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sur­roun­dings. Ac­cor­ding to the yard the king si­ze dou­ble bed whi­ch is si­tua­ted in­to a re­cess in the floo­ring ma­ke it look as if it is al­mo­st ‘fluc­tua­ting’. A dres­sing ta­ble, a mat­ching walk in war­dro­be area and a full beam ba­th­room com­ple­te the pic­tu­re.the re­mai­ning th­ree or four gue­st ca­bins (ac­cor­ding to the lay­out adop­ted) are si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck.the stan­dard lay­out whi­ch is of th­ree gue­st ca­bins, con­sists in a full beam dou­ble sui­te at amid­ships, a VIP and ano­ther wi­th twin sin­gle beds.the se­cond lay­out in­stead is ma­de up of two dou­ble ca­bins en sui­te and two wi­th twin sin­gle beds.the crew’s quar­ters in bo­th ca­ses com­pri­se a mess-room/di­ning area, laun­dry, two twins, and ano­ther wi­th pri­va­te ba­th­room for the cap­tain. In terms of sty­ling the main deck is fur­ni­shed as the ow­ner’s sui­te whi­le re­cal­ling the ar­chi­tec­tu­re of the Fer­ret­ti Ya­ch­ts 850 but ob­viou­sly lar­ger. Lo­ve­ly see th­ru’ pa­no­ra­mic gla­zed win­dow pa­nel­ling wi­th tex­tu­re lac­que­ring hi­ghlight the dep­th of the spa­ces them­sel­ves, who­se charm is fur­ther en­han­ced by night thanks to a so­phi­sti­ca­ted lighting sy­stem ex­per­tly in­stal­led be­hind the cei­ling pa­nels. The helm con­trols sta­tion con­tains the la­te­st na­vi­ga­tio­nal aids and looks mo­re li­ke so­me­thing fu­tu­ri­stic out of a scien­ce fic­tion mo­vie than a clas­sic ‘whee­lhou­se’. It sports a hu­ge mul­ti tou­ch di­splay screen whi­ch en­su­res com­ple­te mo­ni­to­ring of all na­vi­ga­tio­nal aids and au­to stee­ring. As for the po­wer hou­se, we are loo­king at two pos­si­ble op­tions in ad­di­tion to what co­mes as stan­dard. The stan­dard set up is ma­de up of a pair of MTU 1,948 HP en­gi­nes whi­ch can de­li­ver over 26 kno­ts all out. The se­cond pos­si­bi­li­ty al­so com­pri­ses a pair of MTU en­gi­nes but the­se de­ve­lop ei­ther 2,217 HP ea­ch or 2,435 HP ac­cor­din­gly. Fi­nal­ly the “mu­st ha­ve” sub­mer­si­ble Hat­ch by Fer­ret­ti Ya­ch­ts whi­ch opens out at the stern to form a bea­ch club area or lar­ge ba­thing plat­form but al­ways a laun­ch and ten­der re­co­ve­ring pad com­ple­te the pic­tu­re. For fu­ther in­for­ma­tion: Fer­ret­ti Ya­ch­ts;via An­sal­do 7, 47122 For­lì (FC), Ita­ly; tel. +39 0543 787511, fax +39 0543 473069; www.fer­ret­ti-ya­ch­ts.com

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