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Pa­tek Phi­lip­pe is about to laun­ch the new Aquanaut Ref. 5168G mo­del by way of ce­le­bra­ting the 20th an­ni­ver­sa­ry of this li­ne. This wri­st wat­ch is in 18 ka­rat whi­te gold spe­cial­ly se­lec­ted by the fa­med Ge­ne­va ‘mai­son’ to show how pre­cious and re­fi­ned me­tal har­mo­ni­zes wi­th ro­bu­st ar­chi­tec­tu­re and mo­re so wi­th a spor­ty dy­na­mic ma­le spi­rit. The mo­del is wa­ter re­si­stant to 120 me­tres. It pos­ses­ses an im­po­sing 42 mil­li­me­tre ca­se dia­me­ter, whi­ch is clear­ly the lar­ge­st of the li­ne. Hand ap­plied Ara­bic nu­me­rals in whi­te gold mark ti­me on the dial fa­ce.the nu­me­rals are un­der­sco­red by lu­mi­ne­scent Su­per­lu­mi­no­va coa­ting whi­ch gua­ran­tees ex­cel­lent rea­da­bi­li­ty of the dial al­so in the dark.a Ca­la­tra­va Cross is en­gra­ved on­to the fold-over cla­sp fea­tu­ring dou­ble sa­fe­ty sy­stem al­so in 18 ka­rat whi­te gold whi­ch locks the com­po­si­te built wat­ch strap mat­ching the mid­night blue of the wat­ch dial and the ty­pi­cal Aquanaut re­lief along the pe­ri­me­ter. The wat­ch strap is hea­vy du­ty in terms of its hi­gh re­si­stan­ce to trac­tion, the sun’s rays, salt wa­ter, wear and tear, and la­st but not lea­st it is com­for­ta­ble to wear The self win­ding mo­ve­ment ca­li­ber 324 S C is the heart of the wat­ch. The me­cha­ni­sm of whi­ch is clear­ly vi­si­ble thanks to the see th­ru sap­phi­re – cry­stal ca­se back: fea­tu­ring a 21 ka­rat gold ro­tor and Spi­ro­max ba­lan­ce spring in Si­lin­var. Pri­ce 35,563 eu­ro. www.pa­tek.com

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