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WHAT’S NEW AT BE­NET­TI’S - One of the mo­st im­por­tant de­ve­lo­p­men­ts at Be­net­ti’s is the bol­ste­ring of the Bu­si­ness Li­ne Me­ga­ya­ch­ts- wi­th the ar­ri­val of Mr Ch­ri­stos Ram­nia­lis as Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger. Born in Gree­ce, a me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring de­gree from Darm­stadt in Ger­ma­ny. Ram­nia­lis has been in im­por­tant posts of great re­spon­si­bi­li­ty for over thir­ty years and has con­si­sten­tly sho­wn his skill and ca­pa­ci­ty to work suc­ces­sful­ly in di­ver­se areas, ro­les and cul­tu­res. Mr Ram­nia­lis has a so­lid ex­pe­rien­ce in the ya­ch­ting field and was part­ner at Be­net­ti’s and Glo­bal Sa­les Ma­na­ger and head of Mtu/rolls Roy­ce Po­wer Sy­stem Ser­vi­ce Group for a de­ca­de. Other news has to do wi­th the laun­ching of th­ree superyachts in ju­st two mon­ths. The fir­st one to hit the wa­ter was “Sea­sen­se” a 67 me­tre su­pe­rya­cht built in steel and alu­mi­nium, de­si­gned by Dut­ch Cor D, Ro­ver wi­th con­tem­po­ra­ry decor for the in­te­riors thanks to the in­put from Be­net­ti team’s ar­chi­tec­ts and AREA stu­dio in Los An­ge­les.then “La­dy Lil­lian” went in, the 35th mo­del of the Clas­sic 121’ li­ne, a fi­bre­glass mo­to­rya­cht mea­su­ring 37 me­tres de­si­gned by Ste­fa­no Ri­ghi­ni and Fra­nçois Zu­ret­ti. 38 me­tre “Le­jos 3”slip­ped in­to the wa­ter at the end of May la­st, the four­th from the Fa­st 125’ se­ries rea­li­zed wi­th Ste­fa­no Ri­ghi­ni and Red­man Whi­te­ley Di­xon stu­dio whi­ch de­ve­lo­ped the interior lay­out ba­sed on Air con­fi­gu­ra­tion, whi­ch is the la­te­st, mo­re mo­dern of the th­ree avai­la­ble op­tions of­fe­red by Be­net­ti. “Sky­ler” was of­fi­cial­ly pre­sen­ted few days af­ter “Le­jos 3” hit the wa­ter. It is the third of the Fa­st 125’ li­ne ex­hi­bi­ted by Be­net­ti in the cour­se of the Ver­si­lia Ya­ch­ting ren­dez-vous. Be­net­ti al­so an­noun­ced the sa­le of FB703 a 47 me­tre cu­stom built yacht spor­ting a di­spla­cing steel hull wi­th an alu­mi­nium su­per­struc­tu­re. The yacht whi­ch has been or­de­red by a re­tur­ning cu­sto­mer will sport interior decor by Mau­ri­cio Gó­mez de Tud­do. Fa­bio Er­met­to Be­net­ti’s COO ex­plai­ned: “The fact the ow­ner has co­me back to us con­firms the good work we ha­ve been ca­pa­ble of and the kind of qua­li­ty whi­ch we’ve al­ways been de­li­ve­ring. This sa­le is an une­qui­vo­cal si­gn that clear­ly con­firms the great com­mer­cial suc­cess we are ha­ving, ba­sed on the art of li­ste­ning ca­re­ful­ly to clien­ts and to the know –how our teams pos­sess in ful­fil­ling ea­ch and eve­ry client re­que­st”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­net­tiya­ch­

AMELS LAUN­CHES LILI - Sold in April 2016 af­ter on­ly 12 mon­ths of con­struc­tion ti­me, 55 me­tre “Lili” from Amels’s 180 Li­mi­ted Edi­tion li­ne slip­ped in­to the wa­ter. Wi­th this build hit­ting the wa­ter in re­cord ti­me Dut­ch yard Amels clear­ly sho­ws how use of a pre en­gi­nee­red plat­form sa­ves con­si­de­ra­ble ti­me as well as pro­duc­tion costs, even when “Li­ly” as the other mo­dels of the sa­me li­ne are wi­de­ly cu­sto­mi­za­ble in­si­de. In fact this yacht’s ex­te­rior li­nes and si­lhouet­te are ve­ry si­mi­lar to tho­se of her si­ster ships de­si­gned by Tim Hey­wood.the interior decor on the other hand is un­der­sco­red wi­th good ta­ste by Lau­ra Ses­sa’s re­fi­ned tou­ch, the de­si­gner the ow­ner spe­ci­fi­cal­ly re­que­sted. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.amels-hol­

AMER TA­KES FIR­ST PRIZE AT THE YACHT & AVIATION AWARDS - Af­ter ha­ving re­cei­ved re­co­gni­tion for ha­ving been the “mo­st in­no­va­ti­ve yacht of the year” in the cour­se of the la­te­st Can­nes Ya­ch­ting Fe­sti­val thanks to its re­vo­lu­tio­na­ry con­fi­gu­ra­tion ma­de up of four IPS en­gi­nes, Amer Cen­to Quad has al­so ta­ken fir­st prize in the Floo­ring ca­te­go­ry at the Yacht & Aviation Awards or­ga­ni­zed by Design and held at the Ci­pria­ni Ho­tel in Ve­ni­ce on 19th May la­st. Bar­ba­ra Ame­rio step­ped up to col­lect the prize won, thanks to the di­stinc­ti­ve trai­ts of the floo­ring de­ployed on Amer Cen­to Quad whi­ch boasts in­te­riors in vin­ta­ge teak, sup­plied by Ar­che­ti­po ow­ned by Ab­del Raz­zaq, and ob­tai­ned from planks re­co­ve­red from the buil­ding si­tes of hou­ses ty­pi­cal of the In­do­ne­sian Ar­chi­pe­la­go and the ex­te­riors li­ned in cork sup­plied by Sta­zo Ma­ri­ne. Cork is light­weight, wa­ter re­si­stant, main­te­nan­ce free, ther­mal­ly and acou­sti­cal­ly in­su­la­ting, does not heat when trod­den on, is ea­sy to in­stall and sports great grip. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.ame­rya­ch­

BA­GLIET­TO-CCN GO TO CALIFORNIA - Ba­gliet­to and CCN ce­le­bra­ted the ope­ning of their new hea­d­quar­ters in the US la­st April in Fort Lau­der­da­le on 17th Street at the Quay, one of the main lu­xu­ry ya­ch­ting hubs in the USA. Mi­che­le Ga­vi­no Ba­gliet­to’s MD com­men­ted as fol­lo­ws – “The ope­ning of our Ame­ri­can hea­d­quar­ters re­pre­sen­ts ano­ther step for­ward in the right di­rec­tion, fol­lo­wing sta­ke­hol­der, part­ner and management’s de­si­re to be pre­sent and re­pre­sen­ted in one of the world’s mo­st im­por­tant ya­ch­ting mar­ke­ts. It is a ve­ry stra­te­gic choi­ce whi­ch aims to con­so­li­da­te and po­si­tion our Ba­gliet­to and CCN brands on a mar­ket, the US one whi­ch is now gro­wing on­ce mo­re. Fort Lau­der­da­le re­pre­sen­ts the ideal pla­ce from whi­ch to de­ve­lop and support our net­work in the area thanks to our di­rect pre­sen­ce and con­stant in­vol­ve­ment in mu­ch the sa­me way we did in 2016”. The new pre­mi­ses will be led by Ame­ri­ca’s Sa­les Area Ma­na­ger Giu­lio Ber­ta­ni and is al­so the ope­ra­ti­ve ba­se for Ri­chard Ber­tam Ya­ch­ts bro­kers. For fur­ther in­for­ma­­gliet­

GISELE’S IN­CRE­DI­BLE REFIT - Pro­ject Gisele kic­ked off on 20th April la­st. The ex­tent of the ope­ra­tion en­tai­led going well beyond a stan­dard refit. The Ger­man ow­ner tur­ned the yacht over to Balk Shi­pyard in 2015 fol­lo­wing a ca­re­ful ana­ly­sis car­ried out by Azu­re Na­val Ar­chi­tec­ts and the ex­plo­rer was su­b­jec­ted to what was ter­med as a ‘chal­len­ging leng­the­ning’ by Daan Balk, CEO at Balk Shi­pyards. This pro­ce­du­re is mo­re de­man­ding and com­plex than buil­ding a new yacht ac­cor­ding to Daan Balk him­self. A clean cut at amid­ships was re­qui­red whe­re th­ree me­tres we­re ad­ded on and ano­ther clean cut in the stern to whi­ch a fur­ther me­tre was sol­de­red on. In ad­di­tion to the leng­the­ning the yard re­built the who­le of the interior lay­out fol­lo­wing Azu­re Yacht Design’s pro­ject work.the ex­plo­rer is now 31 me­tres long and has sin­ce been na­med “San­dal­phon”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.balk­shi­

PINK GIN VI’S MAI­DEN VOYA­GE - Bal­tic 175’ yacht na­med “Pink Gin VI”, the lar­ge­st fi­bre­glass sloop in car­bon fi­bre in the world to­day set out on its mai­den voya­ge but it pro­ved full ten­sion. We’re not tal­king about an ocean cros­sing in ve­ry ad­ver­se wea­ther con­di­tions but a “me­re” 21 ki­lo­me­tre run on wheels. But con­si­de­ring its 175’ leng­th and the yacht’s 160 tons, the­se few ki­lo­me­tres we­re going to be for Bal­tic Ya­ch­ts ex­perts, the lon­ge­st of their li­ves. For­tu­na­te­ly enou­gh all went ac­cor­ding to plan and “Pink Gin VI” rea­ched Ja­kob­stad un­sca­thed and rea­dy to be de­li­ve­red to its ow­ un­der­go the trip Bal­tic Ya­ch­ts management had to re­que­st per­mis­sion to wi­den the road and re­mo­ve the road si­gns. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.bal­ti­cya­ch­ CCN TO BUILD SPORTS MO­DEL FOR AN ITA­LIAN OW­NER - Fol­lo­wing the sa­le of 50 me­tre “El­sea” and of K40, CCN an­noun­ced in the cour­se of la­st May the ac­qui­si­tion of an or­der for a spor­ty one off 27 me­tre for an Ita­lian ow­ner. The pro­ject fo­re­sees de­li­ve­ry in sum­mer 2018. We’re loo­king at a fa­st pla­ning yacht de­si­gned by Tom­ma­so Spa­do­li­ni fea­tu­ring an alu­mi­nium al­loy hull and su­per­struc­tu­re. Po­we­red by th­ree hy­dro-je­ts the yacht should be ca­pa­ble of rea­ching a top speed of 40 kno­ts. “For me it is a great ho­nour to be asked to build a one off wi­th a strong per­so­na­li­ty –ex­plains Die­go Mi­che­le De­pra­ti, CCN’S CEO –CCN is cur­ren­tly de­mon­stra­ting and pro­ving its ca­pa­ci­ty to in­no­va­te, to be fle­xi­ble, whi­le pro­du­cing qua­li­ty for to­tal­ly cu­sto­mi­zed tai­lor ma­de pro­jec­ts. This po­li­cy to build one offs will be­co­me in­crea­sin­gly po­pu­lar and will be a di­stinc­ti­ve trait for our shi­pyard”. Wi­th this pro­ject CCN en­ters the world of one- offs. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.cer­ri­can­tie­ri­na­va­

GALEGO READIES FOR CAN­NES - Can­tie­re del­le Mar­che is ce­le­bra­ting the 2017 sea­son wi­th the laun­ching of “Galego”, the third of the Dar­win Class 102’. Built in steel and alu­mi­nium as all Cdm’s ran­ge on Hy­dro te­ch. pro­ject de­si­gns, “Galego” con­firms Dar­win Class’s suc­cess that has in ju­st six years rea­ched top world ran­king in the ex­plo­rer yacht mar­ket wi­th the yard’s Nau­ta Air li­ da­te CDM has al­rea­dy de­li­ve­red 14 ya­ch­ts, in ad­di­tion to se­ven wi­th work in pro­gress all of whi­ch are bet­ween 102’ and 140’ long- “This new ex­plo­rer is spe­cial­ly dear to me - ex­plains En­nio Cec­chi­ni Cdm’s MD –it’s been a wi­de ran­ging pro­ject any way you look at it, and the har­mo­ny that has de­ri­ved from it wi­th the ow­ners has im­pro­ved it fur­ther. Fol­lo­wing the suc­cess of the fir­st two Dar­win Class 102’ Aca­la and Bab­bo, I am tru­ly con­vin­ced that this mo­del pos­ses­ses a uni­que sen­se of mea­su­re and ba­lan­ce wi­th its 244 GRT and the in­tel­li­gen­ce of the lay­out, it is com­pa­ra­ble to 115’ ya­ch­ts and lar­ger even. Fur­ther­mo­re I be­lie­ve this be the key to the glo­bal suc­cess we’re ex­pe­rien­cing to­day”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.can­tie­re­del­le­mar­

CRN DE­LI­VERS CLOUD 9 - CRN de­li­ve­red “Cloud 9” af­ter it was laun­ched Ja­nua­ry la­st in the cour­se of an asto­ni­shing spec­ta­cu­lar event to whi­ch jour­na­lists from all over the world floc­ked to. The com­pa­ny’s management, the ow­ner and his fa­mi­ly, this 74 me­tre yacht’s pro­ject de­si­gners we­re all the­re. “Cloud 9” de­ri­ves from plen­ty of use­ful in­put bet­ween CRN and Zuc­con In­ter­na­tio­nal Pro­ject and Win­ch Design stu­dios. Whoe­ver wi­shes to char­ter this splen­did 74 me­tre in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean can con­tact Bur­gess our re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:

CU­STOM LI­NE LAUN­CHES THIRD NA­VET­TA 37 - Cu­stom Li­ne laun­ched the third unit of the Na­vet­ta 37se­ries on 29th May la­st.the fir­st to ha­ve been built en­ti­re­ly in the pre­mi­ses de­di­ca­ted to Cu­stom Li­ne builds in­si­de the Su­pe­rya­cht Yard Fer­ret­ti Group in An­co­na, whe­re CRN, Ri­va and Per­shing steel and alu­mi­nium superyachts are al­so pro­du­ced. As for the third Na­vet­ta 37- whi­ch from its pre­sen­ta­tion at the la­te­st Can­nes Yacht Show, fi­ve ha­ve al­rea­dy been sold, is de­sti­ned to a Midd­le Ea­stern ow­ner. Ste­fa­no de Vi­vo Fer­ret­ti Group’s Chief Com­mer­cial Of­fi­cer de­cla­red as fol­lo­ws:” We’re real­ly proud for the laun­ching of this third Na­vet­ta 37 be­cau­se it is the fir­st to ha­ve been built en­ti­re­ly at the re­newed pre­mi­ses of the An­co­na ba­sed ya­ch­ting group. And the fi­nal de­sti­na­tion is al­so of equal im­por­tan­ce to us – the Midd­le Ea­st, a key area for our bu­si­ness, whe­re the lu­xu­ry ya­ch­ting in­du­stry is ex­pan­ding ex­po­nen­tial­ly and whe­re our Cu­stom li­ne Na­vet­te are and ha­ve al­ways been the superyachts to re­fer to spe­cial­ly for tho­se ow­ners who go in for ya­ch­ts ma­de in Ita­ly”. In ad­di­tion to the four­th and the fif­th Na­vet­ta built at the Su­pe­rya­cht Yard in An­co­na, the­re are th­ree Na­vet­ta 28, th­ree Na­vet­ta 33 and the fir­st Na­vet­ta42 whi­ch are sche­du­led to be laun­ched in 2018. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­stom­li­

FEAD­SHIP LETANI BUILT IN RE­CORD TI­ME - Fead­ship laun­ched 35 me­tre “Letani” for a Far Ea­st client la­st mar­ch. De­si­gned to crui­se al­so in shal­low wa­ters and to ac­cess the smal­le­st Eu­ro­pean ma­ri­nas, Scan­di­na­via, In­dian ocean and Asia.this

new Fead­ship bea­ts the pre­vious re­cord in terms of ti­me ta­ken to build and de­li­ver. In the ca­se in point it took ju­st two years from the fir­st meeting wi­th the client. “I had the pri­vi­le­ge to vi­st se­ve­ral dif­fe­rent superyachts in the la­st ten years”. Says “Letani” ow­ner who is to da­te the youn­ge­st client the shi­pyard has ever had.“ea­ch ti­me I see a Fead­ship two thoughts co­me to mind: the fir­st, ’that is real­ly a ve­ry spe­cial yacht’ and the se­cond, ‘I want to get off my boat and step on­to a Fead­ship’. And now it is real­ly ex­ci­ting for me to climb on board of my Fead­ship. The on­ly pie­ce of ugly news about this laun­ching is that we’ve lo­st out on a gui­ded tour of the shi­pyard... We we­re ma­de to feel we we­re part of the fa­mi­ly from the mo­ment the keel was li­ned up and buil­ding a Fead­ship has been a ma­gni­fi­cent ex­pe­rien­ce”. Two mon­ths la­ter in May ano­ther 35 me­tre na­med “CID” hit the wa­ter.this mo­del too was built by a spor­ty athle­tic ow­ner who­se choi­ce fell on this Fead­ship li­ne for its glo­be­trot­ter qua­li­ties and for its re­du­ced draught. “CID” will in fact be­gin wi­th crui­sing bet­ween Fjords and the Me­di­ter­ra­nean to then cross over to Me­xi­co and Ba­ja California. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.fead­

HEE­SEN’S SUCCESSES - Dut­ch yard Hee­sen Ya­ch­ts kic­ked off in April of this year wi­th fi­ve im­por­tant pie­ces of news.the fir­st one re­fers to Mar­ch and has to do wi­th the sa­le of Pro­ject Ali­da pro­ject co­de YN 17755, a 55 me­tre Fa­st Di­spla­ce­ment wi­th a steel hull and a gross ton­na­ge of 740 GT. Ome­ga Ya­ch­ts con­tri­bu­ted to this pro­ject by dra­wing up the ex­ter­nal li­nes and Ra­dy­ca an im­por­tant Mia­mi firm hand­led the sty­ling of the in­te­riors. Pro­ject Ali­da rea­ches 16.5 kno­ts and has a ran­ge of 5,400 nau­ti­cal mi­les at econ speed of 12 kno­ts. The se­cond re­fers to April and is about the laun­ching of the fir­st Fa­st Di­spla­ce­ment yacht pro­pel­led by a hy­brid sy­stem.the yacht is 50 me­tre Pro­ject No­va na­med “Ho­me”.this is one of the quie­te­st mo­st ef­fi­cient superyachts ever built.thanks to a pair of elec­tric li­quid coo­led en­gi­nes of 127 KW ea­ch,“ho­me” can crui­se at 9 kno­ts de­ploy­ing its gen. se­ts on­ly and can crui­se for 3,750 nau­ti­cal mi­les wi­thout stop­ping at 12 kno­ts. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly this yacht can rea­ch 16.5 kno­ts thanks to two MTU 600 KW die­sels whi­ch re­la­ti­ve­ly small for a yacht of this si­ze.the elec­tric en­gi­nes and the die­sels can run in­de­pen­den­tly or at the sa­me ti­me ac­cor­ding to ne­ces­si­ties. In May Hee­sen Ya­ch­ts re­vea­led Pro­ject Ma­ia for the fir­st ti­me, a 50 me­tre di­spla­cing steel yacht un­der 500GT dra­wn up by Clif­ford Denn and Rey­mond Lang­ton. The yacht will be po­we­red by two 1,000 KW MTU en­gi­nes and is set to rea­ch 15 kno­ts all out wi­th a ran­ge of 3,800 nau­ti­cal mi­les at econ speed of 12 kno­ts. Pro­ject Ma­ia will be de­li­ve­red in 2018. Al­so in May the Dut­ch yard an­noun­ced the sa­le of 55 me­tre Fa­st Di­spla­ce­ment Pro­ject An­ta­res co­ded YN 18455 to an Ame­ri­can ow­ner. Hee­sen Ya­ch­ts in­vi­ted Ome­ga Ar­chi­tec­ts and Ita­lian de­si­gner Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski to draw up pro­ject design work for this 740 GT yacht. Pro­ject An­ta­res should rea­ch a top speed of 16 kno­ts and will ha­ve a ran­ge of 4,500 nau­ti­cal mi­les at 13 kno­ts.

La­st but not lea­st is the sa­le of YN 17947 Pro­ject Ruya to an ex­pert Ame­ri­can ya­ch­tsman.the yacht will be built from a 47 me­tre plat­form whi­ch has al­rea­dy been de­ployed to build 12 ya­ch­ts. Pro­ject Ruya’s in­te­riors are ini­tial­led by Ban­nen­berg & Ro­well and will be ex­hi­bi­ted at the next Mo­na­co Yacht Show For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion www.hee­se­nya­ch­

LÜRS­SEN LAUN­CHES TH­REE GIANTS - In the group of laun­chings Lürs­sen could not go amiss. In Mar­ch this Ger­man shi­pyard laun­ched 74 me­tre Pro­ject Ga­tsby, na­med “Au- ro­ra” an ele­gant six dec­ker sold by Mo­ran Yacht & Ship wi­th so­me pro­ject design work by Win­ch Design. The fol­lo­wing mon­th Pro­ject Sa­sha re­na­med “are­ti” an 85 me­tre again ini­tial­led by Win­ch Design and built in com­plian­ce wi­th Pas­sen­ger Yacht Co­de stan­dards. Still in April, the Ger­man yard laun­ched the in­cre­di­ble 120 me­tre Pro­ject Thun­der, a su­pe­rya­cht dra­wn up by Espen Oei­no for an Asian ow­ner. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.lurs­

MANGUSTA OPENS UP AND GROWS - April la­st the twel­fth Ma­xi Open of the Mangusta 165 se­ries wa suc­ces­sful­ly laun­ched at Over­ma­ri­ne’s shi­pyard in Via­reg­gio.this is the third from the new “Evo­lu­tion” se­ries. This yacht di­spla­ces about 300 ton­sand thanks to 4 MTU 2,600 HP en­gi­nes wi­th as ma­ny Rolls Roy­ce/ka­mewa hy­dro-je­ts it can rea­ch mo­re than35 kno­ts. Fur­ther­mo­re the yard an­noun­ced the sa­le of ano­ther Mangusta de­sti­ned to the US mar­ket wi­ch is al­ways mo­re stra­te­gic for Mangusta. This one is a Mangusta 94, the se­ven­th ma­xi open whi­ch is get­ting rea­dy to lea­ve for the USA, a re­sult whi­ch rewards ca­re­ful marketing , in­ten­se plan­ning di­rec­ted to that spe­ci­fic mar­ket and ter­ri­to­ry whi­ch be­gan se­ve­ral years ago whi­ch to­day is led by Ste­fa­no Ar­lun­no, Area ma­na­ger in the ter­ri­to­ry. “A new suc­cess in terms of sa­les whi­ch has been achie­ved be­cau­se Ame­ri­can clien­ts ap­pre­cia­te Mangusta ya­ch­ts, for their at­trac­ti­ve looks, func­tio­nal set ups, en­gi­nee­ring and technical qua­li­ties too” says Fran­ce­sco Fre­dia­ni Mangusta’s Sa­les Di­rec­tor. “Fur­ther­mo­re they real­ly ap­pre­cia­te our shi­pyard be­cau­se they know that be­hind it the­re’s a so­lid fa­mi­ly run bu­si­ness, whi­ch has been wor­king the ya­ch­ting field for mo­re than 60 years. And what’s mo­re the­re’s so­meo­ne li­ke Ste­fa­no Ar­lun­no who pu­ts com­pa­ny’s va­lues fir­st, and is al­ways wil­ling to as­si­st clien­ts and gua­ran­tee them the at­ten­tion they de­ser­ve”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.over­ma­ri­

CNC LAUN­CHES ITS FLAG­SHIP - Ju­st 20 mon­ths from the si­gning of the con­tract Can­tie­ri Na­va­li di Chiog­gia has ju­st laun­ched the 130’ “Ge­ne­sia” flag­ship of the ex­plo­rer yacht li­ne built in steel and de­si­gned by Stu­dio Val­li­cel­li Design in Ro­me. The yacht will be of­fi­cial­ly pre­sen­ted at the next Mo­na­co Yacht Show in Sep­tem­ber. We’re tal­king about the third unit from this spe­cial li­ne of the Ocean King Se­ries whi­ch fea­tu­res a won­der­ful lay­out that ma­xi­mi­zes li­vea­ble vo­lu­mes wi­thout ne­glec­ting the spa­ces re­ser­ved for on board toys and wa­ter sports gear. Thanks to a 125 squa­re me­tre up­per deck, “Ge­ne­sia” can ho­st an 8 me­tre

ten­der wi­th nu­me­rous other toys. CAT C32 hea­vy du­ty die­sels gua­ran­tee re­lia­bi­li­ty, per­for­man­ce and re­du­ced fuel con­sump­tion. The 130’ can rea­ch 14 kno­ts all out. Wi­th a crui­sing speed of 12 kno­ts and thanks to 200,000 li­tre fuel tanks it can co­ver 9,500 nau­ti­cal mi­les wi­thout stop­ping at 9 kno­ts. “Ge­ne­sia” is 10.20 me­tres across and con­se­quen­tly of­fers stacks of interior spa­ce in whi­ch we find a hu­ge ow­ner sui­te, a VIP, two gue­st ca­bins, and crew quar­ters. Shared com­mon areas su­ch as loun­ges abound as well. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.ocean­

ROSSINAVI’S AURORA AND N2H HIT THE WA­TER - On Sa­tur­day April 1 in the midd­le of a mild Spring mor­ning, 49 me­tre alu­mi­nium built “Aurora” hit the wa­ter. This su­pe­rya­cht looks mu­scle bound wi­th design work by Ful­vio De Si­mo­ne. The interior decor is su­re­ly mo­dern, fea­tu­ring di­screet lu­xu­ry and an open interior lay­out de­si­gned by Achil­le Sal­va­gni. On Sa­tur­day 29th of April, M/Y “N2H” third unit from the prin­ce Shark li­ne hit the wa­ter at Rossinavi’s plan­ts in Pi­sa. By com­pa­ri­son to si­ster ships laun­ched in 2013 and 2014, “N2H” sports a di­spla­cing hull and ae­sthe­ti­cal­ly dif­fe­rent for its mo­re clas­si­cal li­nes wi­th a blue free­board and top­si­des. Con­struc­tion ma­te­rials too are mo­re tra­di­tio­nal sin­ce the hull is in steel wi­th alu­mi­nium al­loy su­per­struc­tu­re. In the cour­se of the laun­ching the mea­ning of the na­me “N2H” was al­so re­vea­led, and it not on­ly re­minds of a for­mu­la li­ke “C02” for exam­ple but sim­ply stands for “Ni­ce to Ha­ve”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­

SANLORENZO LAUN­CHES THIRD EX­PLO­RER - Sanlorenzo’s Su­pe­rya­cht Di­vi­sion wi­th HQ in La spe­zia has re­cen­tly laun­ched the third su­pe­rya­cht of the 460Ex­plo­rer ran­ge, na­med Ocean’s Four. Sin­ce 2015’s Mo­na­co Yacht Show mar­king the li­ne’s world de­but, fi­ve 460 Ex­plo­rers ha­ve been sold and Sanlorenzo’s Ex­plo­rer li­ne’s no­ta­ble suc­cess abroad has been re­con­fir­med sin­ce all of the fi­ve mo­dels sold ha­ve go­ne to fo­rei­gn ow­ners co­ming from di­ver­se mar­ke­ts na­me­ly: USA, Me­xi­co, Eu­ro­pe, Rus­sia, and Chi­na. In re­la­tion­ship to “Mo­ka” the fir­st 450 Ex­plo­rer, “Ocean’s Four” stands out for mo­re stream­li­ned bul­wark. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly Sanlorenzo has al­so laun­ched the 14th SD126 mo­del, a 38 me­tre fi­bre­glass su­pe­rya­cht of the se­mi-di­spla­cing li­ne na­med “Sim Sim”. The Tur­ki­sh ow­ner, who is now at his se­cond Sanlorenzo ca­me to ce­le­bra­te his new yacht’s de­but wi­th his fa­mi­ly at Sanlorenzo’s shi­pyards si­tua­ted in Via­reg­gio. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.san­lo­ren­zoya­

PE­RI­NI CALLS FOR NEW BOARD MEETING - Pe­ri­ni Na­vi’s board meeting brought to­ge­ther the com­pa­ny’s share­hol­ders. Lam­ber­to Ta­co­li, Pre­si­dent and MD, Fa­bio Bo­schi and Edoar­do Ta­bac­chi Vi­ce Pre­si­den­ts, Mas­si­mo d’aiu­to and Ema­nue­le Ma­ria Ta­bac­chi Mem­bers of the board. The part­ner­ship is bet­ween Fa­ber Group hol­ding

foun­ded by Fa­bio Pe­ri­ni and Fe­nix Srl, a com­pa­ny ow­ned by Di­no Ta­bac­chi and fa­mi­ly. Fe­nix Srl thanks to ca­pi­tal in­vest­men­ts of 27 mil­lion Eu­ro now de­tains 49.99% of Pe­ri­ni Na­vi ca­pi­tal and Fa­per Group de­tains 50.01% of the com­pa­ny’s ca­pi­tal. “I am ex­tre­me­ly sa­ti­sfied and proud to gi­ve my con­tri­bu­tion to a pro­ject in whi­ch i firm­ly be­lie­ve in - says Lam­ber­to Ta­co­li, pre­si­dent and MD at pe­ri­ni Na­vi – we’ll be wor­king to fur­ther streng­then our brands whi­ch ha­ve al­ways re­pre­sen­ted the ex­cel­len­ce of ma­de in Ita­ly brands in the world”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­ri­ni­na­

SWAN 95 FLIES OFF - The fir­st of the Swan 95 S li­ne, re­pre­sen­ting the fa­st ver­sion of the 95 fa­mi­ly crui­ser from Nau­tor’s Swan shi­pyards hit the wa­ter la­st May. Com­pa­ring it to the FD ver­sion of whi­ch a se­cond is cur­ren­tly being built, the S sports a “se­mi rai­sed sa­loon” en­han­cing li­vea­bi­li­ty fur­ther whi­le crui­sing. To bol­ster its pre­sen­ce in “Asia Pa­ci­fic” re­gions, Nau­tor’s Swan has ap­poin­ted Oli­vier De­camps as Re­gio­nal Di­rec­tor. “I’ve al­ways been a sin­ce­re ad­mi­rer of Nau­tor’s Swan ya­ch­ts, ever sin­ce I be­gan to ra­ce 40 years ago. I am con­vin­ced the Asia Pa­ci­fic re­gion marks on­ly the start of an ex­po­nen­tial gro­w­th”. Com­men­ted Oli­vier De­camps. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.nau­tor­

GENTING GROUP TA­KES OVER WI­DER - Ma­lay Genting Group who’s been share­hol­der of Wi­der Ya­ch­ts a shi­pyard foun­ded in 2010 by for­mer Per­shing CEO Til­li An­to­nel­li has pur­cha­sed 100% of the Ita­lian com­pa­ny. The Ma­lay group led by Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay had pre­viou­sly sho­wn his in­te­re­st in ac­qui­ring the Ita­lain shi­pyard in 2012 when wi­th a ca­pi­tal in­crea­se he be­ca­me part­ner wi­th 50% of the shares pri­vi­le­ging the con­struc­tion of the fir­st Wi­der 150 “Ge­ne­si” whi­ch was sold in 2012 for about 22 mil­lion Eu­ro (ac­cor­ding to Yacht Har­bour) and was sub­se­quen­tly put up for sa­le at 26.5 mil­lion Eu­ro. In 2016 “Ge­ne­si” was pur­cha­sed by a Ca­na­dian ow­ner, mo­di­fied in so­me de­tails and re­na­med “Bar­ta­li”. Genting Group al­so de­tains 24.85% of Grand banks Ya­ch­ts, 15% of U-boat ans is al­so ma­jo­ri­ty share­hol­der of Lloyd Werft, the Ger­man Yard which­has built 114 me­tre me­gay­cht whi­ch be­lon­ged to Rus­sian oli­gar­ch Ro­man Abra­mo­vi­ch and now ow­ned by Far­khad Akh­me­dov. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.wi­der-ya­ch­

FIR­ST SW96 HITS THE WA­TER - Southern Wind shi­pyard has laun­ched its fir­st unit of the new SW96 li­ne, na­med “Sor­ce­ress”.the yacht has been pur­cha­sed by a di­scer­ning ex­pert ow­ner and ya­ch­tsman who al­rea­dy owns an 80’ cu­stom built car­bon fi­bre yacht. Wil­ly Per­si­co foun­der and CEO of Southern Wind com­men­ted as fol­lo­ws-“sw96 #01 re­pre­sen­ts the fir­st unit of this new mi­ni- se­ries. The ow­ner was loo­king around for a yacht he could use in off­sho­re com­pe­ti­tions, ocean cros­sing ones and mid ran­ge ones as well. What was im­por­tant to him was ba­si­cal­ly the yacht’s con­tai­ned di­spla­ce­ment plus all of the com­fort ty­pi­cal­ly found on crui­ser ya­ch­ts”. “The SW96 has been en­ti­re­ly en­gi­nee­red wi­th FEA (Fi­ni­te Ele­ment Ana­ly­sis) to ob­tain the be­st pos­si­ble re­sul­ts in terms of ri­gi­di­ty and per­for­man­ce” ex­plai­ned Mar­co Al­ber­ti, Ge­ne­ral Ma­na­ger at the shi­pyard. “In the wa­ke of the ex­pe­rien­ce wi­th the SW RP90, wi­th all con­struc­tion aspec­ts du­ly mo­ni­to­red to sa­ve weight. Deck and su­per­struc­tu­re in Pre-preg and No­mex are an exam­ple”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:www.sws-ya­ch­

MAURIZIO MAGRI WI­TH DYNAMIQ - Maurizio Magri has joi­ned for­ces wi­th Mo­ne­ga­sque brand Dynamiq as Sa­les Di­rec­tor. Maurizio Magri de­ve­lo­ped his skills in sa­les, marketing and

PR af­ter lea­ving a ca­reer in the ar­med for­ces prior to joi­ning CBI Na­vi as part­ner and MD. La­ter he wor­ked for Ad­mi­ral, Tec­no­mar, In­ter­ma­ri­ne and Mangusta Over­ma­ri­ne and as a free­lan­ce con­sul­tant he suc­ces­sful­ly hand­led the sa­le of a 110 me­tre Lürs­sen, a 90 me­tre Fead­ship and a 72 me­tre No­bi­skrug. Ser­gei Do­bro­ser­dov MD at Dynamiq sta­ted as fol­lo­ws:“maurizio brings a great deal of ex­pe­rien­ce he’s ac­qui­red in this field, the ti­me spent at Mangusta whe­re he was ve­ry ac­ti­ve in sa­les whi­le de­ve­lo­ping the di­spla­cing ya­ch­ts sec­tor is ve­ry re­le­vant. He shares our long term and in­no­va­ti­ve com­pa­ny po­li­cies and I am con­vin­ced his ar­ri­val will bring a no­ta­ble fur­ther ope­ning of our brand and new goals whe­re sa­les are con­cer­ned”. Maurizio Magri adds: “In con­cep­tual, design and tech­no­lo­gic terms Dynamiq is real­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve in the 30-45 me­tre seg­ment. “Je­tset­ter” the fir­st Dynamiq yacht blends Me­di­ter­ra­nean lu­xu­ry li­fe­sty­le wi­th so­lid nor­th Eu­ro­pean design and build, in a hi­ghly tech­no­lo­gi­cal su­pe­rya­cht wi­th heaps of in­ter­na­tio­nal ap­peal. I be­lie­ve it slo­ts per­fec­tly in­to a spe­ci­fic mar­ket seg­ment and I am tru­ly en­thu­sia­stic to work wi­th team Dynamiq to con­so­li­da­te its po­si­tio­ning”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­dy­na­

LAU­RA POMPONI MUL­TI WINNER AT YACHT & AVIATION AWARDS - Wi­th th­ree interior lu­xu­ry design su­pe­rya­cht pro­ject win­ners to her na­me at the In­ter­na­tio­nal Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017 edi­tion Lau­ra Pomponi foun­der and MD of Ate­lier Lu­xu­ry Pro­jec­ts ob­tai­ned two pri­zes for the decor in 38 me­tre Hee­sen “De­sti­ny” and ano­ther prize for the interior decor of 90 me­tre “Ne­ro”. “We’re ve­ry proud for the awards re­cei­ved – she says – they are proof of our de­di­ca­tion and of the great job our team has do­ne. No other stu­dio has won so ma­ny pri­zes in the cour­se of a sin­gle in­ter­na­tio­nal event. The win­ning pro­jec­ts re­flect our stu­dio’s po­li­cies whi­ch en­tail scou­ting for in­no­va­tion in terms of new ma­te­rials, fa­brics, tech­no­lo­gy, new sty­li­stic so­lu­tions, wi­th great at­ten­tion and ca­re paid to de­tail and clien­ts’ re­quests”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­xu­ry-pro­jec­

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