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Ar­row 460 Gran Turismo

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mo com­fort whi­ch finds its be­st ex­pres­sion in ju­st one word: Gran­tu­ri­smo (Grand-tou­ring). Dut­ch shi­pyard Van Oos­sa­nen (the sa­me one whi­ch de­si­gned FDHF used by Hee­sen Ya­ch­ts ju­st for the sa­ke of cla­ri­ty) si­gni­fi­can­tly con­tri­bu­ted in rea­li­zing this pro­ject.the re­sult is a sta­ble ea­sy to hand­le hull whi­ch re­veals all its mu­scles and speed th­rou­gh a pair of 480 HP Yan­mar en­gi­nes lin­ked to Twin Di­sch Ex­press Joy­stick Sy­ de­cla­red speed is around 38 kno­ts, and 26 kno­ts is the de­cla­red crui­sing speed. The lay­out is fruit of spe­cial de­di­ca­ted ca­re ta­ken for the er­go­no­mics and guests con­vi­via­li­ty. The su­per­struc­tu­re re­calls that of a po­wer­ful cou­pe sports car whi­le be­low deck the­re’s a sin­gle open spa­ce, fea­tu­ring soft li­nes set in a lu­xu­rious, mo­dern and wel­co­ming decor un­der­sco­red by fi­ne fa­brics, skin and briar root wood whi­ch in­vi­tes you to re­lax and en­joy a drink. The small

loun­ge in the bow area be­low decks dou­bles in­to an ele­gant dou­ble bed. La­te­ral win­dow li­ke ports sli­de up or do­wn as they do in mo­tor cars.the wind­screen can lift up ac­cor­din­gly to crea­te an ar­bour ef­fect. The coc­k­pit ou­tsi­de hou­ses the helm con­trols sta­tion com­ple­ted by a dou­ble con­so­le for pi­lot and co-pi­lot whi­le astern of that in the stern area thanks to an in­no­va­ti­ve ex­trac­ta­ble sun­deck whi­ch ea­si­ly con­verts in­to a ter­ra­ce over­loo­king the sur­roun­dings and has room enou­gh for sun beds and chai­ses lon­gues. The Ar­row460-gran­tu­ri­smo is avai­la­ble for the ti­me being in on­ly ten mo­dels de­sti­ned to di­ver­se mar­ke­ts by way of gua­ran­teeing ex­clu­si­vi­ty. 1st Edi­tion mo­dels can be or­de­red di­rec­tly from Sil­ver Ar­ro­ws Ma­ri­ne for 2.5 mil­lion Eu­ro, ex­clu­ding ta­xes. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.sil­ve­rar­ro­w­sma­ri­

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