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Ro­vi­gno’s new ma­ri­na is un­der­way The Adria­tic Croa­tia In­ter­na­tio­nal Club S.P.A. be­gan to ope­ra­te in 1983, then cal­led Adria­tic Club Yu­go­sla­via Bri­ju­ni whi­ch to da­te is the on­ly chain of tou­ri­stic ports in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean ca­me to be wi­th the pre­ci­se man­da­te to de­ve­lop re­cep­ti­ve ma­ri­nas to ca­ter for re­crea­tio­nal boa­ting, tou­ri­sm and ya­ch­ting and to crea­te ade­qua­te ser­vi­ces and in­fra­struc­tu­res on the Adria­tic’s orien­tal coa­st by set­ting up a se­quen­ce of tou­ri­st ports and au­xi­lia­ry ser­vi­ces along the Croa­tian coa­st li­ne ba­sed on a stan­dar­di­zed of­fer ma­de for hi­gh qua­li­ty re­crea­tio­nal boa­ting. Tru­ly a long term win­ning plan whi­ch brought the Adria­tic Croa­tia In­ter­na­tio­nal Club kno­wn as ACI in­to the li­me­light – now lea­ding com­pa­ny in terms of nau­ti­cal tou­ri­sm in Croa­tia, whi­ch has to da­te 22 ma­ri­nas whi­ch ha­ve en­ri­ched and main­tai­ned the coun­try­si­de, whi­le of­fe­ring ya­ch­tsmen and boa­ters ali­ke sa­fe shel­ter along the coa­stli­ne and around Croa­tian islands. Bet­ween

Du­bro­v­nik and Opa­ti­ja the­re as ma­ny as 6000 ber­ths and 740 pla­ces for boa­ts on land. An es­sen­tial rea­li­ty for anyo­ne wi­shing to or­ga­ni­ze a boa­ting ho­li­day in Croa­tian wa­ters whi­ch is con­ti­nuing to grow ex­po­nen­tial­ly.

New ACI ma­ri­na in Ro­vi­nj The 2017 in­vest­ment bud­get equal to 12 mil­lion Eu­ro fo­re­sees the up­gra­ding and wi­de­ning of ACI ma­ri­nas in ma­ri­na Opa­ti­ja, Vo­di­ce, Pi­ške­ra, Skra­din, Tro­gir, Kor­ču­la, and Du­bro­v­nik, and to­tal con­struc­tion/re­con­struc­tion of ACI’S Ro­vi­nj ma­ri­na in Istria, whi­ch by the be­gin­ning of nau­ti­cal sea­son 2018 will be­co­me the fir­st ACI ma­ri­na cer­ti­fied wi­th top le­vel fi­ve an­chor cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. Work is al­rea­dy in pro­gress. The Ro­vi­nj ma­ri­na re­pre­sen­ts a great step ahead for Croa­tia’s nau­ti­cal stan­ding. Sta­te of the art design flan­ked by the mo­st mo­dern tech­no­lo­gi­cal so­lu­tions to ho­st hi­gh le­vel clien­te­le, nau­ti­cal ser­vi­ces and re­stau­ran­ts whi­ch will be ideal­ly in­ser­ted in­to the pro­gram­me that is de­ve­lo­ping at the ra­te of kno­ts. The new ACI Ro­vi­nj ma­ri­na wi­th 192 ber­ths in the wa­ter for ya­ch­ts up to 18 me­tres and all technical ser­vi­ces will be uni­fied, as well as main­te­nan­ce, and sup­pliers, to ma­ke it the mo­st mo­dern one stop

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