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no­te. It’s ju­st li­ke a sym­pho­ny or­che­stra FA­BI pro­duc­ts can ma­ke dreams co­me true wi­th eyes clo­sed or wi­de open. The dif­fe­ren­ce being in the per­so­na­li­sa­tion. Pro­duc­tion is all Ita­lian, and mo­re pre­ci­se­ly I wi­sh to un­der­sco­re it co­mes from the Mar­che re­gion. Di­stri­bu­tion is clo­se­ly tied to the clien­te­le day by day so as to be con­stan­tly up­da­ted on its needs. We’re cur­ren­tly ex­por­ting 70% of our pro­duc­tion whi­ch means Fa­bi foot­wear is strong in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly. Over and abo­ve eve­ry other con­si­de­ra­tion the re­sear­ch, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and se­lec­tion of the ma­te­rial is fun­da­men­tal. Call it a ma­nia if you li­ke. The ma­te­rials used are the co­re of the who­le pro­cess he­re at Fa­bi, be­cau­se the skins are li­ke seeds to us from whi­ch shoes are born. It’s ano­ther way of say­ing Top Qua­li­ty and we mean ju­st that. But not on­ly, sin­ce ma­ny can do that, sin­ce skins can be aged, rou­ghe­ned, bru­shed, tan­ned, whi­te­ned even pain­ted mea­ning an in­fi­ni­ty of dif­fe­rent pro­ces­ses can be de­ployed; yet they’re not re­pea­ta­ble on the sa­me pie­ce or cut sin­ce cu­ts dif­fer and they’re ne­ver the sa­me. Man’s in­ter­ven­tion at this sta­ge is li­ke a pain­ter’s bru­sh stro­ke: the­re’s no sa­me bru­sh stro­ke, nor ge­stu­re even if it’s re­pea­ted mil­lions of ti­mes over can it be exac­tly the sa­me as the fir­st one. Over two hun­dred ex­perts and ma­ster craf­tsmen work dai­ly in pro­duc­tion. Af­ter all it is not pos­si­ble to pro­du­ce cer­tain pairs of shoes wi­th no han­d­craft and the­re is no machine that can sub­sti­tu­te or co­me clo­se to the de­li­ca­cy of man’s fin­gers. S/Y: Whi­ch is the “ti­me­less clas­sic” mo­del you will ne­ver stop of­fe­ring The hi­sto­ri­cal Bri­ti­sh work­man­ship of the Goo­dyear mo­del whi­ch we’ve tran­sfor­med in­to our ful­ly pa­ten­ted Flex Goo­dyear mo­del thanks to the blen­ding of two es­sen­tial ele­men­ts nee­ded to rea­ch the wan­ted goal: Qua­li­ty and tech­no­lo­gy. We de­ve­lo­ped shoes fea­tu­ring self mo­del­ling so­les that de­li­ver of­fer hi­gh le­vel ex­pe­rien­ce, and an all new fle­xi­bi­li­ty. Fa­bi Flex Goo­dyear is en­ti­re­ly han­d­craf­ted wi­th great ca­re gi­ven to de­tail. It is light­weight and de­si­gned to ma­xi­mi­ze wea­rers’ com­fort. Ima­gi­ne as ma­ny as 102 steps are re­qui­red for ea­ch shoe. Ele­gan­ce ta­kes the lion’s share in eve­ry col­lec­tion of Fa­bi’s range, and re­de­fi­ning the con­cept of what is “clas­sic” Fa­bi of­fers a uni­que sty­le in ea­ch col­lec­tion wi­thout gi­ving away any­thing in the way of com­fort. SY: Yours is an in­ter­na­tio­nal clien­te­le? Yes ab­so­lu­te­ly, we ha­ve an enor­mous clien­te­le and our col­lec­tions are get­ting mo­re and mo­re com­plex all the ti­me. The kind of evo­lu­tion we are fa­cing is ra­ther mo­re in­du­ced than de­du­ced. In­du­ced be­cau­se the mar­ke­ts we re­la­te to, ha­ve over ti­me re­que­sted mo­re di­ver­si­fi­ca­tion, and de­du­ced be­cau­se we felt the mo­ment, the need to con­so­li­da­te our range had co­me and we wan­ted to ful­ly ex­press our own way of in­ter­pre­ting con­tem­po­ra­ry sty­les. SY: Can you gi­ve us a clue of what you ha­ve in sto­re for the co­ming Men’s Spring/summer Col­lec­tion? In­no­va­ti­ve prac­ti­cal things are still the “fil rou­ge” whi­ch in any ca­se lea­ves am­ple spa­ce to bo­th ver­sa­ti­li­ty and of cour­se ele­gan­ce whi­ch is com­mon de­no­mi­na­tor to all of the Fa­bi col­lec­tion. Con­tem­po­ra­ry men re­qui­ring han­d­craf­ted foot­wear fea­tu­ring ca­re for de­tail, ele­gan­ce, light-weight, wi­thout sa­cri­fi­cing com­fort can choo­se dif­fe­rent mo­dels for a va­rie­ty of di­ver­se mo­men­ts: day, eve­ning, work/bu­si­ness re­la­ted mee­tings, for­mal din­ners and mo­re. Dif­fe­rent co­lours play a pri­me ro­le, but the clear per­cep­tion of their com­fort is the pi­vot round whi­ch we ha­ve de­di­ca­ted mu­ch work. In fact we’ll be ta­king our ever pre­sent Flex Goo­dyear pa­ten­ted mo­dels to the next Pit­ti Uo­mo 2017 ve­nue to­ge­ther wi­th the re­cent Su­per­flex range whi­ch is a na­tu­ral evo­lu­tion from the pre­ce­ding Flex ver­sion.

All new de­si­gn hand pain­ted co­lours for snea­kers will al­so be pre­sen­ted in the cour­se of this co­ming event in a con­si­de­ra­ble ex­plo­sion of di­ver­se hues. S/Y: Fu­tu­re pro­jec­ts? We’ve been wor­king wi­th Ja­pan for about a year and their mar­ket is re­spon­ding well whi­ch ma­kes us hap­py about the way things are evol­ving.the R&D work we put in­to this pro­ject has paid off de­ser­ved­ly so, and our “Ma­de in Ita­ly” is mo­re re­spec­ted and ap­pre­cia­ted than be­fo­re whi­ch means we’ll be fo­cu­sing on Asian mar­ke­ts mo­re in the fo­re­seea­ble fu­tu­re. S/Y: What’s lu­xu­ry to Ema­nue­le Fa­bi? Less is mo­re..sho­wing off, mu­st be avoi­ded wi­th all that is con­si­de­red un­brid­led, ex­ces­si­ve and exag­ge­ra­ted in terms of lu­xu­ry, to re­veal a mo­re se­cre­ti­ve, mo­re re­fi­ned lu­xu­ry...the­re­fo­re in ad­di­tion to say­ing lu­xu­ry, I’d add the term ele­gan­ce...it’s in the de­tails a bow tie, a lit­tle pur­se, a fi­ne perfume but al­so a tie whi­ch is worn a sha­de loo­se­ly mar­king the clo­se of a plea­sant eve­ning, li­ke an ap­pea­ling charm that would li­ke to con­ti­nue to fa­sci­na­te but in a less pat­ter­ned and mo­re re­la­xed way. FA­BI SHOES - www.fa­bi­shoes.it

Aston Mar­tin fi­nal­ly un­vei­led the fir­st unit of its AM 37 rea­li­sed wi­th Quin­tes­sen­ce Yachts in the cour­se of the la­te­st MYS. The ico­nic Bri­ti­sh brand thus en­ters the world of ya­ch­ting wi­th this fir­st mo­del. This is a pre­mium le­vel day crui­ser de­li­ve­red af­ter two years of R&D to co­n­ju­ga­te in­no­va­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gy wi­th Aston Mar­tin’s tra­di­tio­nal craf­tsman­ship. The sa­me team of craf­tsmen whi­ch pre­viou­sly wor­ked on other Aston Mar­tin mo­dels, the One-77, the Vul­can and the new DB11 al­so pas­sed on their kno­w­led­ge in the ma­king of the AM37 to Quin­tes­sen­ce Yachts tech­ni­cians who suc­ces­sful­ly ma­na­ged to rein­ter­pret eve­ry­thing for the ya­cht. Ma­rek Rei­ch­man, EVP and chief Crea­ti­ve Of­fi­cer for Aston Mar­tin com­men­ted as fol­lo­ws: “AM re­pre­sen­ts ful­ly Aston Mar­tin’s DNA trans­la­ted in­to a new nau­ti­cal con­cept. This po­wer boat mir­rors all our va­lues in terms of po­wer beau­ty and spi­rit. The mo­st im­por­tant at­tri­bu­te for Aston Mar­tin is pro­por­tion and de­si­gn whi­ch we ha­ve trans­fer­red in­to AM37. It was of con­si­de­ra­ble im­por­tan­ce to us to be su­re that this boat’s de­si­gn was going to be no­ta­bly beau­ti­ful and ti­me­less li­ke our cars”. The re­sult is a ve­ry re­fi­ned day­crui­ser right up to the smal­le­st de­tail, star­ting wi­th a wind­screen whi­ch has been ma­de out of a sin­gle cut glass sheet ex­per­tly han­d­craf­ted to be en­clo­sed wi­th th­ree car­bon pro­tec­ti­ve pa­nels whi­ch at the pu­sh of a but­ton slot back in­to their re­cess in the coc­k­pit ac­cor­din­gly. Fur­ther­mo­re AM37 is equip­ped wi­th an elec­tri­cal/hy­drau­lic bi­mi­ni top in car­bon fi­bre and the da­sh­board re­calls ob­vious Aston Mar­tin class in the sty­ling. The in­te­rior de­cor sports fi­ne skins and pre­cious fa­bric. The lay­out com­pri­ses a di­net­te whi­ch dou­bles as night zo­ne plus all you need to spend a re­la­xing week end. The AM37 co­mes in two ver­sions, the fir­st one wi­th a pair of 370 HP Mer­cu­ry die­sels or a pair of 430 HP Mer­cu­ry pe­trol en­gi­nes whi­ch should be ca­pa­ble of pro­pel­ling the boat to 45 kno­ts. The se­cond ver­sion the AM37S is po­we­red up wi­th mo­re mu­scle re­pre­sen­ted by two 520 HP Mer­cu­ry pe­trol en­gi­nes whi­ch de­li­ver a con­fir­med top speed of mo­re than 50 kno­ts. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Quin­tes­sen­ce Yachts, Joop Gee­sin­k­weg 901-999, Am­ster­dam, 1114 AB The Ne­ther­lands, www. quin­tes­sen­ceya­ch­ts.com - in­fo@quin­tes­sen­ceya­ch­ts.com - www.aston­mar­tin.com

Foun­ded in 1997 by Rob In­nes Dan Piaz­za, In­ne­spa­ce Pro­duc­tions has been buil­ding nu­me­rous sub­ma­ri­nes for re­crea­tio­nal pur­po­ses. Dol­phin and Sea­brea­cher mo­dels are the mo­re po­pu­lar and they’re sha­ped ra­ther li­ke fi­sh. The Sea­brea­cher li­ne is ma­de up of th­ree dif­fe­rent ver­sions the X, Y and Z, they’re all po­we­red up wi­th 1500 c.c. Ro­tax en­gi­nes whi­ch de­li­ver 260 HP. Sea­ting ca­pa­ci­ty goes from ju­st one plus two wi­th whi­ch you can ex­pe­rien­ce stee­ring th­rou­gh head di­ves, 360° spins ver­ti­cal de­scen­ts and steep climbs out of the wa­ter as well wi­th the “no­se” poin­ting up to­wards the sky. In the cour­se of the la­te­st Sa­lon Nau­ti­co held in Bar­ce­lo­na Spain whi­ch la­sted four days from Oc­to­ber 12th to 16th, Char­ter­dart char­ter bro­kers pre­sen­ted the la­te­st Sea­brea­cher S whi­ch can be per­so­na­li­sed on re­que­st th­rou­gh char­ter agen­cies and is po­we­red up wi­th a 300 HP Su­per­char­ged Ro­tax en­gi­ne wi­th a top speed of 60kph.this special ver­sion is de­di­ca­ted to su­pe­rya­ch­ts. The li­nes whi­ch co­me as stan­dard re­call sharks, kil­ler wha­les, or dol­phins. The S mo­del is al­so equip­ped wi­th bet­ter qua­li­ty au­dio gear and na­vi­ga­tio­nal aids and wi­th a lar­ger bub­ble li­ke thick glass whi­ch of­fers en­han­ced vi­si­bi­li­ty of the sur­roun­dings. “Eve­ry char­ter par­ty wan­ts to ha­ve fun and looks for me­mo­ra­ble and ex­ci­ting ex­pe­rien­ces” says Briand Hard­man, Char­ter­dart’s foun­der who’s got the ex­clu­si­vi­ty clau­se to sell Sea­brea­cher S. “In a real­ly cro­w­ded char­ter mar­ket, you ha­ve the op­por­tu­ni­ty of stan­ding out from the cho­rus li­ne by up­gra­ding your ya­cht’s toys whi­ch helps, and can com­mand a hi­gher ra­ting. We’re hap­py to ha­ve ac­qui­red the ex­clu­si­vi­ty for the Sea­brea­cher S, whi­ch is so­me­thing uni­que li­ke no other on the mar­ket and to ha­ve ad­ded it to our evol­ving li­st of avai­la­ble wa­ter toys. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.char­ter­dart.com

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