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crew mess-room and a wa­ter­tight hat­ch ty­pe door whi­ch leads out on deck.the elec­tro­nic na­vi­ga­tio­nal aids are con­ve­nien­tly si­tua­ted and com­pri­se th­ree lar­ge mul­ti­func­tion pa­nels by Ray­ma­ri­ne whi­ch are in­ter­fa­ced and th­rou­gh whi­ch you can mo­ni­tor all con­trols as well as steer al­so via a wi-fi lin­ked I-pad. The crew’s quar­ters con­si­sting of a twin ca­bin wi­th bunk beds and se­pa­ra­te ba­th­room are ac­ces­sed from the helm con­trols sta­tion, whi­le the ow­ner’s and guests’ night quar­ters are ac­ces­sed via steps lea­ding do­wn di­rec­tly be­low from the stair­ca­se lea­ding up to the fly brid­ge. The ow­ner’s ma­ster ca­bin is si­tua­ted full beam across well aft to­wards the stern and the ba­th­room is set on one si­de again­st the top­si­des spor­ting a se­pa­ra­te sho­wer unit . The ca­bin itself is fur­ni­shed wi­th a che­st of dra­wers, a war­dro­be area, two bed si­de ta­bles and four ad­di­tio­nal dra­wers built in­to the bot­tom end of the dou­ble bed. The bul­kheads are pain­ted in soft pa­stel co­lours, whi­le the head­board is li­ned wi­th skin con­vey­ing so­ber ele­gan­ce and good ta­ste. Lar­ge dou­ble gla­zed win­dow li­ke ports on ea­ch si­de of­fer brea­th­ta­king views of the sur­roun­dings and de­li­ver plen­ty of na­tu­ral light.the ba­th­room’s wa­sh ba­sin is ma­de wi­th the sa­me bro­wn to­bac­co vei­ned mar­ble de­ployed in the gal­ley.

Sli­ding mir­rors can shut out or open up to the light co­ming th­rou­gh the win­dow li­ke ports si­tua­ted on ea­ch si­de of the ow­ner’s ma­ster ca­bin. Mo­ving to­wards the bow you co­me to a cou­ple of steps beyond whi­ch the­re are two iden­ti­cal twin ca­bins fur­ni­shed wi­th twin beds and se­pa­ra­te ba­th­rooms. Fur­ther for­ward still beyond ano­ther cou­ple of steps we find a VIP ca­bin wi­th a dou­ble bed pla­ced to one si­de again­st one of the top­si­des, a lar­ge por­tho­le whi­ch can open at will and a lar­ge ba­th­room wi­th se­pa­ra­te sho­wer unit, bi­det and wc. Out on deck the­re’s ano­ther lo­ve­ly C shaped so­fa next to an ex­ten­da­ble teak built ta­ble whi­ch can dou­ble as di­ning ta­ble when di­ning ‘al fre­sco’ or it can be lo­we­red wi­th a re­mo­te to re­sem­ble a ho­ri­zon­tal sun­ba­thing plat­form that can be sha­ded from di­rect sun­light wi­th an ap­pro­pria­te sun aw­ning. Ships tac­kle, moo­ring and deck gear is found fur­ther for­ward wi­th twin bol­lards fair­leads and wind­lass for the an­chor chain and warps in the bow.the coc­k­pit area aft com­pri­ses a straight set­tee and a set of steps lea­ding up to the fly-deck and is all well pro­tec­ted by the deck abo­ve it.the ba­thing plat­form is of the sub­mer­si­ble va­rie­ty to al­low ea­sy laun­ching and re­co­ve­ring of the ship’s ten­der whi­ch is nor­mal­ly sto­wed in the han­gar in the stern.the fly-brid­ge’s sur­fa­ce area is no­ta­ble. Part of it on­ly can be co­ve­red by a hard­top and an elec­tri­cal­ly ad­ju­sta­ble sun aw­ning. In the stern area the­re’s a sun­ba­thing area equip­ped wi­th se­ve­ral chai­ses lon­gues and sun pads. A steel and wood ta­ble ca­pa­ble of ho­sting se­ve­ral guests around it is con­ve­nien­tly pla­ced be­low the hard­top wi­th se­ve­ral chairs.the bow end of the fly-deck sports ano­ther helm con­trols sta­tion and a deck chair.the SL78 is so­lid­ly built as eve­ry other yacht of the brand. The fi­bre­glass hull de­li­vers a won­der­ful po­li­shed look, whi­le the com­po­si­tes built su­per­struc­tu­re wi­th in­fu­sed PVC co­re, mul­ti stra­ta, bold stru­ts and car­bon fi­bre struc­tu­re trans­la­te in­to a so­lid yet weight sa­ving build.the hard­top too is built in car­bon to gua­ran­tee fur­ther light­ness hi­gher up abo­ve the wa­ter for ma­xi­mum la­te­ral sta­bi­li­ty.to fur­ther en­han­ce com­fort whi­le at sea elec­tri­cal, low noi­se sta­bi­li­zer fins ha­ve al­so been in­stal­led.. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Sanlorenzo;via Ar­mez­zo­ne 3, 19031 Ame­glia (SP), Ita­ly; www.san­lo­ren­zoya­cht.com

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