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Sep­tem­ber is “new year’s day” for ma­ny firms and con­cerns, in­clu­ding ya­ch­ting. So mu­ch so that this mon­th marks the start of a who­le se­ries of in­ter­na­tio­nal fairs and ex­hi­bi­tions – in or­der of ap­pea­ran­ce, the Can­nes Fe­sti­val, the Ge­noa in­ter­na­tio­nal boat show and the Mo­na­co Yacht Show (MYS)- whi­ch form the fir­st plat­form on whi­ch the en­ti­re in­du­stry de­ve­lops the fol­lo­wing year’s strategies. Fi­nal­ly in 2017, this is hap­pe­ning in an at­mo­sphe­re of con­so­li­da­ted op­ti­mi­sm foun­ded on Ita­ly’s re­newed, un­pa­ral­le­led lea­der­ship in the world’s mar­ket, in terms of yacht buil­ding shipyards and al­so for the re­bir­th of the in­ter­nal ya­ch­ting mar­ket that was squa­shed for so long by a fi­nan­cial cri­ses whi­ch our Coun­try felt mu­ch mo­re than others. Wi­th this po­si­ti­ve ou­tlook the new pas­sword for any ope­ra­tor is “in­no­va­tion”. Of cour­se we at Su­pe­rya­cht are no ex­cep­tion. What is real­ly proof of this is re­pre­sen­ted by the nomination of Cor­ra­di­no Corbò to “se­nior edi­tor”. He has loads of ex­pe­rien­ce and has been con­tri­bu­ting si­gni­fi­can­tly to the sur­vi­val of our ma­ga­zi­nes th­rou­gh the in­ces­sant stor­my seas they cros­sed in the not too di­stant pa­st, al­beit wi­th a leak or two but still floa­ting ni­ce­ly. We are cer­tain Corbò pos­ses­ses the ca­pa­ci­ty and qua­li­ties re­qui­red by his new ro­le and can ef­fec­ti­ve­ly con­tri­bu­te mo­re dri­ve and sti­mu­lus to the com­plex tran­sfor­ma­tion pro­gram­me wan­ted by our pu­bli­shing com­pa­ny. Pao­lo Son­ni­no So­ri­sio

I am told – and I can’t be so mo­de­st as to doubt it – that my nomination con­sti­tu­tes the fi­nal pha­se, of that tran­sfor­ma­tion pro­cess that al­lo­wed this ma­ga­zi­ne to pull th­rou­gh the fi­nan­cial cri­sis it fa­ced up to in the cour­se of the la­st de­ca­de.a pe­riod, whi­ch due to the se­riou­sness of so­me of the even­ts, la­sted con­si­de­ra­bly lon­ger than ex­pec­ted.a lit­tle li­ke the tem­pe­ra­tu­re per­cei­ved com­pa­red to the mea­su­red one, they dif­fer. Hen­ce the tran­sfor­ma­tion was mo­re than due. On the other hand, had we me­re­ly coun­ted on the sta­tic so­li­di­ty of our struc­tu­re, it would not ha­ve been enou­gh to lead us to whe­re we stand to­day. In a nu­tshell we’re loo­king at a pro­ject whi­ch, re­spec­ts our mo­re tra­di­tio­nal rea­ders’ ex­pec­ta­tions, the ink fans, but al­so wan­ts to sa­ti­sfy the ex­pec­ta­tions of the mo­st mo­dern ones, that being mo­re ver­sa­ti­le go for the im­me­dia­te re­spon­ses in­ter­net of­fers. It is prin­ci­pal­ly for this spe­ci­fic rea­son that Su­pe­rya­cht’s gro­w­th will al­ways run ex­po­nen­tial­ly mo­re on the per­ma­nent track ma­de up of pa­per and web, fol­lo­wing the cour­se set by that prin­ci­ple of in­tel­lec­tual ho­ne­sty, whi­ch is not al­ways com­for­ta­ble and ea­sy as one would li­ke, but any­way it con­ti­nues to fo­ster the re­spect we ha­ve en­joyed sin­ce the be­gin­ning of our long sto­ry. Cor­ra­di­no Corbò

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