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This co­ming boa­ting sea­son and the next few look good for Ba­gliet­to , in terms of new builds th­rou­ghout the ran­ge. The­re are cur­ren­tly fi­ve new ya­ch­ts being built, an MV19, a 55 me­tre di­spla­cing mo­tor yacht, two di­spla­cing 48 me­tre ones and a 43 me­tre Fa­st. Ea­ch one of the fi­ve has been car­ried out by Fran­ce­sco Pa­sko­w­ski Design in ad­di­tion to the one pre­sen­ted at the la­te­st Mo­na­co Yacht Show of the V- Li­ne. This hi­sto­ric Ita­lian brand has re­cen­tly asked Hot Lab design and San­ta Ma­ria Ma­gnol­fi stu­dios to draw up pro­ject de­si­gns wi­th a view to fur­ther di­ver­si­fy the

brand’s cur­rent ran­ge of mo­dels. The la­te­st new en­try, the di­spla­cing 55 me­tre mo­del de­si­gned by San­ta Ma­ria Ma­gnol­fi design stu­dio whi­ch was al­so pre­sen­ted in the cour­se of the Singapore Yacht Show la­st April sports the yard’s na­val tra­di­tion and its li­nes, whe­re the­re is am­ple con­vi­vial spa­ce de­di­ca­ted to the ex­te­riors. This yacht was con­cei­ved to un­der­ta­ke long non­stop hauls, and for this rea­son it has been equip­ped wi­th die­sel elec­tric en­gi­nes. This 55 me­tre of­fers the kind of com­fort whi­ch be­co­mes a ne­ces­si­ty when long pe­riods of ti­me are spent crui­sing over long di­stan­ces, and mo­re in terms of spa­ces for the ship’s sto­res, as well as tho­se de­di­ca­ted to technical and laun­dry areas. As for on board en­ter­tain­ment of whi­ch the­re is plen­ty, the spa­ce de­di­ca­ted to films oo­zes wi­th la­te­st tech­no­lo­gy. A mo­re than ade­qua­te bea­ch club area and ful­ly equip­ped gym/ well­ness cen­tre sport di­rect ac­cess to the sur­roun­ding wa­ters. In fact one of the pro­ject’s key fea­tu­res is con­tact wi­th the sea. This trans­la­tes in­to lar­ge ex­ter­nal sur­fa­ce areas de­di­ca­ted to guests. To cla­ri­fy the con­cept, along the 280 squa­re me­tre sur­fa­ce of the up­per deck, as ma­ny as 125 of them ha­ve been de­di­ca­ted en­ti­re­ly to a six me­tre long pool and sun ba­thing area. The in­te­riors are pre­dic­ta­bly al­so lar­ge wi­th a 90 squa­re me­tre sa­loon/li­ving room area si­tua­ted along the main deck fol­lo­wed by a di­ning area mea­su­ring 21 squa­re me­tres whi­ch thanks to sli­ding pa­nels can ea­si­ly dou­ble as a con­fe­ren­ce room. Ele­gant stair­ways as well as a lift con­nect the th­ree decks to one ano­ther. The stern ga­ra­ge/ han­gar can ho­st up to a 7.5 me­tre ten­der, whi­le a smal­ler one slo­ts in­to the one in the bow area wi­th a pair of jet skis and se­ve­ral wa­ter toys. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Ba­gliet­to; Via­le San Bar­to­lo­meo 414, 19126 La Spe­zia, Ita­ly; tel. + 39 0187 59831, fax: + 39 0187 564765; www.ba­gliet­to.com - ba­gliet­to@ba­gliet­to.com

TECHNICAL DATA LOA: 55.33 m – Beam: 11.23 m – Draught: 3.20 m – Di­spla­ce­ment se­mi la­den: 860 tons – Fuel tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 150,000 li­tres – Wa­ter tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 24,000 li­tres – Gross ton­na­ge: 995 GRT – Guests: 12 – Crew: 12 – Con­struc­tion ma­te­rial: steel...

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