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Nau­cra­tes 85 is the fir­st unit from Duc­tor’s support ves­sel se­ries built by Ita­lian shi­pyard Cheyen­ne Yacht.the pro­ject design work was car­ried out by Ita­lian Green Ya­ch­ts stu­dio. This yacht’s si­lhouet­te is fair­ly ty­pi­cal of this kind of ves­sel whi­ch trans­la­tes in­to the su­per­struc­tu­re being shif­ted for­ward in the bow ra­ther li­ke an ex­plo­rer, so as to lea­ve plen­ty of spa­ce aft of it for se­ve­ral ten­ders, a mo­tor car and a tou­ch -n-go he­li­pad. Nau­cra­tes85 stands out from se­ve­ral others for its ver­sa­ti­li­ty, sin­ce the area nor­mal­ly oc­cu­pied by ten­ders is ea­si­ly con­ver­ted in­to a ful­ly fled­ged sun deck com­ple­ted wi­th ap­pro­pria­te stan­ding fur­ni­tu­re, sun beds and chai­ses lon­gue. Fur­ther­mo­re the bul­warks ope­ning out­wards on ea­ch si­de of the top­si­des of­fer a won­der­ful view of the sur­roun­dings. Al­ter­na­ti­ve­ly mo­du­les can be hoo­ked on­to the deck via EPS mea­ning Ea­sy Plug Sy­stem thus for­ming a se­cond su­per­struc­tu­re in whi­ch to in­stall an ex­tra loun­ge or a pair of ca­bins for exam­ple so that mo­re room can be rea­di­ly avai­la­ble for vi­si­ting guests. This lit­tle ship, whi­ch ac­cor­ding to Cheyen­ne Yacht tra­di­tion is built wi­th a steel hull and alu­mi­nium su­per­struc­tu­re, can the­re­fo­re al­so be de­ployed as an in­de­pen­dent yacht thanks to a lay­out com­pri­sing two dou­bles amid­ships and a VIP ca­bin in the stern area wi­th a won­der­ful pa­no­ra­mic view, crew quar­ters for four crew, a gal­ley and pri­va­te mess-room si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck.the main deck hosts a sa­loon, di­ning area, whi­le the helm con­trols sta­tion is si­tua­ted on the up­per deck, ac­cor­din­gly, when re­qui­red the­re’s al­so the mo­du­lar EPS struc­tu­re whi­ch is cu­sto­mi­za­ble in the cour­se of the buil­ding pha­se. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Cheyen­ne Yacht;via Mu­li­ni 6/A, 41012 Car­pi (MO), Ita­ly; tel. +39 059 694316; www.cheyen­ - in­fo@cheyen­ TECHNICAL DATA LOA: 25.85 m – Beam: 6.40 m - Light Di­spla­ce­ment: 100 tons – En­gi­nes:2x 800 HP Ca­ter­pil­lar – Top speed de­cla­red: 14 kno­ts – Crui­sing speed de­cla­red: 12 kno­ts – Design: Green Ya­ch­ts Stu­dio.

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