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TECHNICAL DATA LOA: 24.59 m – Hull leng­th: 23.02 m – Beam: 5.74 m – Draught at props: 1.80 m – Dry di­spla­ce­ment: 60.86 tons – Di­spla­ce­ment ful­ly la­den: 70.22 tons - Ber­ths: 8 + 2 crew – En­gi­nes: 2x 1600HP MTU 10V2000 M94 – Dri­ves: V-dri­ves - Top speed de­cla­red: 30 kno­ts – Crui­sing speed de­cla­red: 22 kno­ts – Fuel con­sump­tion at crui­sing speed: 400 l/hr - Ran­ge: 13.25 hrs - Fuel tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 5,300 li­tres – Wa­ter tank ca­pa­ci­ty.

T his su­pe­rya­cht’s si­lhouet­te is ty­pi­cal­ly a Sanlorenzo for bo­th its stream­li­ning and well de­ter­mi­ned li­nes whi­ch clear­ly main­tain the brand’s fa­mi­ly sty­le and ma­kes it un­mi­sta­ka­bly re­co­gni­sa­ble eve­ry­whe­re. Its no­ta­ble whi­te free­board wi­th the light char­coal grey of the su­per­struc­tu­re spor­ting a black hard­top is tru­ly at­trac­ti­ve. The sa­loon area is de­fi­ni­te­ly bright thanks to over­si­zed win­dow li­ke ports whi­ch can de­li­ver won­der­ful views.the interior decor is frill free, so­ber loo­king, warm and wel­co­min­gly soft. An ele­gant C shaped so­fa con­tours a cut glass ta­ble on one si­de whi­le a steel fra­med cut glass di­ning ta­ble is set fur­ther for­ward to­wards the bow wi­th se­ve­ral chairs li­ned in fi­ne fa­bric si­tua­ted around it. A flight of steps to one si­de of the di­ning ta­ble ri­ses up to the fly-brid­ge. The wood steps are moun­ted on­to a cut glass fra­me whi­ch con­veys a sen­se of ai­ry light­ness to the who­le struc­tu­re. Fur­ther for­ward of this the­re’s a well equip­ped rec­tan­gu­lar shaped gal­ley spor­ting whi­te fur­ni­tu­re and a fi­ne bro­wn vei­ned mar­ble work top whi­ch pre­ce­des the in­ter­nal helm con­trols sta­tion ho­sting a small loun­ge area whi­ch can be de­ployed as

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