Ma­ri­na: Por­to Mi­ra­bel­lo For superyachts and gi­ga­ya­ch­ts

Superyacht - - What’s On - By Ro­ber­to Fran­zo­ni

Inau­gu­ra­ted in Sep­tem­ber 2010 Por­to Mi­ra­bel­lo re­pre­sen­ts Ita­ly’s uni­que exam­ple of a ma­ri­na built li­ke an ar­ti­fi­cial pe­nin­su­la on the wa­ter. It sports a sur­fa­ce area of 40,000 squa­re me­tres in a wa­ter ba­sin mea­su­ring 270,000 squa­re me­tres whi­ch does not al­ter the coa­st, whi­le ad­ding va­lue to its nau­ti­cal vo­ca­tion. The si­te was built in full com­plian­ce wi­th en­vi­ron­men­tal norms sa­fe­guar­ding na­tu­re and wild­li­fe. It is for this ve­ry rea­son it has been awar­ded Ban­die­ra Blu 2016 Ap­pro­di Tu­ri­sti­ci re­co­gni­tion. Por­to Mi­ra­bel­lo ex­ploi­ts its shel­te­red geo­gra­phic po­si­tion, is well pro­tec­ted by the La Spe­zia Gulf and by the Ti­no and Pal­ma­ria islands and by a 620 me­tre brea­k­wa­ter. For mo­st of the year it re­pre­sen­ts a sa­fe crui­sing area. It is an ideal pla­ce to start from ina­smu­ch as so­me of the mo­st fa­sci­na­ting tou­ri­st spo­ts in the nor­th and cen­tral Tyr­rhe­nian Sea are wi­thin ea­sy rea­ch from the­re li­ke Mon­te­car­lo, Cor­si­ca, El­ba island and Sar­di­nia. The ma­ri­na has been built to of­fer hi­gh qua­li­ty ser­vi­ces, sta­te of the art so­lu­tions, heaps of spa­ce, ea­sy ac­cess and un­di­vi­ded at­ten­tion to all hi­gh end users’ needs and re­quests in ad­di­tion to a va­st se­lec­tion of out­door/in­door ac­ti­vi­ties. The ma­ri­na is well con­nec­ted to La Spe­zia via a lo­ve­ly foot brid­ge open on­ly to pe­de­strians. It sports 407 ber­ths on 60 year lea­ses star­ting from 12 me­tres. 100 ber­ths are de­sti­ned to superyachts up to 130 me­tres. It is an ideal pla­ce for superyachts, pla­ced in a hi­gh stan­ding, pre­sti­gious eco friend­ly en­vi­ron­ment, fur­ther en­han­ced by near­by sea port to­wns su­ch as Por­to­ve­ne­re, Le­ri­ci, Le Cin­que Ter­re and la­st but not lea­st Por­to­fi­no, that are la­den wi­th hi­sto­ri­cal va­lue and na­tu­ral beau­ty. The he­li­port and 35 me­tre wi­de ber­ths for me­ga­ya­ch­ts is proof enou­gh of the ex­clu­si­vi­ty of the ma­ri­na itself wi­th a 24/7 con­cier­ge­rie hi­ghly qua­li­fied technical staff and se­cu­ri­ty per­son­nel. The­re are mo­re than thir­ty shops and a well­ness cen­tre on the pre­mi­ses, a gym, se­ve­ral wi­ne bars, pubs and re­stau­ran­ts for a to­tal of ele­ven. An ex­clu­si­ve En­gli­sh Pub and a 25 me­tre swim­ming pool com­ple­te the pic­tu­re.

Be­fo­re the end of the year the­re will be 15 lu­xu­ry sui­tes avai­la­ble of­fe­ring a ma­gni­fi­cent 360° view over the Gulf of La Spe­zia. Por­to Mi­ra­bel­lo’s vo­ca­tion to ser­ve su­per and me­ga­ya­ch­ts has paid off wi­th the pre­sen­ce of great ya­ch­ts li­ke Main a 65 me­tre Co­de­ca­sa ow­ned by Gior­gio Ar­ma­ni, or the th­ree ma­sted Mal­te­se Fal­con Pe­ri­ni Na­vi’s 89 me­tre and ma­ny Ocean­co, Lürs­sen, Fead­ship ya­ch­ts as well as Be­net­ti, Crn, Ba­gliet­to and Sanlorenzo. So­me of them are re­gu­lar clien­ts, and of the ma­ri­na shi­pyard. “We’re cur­ren­tly op­ti­mi­zing the main Quay – says Ales­san­dro Me­noz­zi, CEO and pro­mo­ter for Port Mi­ra­bel­lo – in su­ch a way as to de­di­ca­te it en­ti­re­ly to gi­ga­ya­ch­ts, this trans­la­tes in­to 17 ber­ths from 60 to 140 me­tres whi­ch tie up stern to and not along­si­de. The area is be­ne­fit­ting from a re­de­fi­ni­tion: “Green”. Palm trees hi­ghlight one si­de, wi­th al­so a va­rie­ty of plan­ts along the street. We’ve the­re­fo­re crea­ted a se­cu­ri­ty zo­ne ac­ces­si­ble on­ly to bad­ge pos­ses­sors. The Me­ga­ya­cht Quay will be in­stal­led wi­th what the management team calls Sky Stairs. It is a stair­way whi­ch will be lea­ding di­rec­tly from Quay­si­de to the ter­ra­ce si­tua­ted at the Poet’s Loun­ge, whi­ch is an ex­clu­si­ve bar­be­cue area open to cap­tains co­ming from client me­gay­ch­ts. Gol­fo dei

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