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Ar­ca­dia 2.0 is the term gi­ven to the up­gra­ding this Ita­lian shi­pyard has de­ci­ded to car­ry out af­ter se­ven years from day one. In a nu­tshell management posts ha­ve chan­ged and so has pro­duc­tion. Fran­ce­sco An­sa­lo­ne is the new­ly ap­poin­ted marketing & Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Ma­na­ger, and Ma­rio De Ca­mil­lis is head of the Af­ter Sa­les & Ser­vi­ces de­part­ment. Ugo Pel­le­gri­no MD has ta­ken on Hot Lab design stu­dio to de­li­ver, new pro­ject design work so as to re­new and ex­pand on Ar­ca­dia ya­ch­ts’ cur­rent ran­ge of ya­ch­ts. “We’re con­vin­ced that a shi­pyard’s suc­cess, and the­re­fo­re Ar­ca­dia’s too, is clo­se­ly lin­ked to cu­sto­mer ca­re, to the qua­li­ty of ow­ners’ ex­pe­rien­ce from the mo­ment they be­gin to ima­gi­ne and think about a new yacht to when the de­ci­sion to sell the pre­vious one to pur­cha­se ano­ther is ma­de”. Ugo Pel­le­gri­no com­men­ts fur­ther: “The ro­le of the design stu­dio is a fun­da­men­tal one du­ring all of the fir­st pha­se as it pa­ves the way in buil­ding a so­lid wor­king re­la­tion­ship ba­sed on mu­tual tru­st bet­ween client and shi­pyard. We’ve loo­ked for yacht design pro­fes­sio­nals who not on­ly

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