MULDER Thirtyfour Solis

Mulder’s 100th di­spla­cing yacht hit the wa­ter. This yacht fea­tu­res so­ber and ti­me­less ele­gant li­nes whi­ch are set to ta­ke on the toll of ti­me.

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Beyond lar­ge shi­p­buil­ding yards’ po­li­cies, the­re are se­ve­ral others whi­ch clear­ly de­mon­stra­te they can stand out of the cho­rus li­ne even thou­gh they are no­thing mo­re than a fa­mi­ly run bu­si­ness. Dut­ch yard Mulder is a per­fect exam­ple of this. Foun­ded back in 1938 by Dirk Mulder Se­nior, it is now cur­ren­tly run by the fa­mi­ly’s third ge­ne­ra­tion, whi­ch is hi­ghly re­gar­ded in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly for fi­ne qua­li­ty builds it has been pro­du­cing re­pea­ted­ly sin­ce in­cep­tion. The fir­st was a ni­ne me­tre sai­ling boat de­si­gned by Mulder him­self. The yard’s ac­ti­vi­ty em­bra­ced a lar­ge ran­ge – from small cen­tre boards up to lar­ge cu­stom tai­lor ma­de mo­tor ya­ch­ts, whi­le main­tai­ning all along a re­cur­rent sty­li­stic co­he­ren­ce whi­ch is still found in to­day’s new ge­ne­ra­tion mo­dels. On the th­re­shold of 2018 Mulder Shi­pyard pos­ses­ses a re­cent en­try in terms of ano­ther yard whi­ch was set up in 2013 at pre­mi­ses in Zoe­ter­wou­de-rin­di­jk. This yard fo­cu­ses on car­ry­ing out main­te­nan­ce work, re­fi­ts, as well as new builds ran­ging from 18 to 45 me­tres sprea­ding over fi­ve di­stinct li­nes, na­me­ly: Mulder Fa­vou­ri­te, Mulder Con­ver­ti­ble,

Mulder Whee­lhou­se, Mulder Fly­brid­ge and cu­stom yacht “Built by Mulder” to whi­ch in 2019 a mo­dern con­cept RPH (Rai­sed Pi­lot Hou­se) will be ad­ded. The yard’s cur­rent flag­ship, (the thir­ty four me­tre) whi­ch can build ya­ch­ts up to 45 me­tres, is wai­ting to see the Thir­ty six hit the wa­ter, the con­struc­tion of whi­ch has been sche­du­led to be­gin in 2018, whi­le the Thir­ty four me­tre “Solis” was built, com­ple­ted and de­li­ve­red in on­ly 17 mon­ths. This Yacht is the fir­st one that Mulder de­si­gned wi­th Clay­don Ree­ves Design stu­dio whi­ch con­tri­bu­ted wi­th a crea­ti­ve and equal­ly in­no­va­ti­ve ap­proa­ch whi­le re­mai­ning wi­thin the yard’s tra­di­tio­nal sty­le. The yacht’s si­lhouet­te is clear­ly ele­gant, whe­re light hues of the hull and su­per­struc­tu­re blend well wi­th light grey in­serts whi­ch pro­por­tio­nal­ly stream­li­ne the yacht’s pro­fi­le, whi­le the near ver­ti­cal bow con­fers to it a mo­dern tou­ch. The tran­som is un­der­sco­red by in­built steps, whi­ch are an exam­ple of fi­ne craf­tsman­ship and func­tio­nal design work at the sa­me ti­me, ma­king it ea­sy and

sa­fe to go, to and from the ba­thing plat­form. “Solis” was built as a fa­mi­ly yacht on the ow­ner’s re­que­st. Be­hind her at­trac­ti­ve si­lhouet­te “Solis” re­veals the kind of ca­re and at­ten­tion paid to de­tail , pri­vi­le­ging hi­gh de­grees of com­fort ra­ther than sheer lu­xu­ry whi­ch is, what hap­pens of­ten enou­gh, in superyachts de­si­gned to en­ter­tain guests.the interior decor is so­ber­ly ele­gant, the com­mon areas are wel­co­ming and co­sy even al­mo­st in­ti­ma­te whi­le spor­ting floor to cei­ling gla­zed pa­nel­ling whi­ch en­han­ces con­tact wi­th the sur­roun­dings as it sli­des open. Eve­ry de­tail is the­re to de­li­ver a fee­ling of grea­ter dep­th and con­tact wi­th the ex­te­rior, in­clu­ding the rai­lings abo­ve the top­si­des si­tua­ted op­po­si­te the di­ning area con­tri­bu­te in crea­ting a fee­ling of “in­fi­ni­ty” and an unin­ter­rup­ted vi­sion of the sur­roun­dings th­rou­ghout the who­le deck. The coc­k­pit area is set up to dou­ble when re­qui­red as a lar­ge sun ba­thing plat­form. It leads to the main li­ving area whi­ch re­sem­bles a loun­ge con­tou­red by a ‘por­ch’ li­ke struc­tu­re equip­ped wi­th a wet bar whi­ch se­pa­ra­tes the loun­ge area from the di­ning zo­ne. Fur­ther for­wards to­wards the bow we co­me to a bright mo­dern ow­ner sui­te thanks to the light wood­work de­ployed as op­po­sed to a dark one, and al­so thanks to lar­ge win­dow li­ke ports built in­to the top­si­des and to a sky­light whi­ch is ea­si­ly as big as the king si­ze bed be­low it wi­th a ba­th­room en sui­te. Mo­ther of pearl in­serts re­sem­bling fish li­ne the leng­th of the pas­sa­geway lea­ding to the other decks. Two twin ca­bins wi­th sin­gle beds are si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck, pro­ba­bly the chil­dren’s gi­ven the decor and a lar­ge dou­ble wi­th small cor­ner loun­ge in whi­ch to re­lax, a dres­sing ta­ble and pri­va­te ba­th­room. The brid­ge deck abo­ve hou­ses a lar­ge helm con­trols sta­tion equip­ped wi­th la­te­st ge­ne­ra­tion tech­no­lo­gy, in­te­gra­ted sy­stems and na­vi­ga­tio­nal aids. Fi­nal­ly abo­ve the helm con­trols sta­tion on the brid­ge deck the­re’s an am­ple sun deck fea­tu­ring sun beds, sun pads as well as a round shaped Ja­cuz­zi. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Mulder Shi­pyard; Ho­ge Ri­jn­di­jk 277, 2382 AN Zoe­ter­wou­de-ri­jn­di­jk, The Ne­ther­lands; tel. +31 (0)71 5612325; www.mul­der­shi­ - in­fo@mul­der­shi­

MULDER Thirtyfour Solis

TECHNICAL DATA LOA: 34.00 m – En­gi­nes: 2X500KW ca­ter­pil­lar C18 – Interior & Ex­te­rior Design: Clay­don Ree­ves – Na­val ar­chi­tec­tu­re: Van Oos­sa­nen Na­val Ar­chi­tec­ts..

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