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the ship’s ten­ders but al­so dou­bles as sun ba­thing area whi­ch de­scends to the wa­ter’s ed­ge and can be fur­ni­shed wi­th chai­ses lon­gues and other free stan­ding pur­po­se­ful ob­jec­ts. whi­le crui­sing wi­th ten­ders and toys on board, “Sexy Fish” any­way di­spo­ses of an al fre­sco loun­ge area si­tua­ted ju­st off the main sa­loon area and a sun deck equip­ped wi­th lar­ge sun pads. The in­te­riors, whe­re the lac­que­red whi­tes of the mi­ni­ma­li­st decor en­han­ce the per­cep­tion of spa­ces as being lar­ger than what they are ho­st free-stan­ding fur­ni­tu­re as well as a struc­tu­ral in built one. The night quar­ters are ma­de up of fi­ve ca­bins, an ow­ner sui­te, two dou­bles, and two twin ca­bins. A pair of Ca­ter­pil­lar C32 en­gi­nes ca­pa­ble of 1,450 Hp ea­ch can pro­pel this yacht up to a de­cla­red top speed of 16 kno­ts, but the mo­re in­te­re­sting data is that at 12 kno­ts this yacht can co­ver 3,500 nau­ti­cal mi­les. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Tansu Ya­ch­ts; Ba­ris Man­co Cad­de­si 76/10 Kan­li­ca, Istan­bul, tur­key; www.ri­za­tan­su.com - in­fo@ri­za­tan­su.com

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