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Ma­re­mo­to is an im­por­tant going con­cern ba­sed in Ge­noa. The com­pa­ny sells, pro­vi­des as­si­stan­ce, and ren­ts jet skis, wa­ter craft and toys whi­ch are fo­re­ver in­crea­sing and mo­re fun. We’ve tal­ked about Ma­re­mo­to in other oc­ca­sions; to­day we’re going to ta­ke a de­tai­led look at a new in­te­re­sting pro­duct whi­ch is now di­splayed in their ca­ta­lo­gue: we’re tal­king about Lam­pu­ga en­gi­ne dri­ven boards for whi­ch Ma­re­mo­to is Ita­ly’s ex­clu­si­ve, so­le im­por­ter and di­stri­bu­tor. Sergio and Da­nie­la ex­plain this ama­zing toy’s cha­rac­te­ri­stics whi­ch they hit upon at the Düs­sel­dorf Boat Show. “The new Lam­pu­ga surf boards are po­we­red by an en­gi­ne! In fact they pos­sess a small elec­tric en­gi­ne ca­pa­ble of de­li­ve­ring 15HP or mo­re for near­ly an hour. Ob­viou­sly the board is noi­se free and ve­ry user friend­ly. The main dif­fe­ren­ce when com­pa­red to pre-exi­sting jet surfs is that Lam­pu­gas, being elec­tri­cal­ly po­we­red don’t pol­lu­te, don’t de­li­ver any smell wha­tsoe­ver are to­tal­ly noi­se free, and can ac­cess ma­ri­ne parks whi­ch ha­ve li­mi­ted en­try to fuel po­we­red craft. Fur­ther­mo­re jet-surfs are me­cha­ni­cal­ly spea­king mo­re com­pli­ca­ted than a plain elec­tric en­gi­ne. A ty­pi­cal Lam­pu­ga sports a wa­ter­tight com­part­ment whi­ch hou­ses a bat­te­ry, elec­tro­nic con­trols and en­gi­ne wi­th hy­dro-jet dri­ves. Users mu­st not open the wa­ter­tight com­part­ment be­cau­se the soc­ke­ts used to re­char­ge are in­stal­led in­to the board itself away from one ano­ther on bo­th si­des of the board so that they can be char­ged al­so when in the wa­ter tied up along­si­de the ya­cht. In fact the bat­te­ry char­ger is equip­ped wi­th long ca­bles for this ve­ry pur­po­se. We’ve al­so men­tio­ned hy­dro-jet pro­pul­sion whi­ch means the pro­pel­ler is in­si­de the­re’s no­thing ou­tsi­de, whi­ch trans­la­tes in­to ad­ded user sa­fe­ty. Ima­gi­ne jet-surfs wi­th their noi­sy pol­lu­ting and so­me­ti­mes smel­ly pe­trol en­gi­nes zoo­ming around you at may­be th­ree pm when you’re wan­ting to cat­ch an af­ter­noon cat nap: he­re’s the so­lu­tion Lam­pu­ga is to­tal­ly di­ver­se. It can be de­ployed any ti­me of day even clo­se to mo­ther ship, bo­thers no one even when so­me of the guests want to re­lax. Lam­pu­ga is ma­nu­fac­tu­red in Ger­ma­ny no other firm has up un­til now equal­led the qua­li­ty of the ma­te­rials used or has co­me near Lam­pu­ga’s performing speeds. Ima­gi­ne the top of the range, and fa­ste­st is the Boo­st GTR whi­ch can pro­pel you at an asto­ni­shing 35 kno­ts wi­th a range of 40 mi­nu­tes, even if not al­ways at top speed, but in my opi­nion it is real­ly a great achie­ve­ment. The ma­gic of the per­for­man­ce is in­du­ced by the en­gi­ne’s qua­li­ty, the ty­pe of bat­te­ries in­stal­led: the lat­ter are in fact pro­du­ced by Te­sla.the Ger­man ma­nu­fac­tu­rer’s suc­cess and streng­th is al­so due to de­di­ca­ted client ca­re fa­ci­li­ties and af­ter sa­les whi­ch are gua­ran­teed by ex­cel­lent net­wor­king as­si­stan­ce di­stri­bu­ted in the ter­ri­to­ry”. Whi­ch and how ma­ny are the mo­dels cur­ren­tly pro­du­ced? They’re es­sen­tial­ly two, wi­th va­ry­ing co­lour sche­mes and si­zes.

The Lam­pu­ga can be air in­fla­ted and goes by the na­me AIR. This mo­del’s on­ly ri­gid sec­tion is the wa­ter­tight one the re­st is ma­de of a light­weight ma­te­rial that on­ce in­fla­ted to re­qui­red pres­su­re be­co­mes ve­ry hard. Ob­viou­sly this means the board can be trans­por­ted mu­ch mo­re ea­si­ly than if it we­ren’t in­fla­ta­ble and the­re­fo­re bet­ter adap­ts to smal­ler yachts.the in­fla­ta­ble AIR Lam­pu­ga wi­th a 15 HP- 11 KW en­gi­ne is avai­la­ble in dif­fe­rent si­zes: the Air S wi­th a 16.5 HP-12 KW en­gi­ne, the Bud­dy mo­del whi­ch is the smal­le­st mea­su­ring on­ly 120 cm, is fol­lo­wed by the Air 200 cm and by the Air Plus whi­ch is 2.50 cm long. For the ti­me being we’re going along wi­th the AIR for its op­ti­mal si­ze/ weight/ pri­ce ra­tio. Ow­ners of roo­mier lar­ger yachts and su­pe­rya­ch­ts may wi­sh to choo­se a fi­bre glass ri­gid mo­del cal­led Boo­st. This ver­sion is al­so avai­la­ble wi­th th­ree dif­fe­rent en­gi­nes: in ad­di­tion to the Boo­st wi­th 15 HP-11 KW, the­re’s the Boo­st GT wi­th 20 HP-14.9 KW and the Boo­st GTR wi­th 24.6 HP -18 KW. Tho­se of you op­ting for pu­re ex­cel­len­ce can go in for the Boo­st ver­sions built in car­bon, whi­ch of­fer re­du­ced weight grea­ter all round per­for­man­ce but hi­gher pri­ce”. What’s avai­la­ble to re­char­ge the bat­te­ries? “That aspect is ta­ken ca­re of by a 400V char­ger whi­ch im­plies ha­ving an on board ge­ne­ra­tor wi­th an out­put of 380V whi­ch will re­char­ge in about 120 mi­nu­tes. The­re’s ano­ther ver­sion de­di­ca­ted to the Boo­st GTR whi­ch cu­ts re­char­ge ti­me do­wn to 80 mi­nu­tes”. How do you steer them? Are they ea­sy to steer and to trans­port? “Dead ea­sy, it is nor­mal­ly enou­gh to climb on board and go.

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