Pic­chiot­ti Ya­ch­ts

He­ri­ta­ge 45 M

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sty­led yacht but al­so an in­no­va­ti­ve one by to­day’s stan­dards. It sports an LOA of 45 me­tres, it looks so­mewhat li­ke an ex­pe­di­tion mo­del and li­ke a support ves­sel too. In fact the deck lay­out fo­re­sees an am­ple bow area on­to whi­ch a pair of 9 me­tre ten­ders are sa­fe­ly sto­wed - fol­lo­wed by a mo­tor boat and a sai­ling one – as well as two jet skis and mul­ti­ple loc­kers for wa­ter toys. On­ce the va­rious boa­ts ha­ve been laun­ched, the area can dou­ble as a com­for­ta­ble loun­ge whi­ch links to the in­te­riors and to the stern coc­k­pit whi­ch is the guests’ en­ter­tain­ment area. Lar­ger than ave­ra­ge spa­ces fill the in­te­riors thanks to the interior de­si­gners’ at­ten­ti­ve design work and ca­re for de­tail. Floor to cei­ling win­dow li­ke gla­zed pa­nels whi­ch are 3 me­tres hi­gh pro­vi­de plen­ty of na­tu­ral light to shared com­mon room day areas. The ow­ner’s roo­my sui­te is si­tua­ted in the stern area and boasts an awe­so­me pri­va­te ter­ra­ce over­loo­king the sur­roun­dings. “I can’t but be ex­tre­me­ly ho­nou­red to ta­ke on this new chal­len­ge” re­por­ted­ly said Ber­nar­do Zuc­con. Pic­chiot­ti needs no in­tro­duc­tion, be­cau­se it has built wi­th others mu­ch of Ita­ly’s ya­ch­ting world. And to us, to our design stu­dio this ex­pe­ri­men­tal and fa­sci­na­ting pro­ject wan­ts to ex­press, as si­gn of re­spect, for an ar­chi­tect who con­tri­bu­ted in no mean terms in the ma­king of what Pic­chiot­ti Ya­ch­ts brand re­pre­sen­ts to­day”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Pic­chiot­ti Ya­ch­ts; Via­le San Bar­to­lo­meo 428, 19126 La Spe­zia; tel. +39 0187 28371; www. py.world - in­fo@py.world Zuc­con In­ter­na­tio­nal Pro­ject; Via Car­lo Po­ma 2, 00195 Ro­ma; tel. +39 06 3701571, fax +39 06 3725985; www.zuc­co­nin­ter­na­tio­nal­pro­ject.com - in­fo@zuc­co­nin­ter­na­tio­nal­pro­ject.com

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