses­ses a num­ber of pre­re­qui­si­tes whi­ch ena­bled me to spot that po­ten­tial. A few re­qui­re­men­ts, as I was ju­st say­ing, are fun­da­men­tal: The near­ness to clear­ly de­fi­na­ble de­sti­na­tions, the right di­men­sions, the po­si­tio­ning,, the ber­ths that can be ob­tai­ned. Af­ter this we mu­st con­si­der the con­text, the ter­ri­to­ry. Even if lit­tle kno­wn, and less pu­bli­ci­sed Ven­ti­mi­glia Al­ta is tru­ly beau­ti­ful and the port will na­tu­ral­ly be­co­me a re­sour­ce whi­ch will en­han­ce the re­qua­li­fi­ca­tion of the con­tou­ring ci­ty. This said, sin­ce word of the port has got­ten around, the­re are al­rea­dy a num­ber of Mo­ne­ga­sques buy­ing pro­per­ties in Ven­ti­mi­glia Al­ta. The ar­ri­val of the kind of clien­te­le we’re ex­pec­ting will cer­tain­ly bring about fi­nan­cial gro­w­th, a re­va­lua­tion, a chan­ge even in cul­tu­re. We’re loo­king at an en­ti­re sy­stem whi­ch is star­ting to re qua­li­fy the who­le ter­ri­to­ry. Among other con­si­de­ra­tions part of the plan is to build a di­rect ver­ti­cal link bet­ween the port and Ven­ti­mi­glia Al­ta whi­ch is pos­si­ble by de­ploy­ing a lift pla­ced in­si­de the moun­tain and or a rack and pi­nion rail­way be­cau­se it is ve­ry im­por­tant that the marina has a con­nec­ting link wi­th the ter­ri­to­ry. This will be one of the plans for the ci­ty we are de­ter­mi­ned to build as part of the pro­ject. How is this pro­ject dif­fe­rent from the ori­gi­nal one? We agreed to ac­qui­re, as long as we could mo­di­fy the lay-

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