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ur­key ba­sed Tansu Ya­ch­ts boasts a fleet of de­ci­ded­ly ori­gi­nal ya­ch­ts and superyachts spor­ting ty­pi­cal sty­ling to whi­ch Eu­ro­pean shi­pyards ha­ve got­ten ac­cu­sto­med to. All the boa­ts laun­ched chez Tansu over the years, star­ting from the smal­le­st, a ni­ne me­tre to “Sexy Fish” the fleet’s Flag ship whi­ch is all of 39 me­tres long look de­ci­ded­ly pro­fes­sio­nal. So­me of the mo­dels clear­ly re­sem­ble tugs and others ta­ke af­ter mi­li­ta­ry craft. In the lat­ter ca­te­go­ry we find so­me of the shi­pyard’s mo­st fa­mous superyachts. Near­ly all of them ha­ve won pri­zes de­di­ca­ted to Superyachts in­clu­ding the re­cent “Sexy Fish” spor­ting Dia­na Yacht Design’s na­val ar­chi­tec­tu­re from Hol­land, on an in-hou­se pro­ject design. Fir­st pre­sen­ted in 2012 as “Pro­ject Cu­tlass”, “Sexy Fish” is the four­th mo­del whi­ch hit the wa­ter from the yard’s Mo­ther­ship se­ries sold by Fra­ser Ya­ch­ts to a cou­ple that goes in for art and design work. this mo­del whi­ch is mu­ch li­ke its si­ster ships of the sa­me se­ries, pos­ses­ses a po­wer­ful in­ti­mi­da­ting aspect ty­pi­cal of mi­li­ta­ry vessels. a de­ter­mi­ned ‘hea­vy du­ty’ ap­pea­ran­ce al­so en­han­ced by de­tails su­ch as round port ho­les in true Royal Na­vy sty­le. De­spi­te its me­na­cing look , “Sexy Fish” is a se­mi di­spla­cing mo­tor yacht ca­pa­ble of de­li­ve­ring any sort and de­gree of com­fort to its guests.the ex­ter­nal lay­out whi­ch is ve­ry dear to Tansu Ya­ch­ts fea­tu­res a ge­ne­rous stern area whi­ch ser­ves a dual func­tion. It sto­res


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