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Ba­re­ly a year has elap­sed sin­ce Sanlorenzo’s Su­pe­rya­cht Di­vi­sion has mo­ved to the new La Spe­zia shi­pyard and has re­con­fir­med it’s lea­der­ship ro­le as one of the world’s mo­st pro­li­fic shi­pyards. In ad­di­tion to the la­te­st ce­le­bra­tions for new laun­ches, the La Spe­zia yard is cur­ren­tly buil­ding th­ree 52Steel, one 40Al­loy and a 64 me­tre flag­ship. Fol­lo­wing the Ja­nua­ry laun­ching, Sanlorenzo has de­li­ve­red the fir­st unit of the 52Steel li­ne whi­ch is cur­ren­tly fleet flag­ship. Her Bel­gian ow­ner na­med her “Se­ven Sins”, she’s an ele­gant loo­king fi­ve dec­ker su­pe­rya­cht de­si­gned wi­th in­put from Of­fi­ci­na Ita­lia­na Design as well as the in hou­se Di­vi­sio­ne Su­pe­rya­cht team. Gi­ven the ove­rall si­ze of this ele­gant yacht the­re are sco­res of areas in whi­ch guests can re­lax, wi­ne & di­ne, and mu­ch mo­re.ta­king for exam­ple the awe­so­me loo­king sun­deck – whi­ch boasts a wet bar, loun­ge and di­ning area, of cour­se the­re’s a wel­co­ming sun ba­thing sur­fa­ce area too, ex­ten­ding as far as the ter­ra­ces astern, the­re are plen­ty of spo­ts from whi­ch to sit back and en­joy the crui­se till ar­ri­val. The who­le of the stern area opens out to­wards the sea floo­ding the ga­ra­ge whi­ch ma­kes it ea­sier to laun­ch the ten­ders and to open up the si­de ter­ra­ces as well whi­ch re­veal a spe­cial bea­ch club ina­smu­ch as the trans­pa­rent bot­tom of the pool abo­ve it floods the Bea­ch club area wi­th plen­ty of na­tu­ral light as the guests swim and en­joy the ex­pe­rien­ce and the gym be­low whi­ch runs full beam across is al­so fil­led wi­th na­tu­ral light as the sun’s rays pier­ce the wa­ter in the pool. A big chan­ge from a ga­ra­ge for ten­ders, as it dou­bles as a lo­ve­ly pool con­tou­red by a com­for­ta­ble loun­ge area at the wa­ter’s ed­ge thanks to the design work pro­du­ced by Sanlorenzo’s technical de­part­ment.the interior decor in true Sanlorenzo tra­di­tion well in­ter­pre­ts the ow­ner’s wi­shes and per­so­na­li­ty. Con­tem­po­ra­ry decor, fea­tu­ring low stan­ding fur­ni­tu­re whi­ch sub­di­vi­des the open spa­ce in­to in­ti­ma­te and con­vi­vial spa­ces in whi­ch to re­lax and di­ne is lit up by tra­di­tio­nal floor to cei­ling win­dow li­ke pa­nels whi­ch ex­tend from the main to the up­per deck The foyer sports a di­splay ca­se tuc­ked in­to the Car­ra­ra mar­ble stair­ca­se - as per the ow­ner’s re­que­st – con­tai­ning a work of art. The stair­ca­se leads to the gue­st quar­ters wi­th two VIP ca­bins and two stan­dard ones all wi­th pri­va­te ba­th­room si­tua­ted along the lo­wer deck.the ow­ner’s sui­te com­pri­ses a stu­dy cor­ner as well as a mar­ble li­ned ba­th­room.the yacht’s interior lay­out has been spe­cial­ly de­vi­sed so that crew can go about their work wi­thout in­cur­ring un­ne­ces­sa­ri­ly in­to the areas re­ser­ved to vi­si­ting guests. “Se­ven Sins” can rea­ch a top speed of 17.5 kno­ts thanks to the MTU 12V 4000 M63 en­gi­nes and a crui­sing/econ one of 11.The yacht’s ran­ge is over 4,000 nau­ti­cal mi­les. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.san­lo­ren­zoya­cht.com-wel­co­me@san­lo­ren­zoya­cht.com su­pe­rya­cht@san­lo­ren­zoya­cht.com

TECHNICAL DATA LOA: 52.00 m – Beam: 9.40 m – Draught: 2.65 m – Gross ton­na­ge: 499 GT – En­gi­nes: 2XMTU 12V 4000 M63 – Top speed de­cla­red: 17.5 kno­ts – Crui­sing speed de­cla­red: 11 kno­ts – Ran­ge: 4,000 nm – Fuel tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 55,000 li­tres.

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