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Mo­na­co ba­sed Dy­na­miq ship yard has re­cen­tly joi­ned for­ces wi­th F.A. Porsche Stu­dio to de­ve­lop pro­ject de­si­gn work to­ge­ther de­di­ca­ted to a new col­lec­tion of alu­mi­nium al­loy su­pe­rya­ch­ts of whi­ch the GTT 115 is the fir­st. Ro­land Hei­ler Di­rec­tor and board mem­ber of the Porsche De­si­gn Group, has de­li­ve­red the ex­te­rior and in­te­rior pro­jec­ts de­si­gn work whi­ch are in­spi­red by the au­to­mo­ti­ve world whe­re gu­tsy sports and su­per cars co­me from. “Dy­na­miq GTT 115 has been dra­wn up to ap­peal to fa­st car fans and yacht ow­ners who ap­pre­cia­te the un­de­nia­ble ad­van­ta­ges at­tri­bu­ted to speed, sty­ling, as well as to our po­li­cy whi­ch calls for in­tel­li­gent per­for­ming ya­ch­ts” is Ro­land Hei­ler’s com­ment when la­st in­ter­viewed. GTT 115 trans­la­tes in­to Grand Turismo Tran­sa­tlan­tic, and the fir­st mo­del is well in the pro­cess of rea­li­za­tion at the Via­reg­gio yards whe­re the yacht’s ele­gant su­per­struc­tu­re clear­ly re­calls Je­tset­ter’s sty­ling, (the na­me of the mo­del pre­ce­ding the fir­st Dy­na­miq GTT 115).The new yacht will be com­ple­ted by an ef­fi­cient hull sha­pe de­si­gned by Dut­ch firm Vri­pack. The co­re of

this pro­ject, whi­ch is the sa­me for the next ones: the GTT 1000 and GTT 85 mo­dels that are still being fi­na­li­zed on the dra­wing board wi­th Van Oos­sa­nen’s con­tri­bu­tion – ano­ther Dut­ch world lea­der in terms of all round hy­dro­dy­na­mics’ ef­fi­cien­cy whe­ther it be about con­sump­tion or/and com­fort ra­tings. The GTT 115 will be po­we­red by a pair of Man en­gi­nes de­ve­lo­ping 1,213 KW lin­ked to Fo­t­jes 5000 pods and is ex­pec­ted to rea­ch a top speed of 21 kno­ts wi­th an ocean cros­sing ran­ge of 3,400 nau­ti­cal mi­les. The yacht’s draught is of a me­re 1.45 metres whi­ch means it can

ex­plo­re in­sho­re Me­di­ter­ra­nean, Ca­rib­bean and sou­th ea­st Asian wa­ters at ea­se. The yacht will be spor­ting four Hum­ph­ree elec­tric sta­bi­li­ser fins and in­ter­cep­tors. As for ef­fi­cien­cy, as pre­viou­sly de­mon­stra­ted wi­th Je­tset­ter the new GTT 115 can al­so be po­we­red wi­th a hy­brid ver­sion se­lec­ta­ble via the ex­clu­si­ve on li­ne Dy­na­miq Con­fi­gu­ra­tor. This yacht al­so fea­tu­res Fi­scher Pan­da 45 KW gen. se­ts in the bow area the­re­by en­su­ring noi­se free gue­st ca­bins, and smell free con­vi­vial areas, other­wi­se con­ta­mi­na­ted by ex­hau­st fu­mes when ly­ing to an an­chor. Porsche Stu­dio’s work stands out in the top­si­des’ co­lours whi­ch ran­ge from Porsche Car­re­ra White to Rho­dium Sil­ver, com­pri­sing al­so Chalk and Mon­te Car­lo Blue espe­cial­ly along su­per­struc­tu­re stru­ts whi­ch re­call Tar­ga mo­dels’ whi­le the tran­som re­minds you of a con­cept Mis­sion E mo­del.the ex­ter­nal pads and cu­shions re­call the la­te­st 991 R mo­dels’ sea­ts. The in­te­rior lay­out of­fers a three or four ca­bin lay­out ac­cor­din­gly, whi­le con­tra­sting sadd­le bro­wn and ‘ lu­xor bei­ge’ hues flan­ked wi­th car­bon fi­bre ‘ Sa­ha­ra noir’ de­tails con­fer an en­han­ced spor­ty loo­king sty­le. Fur­ni­tu­re and de­co­ra­tions are by Ita­lian brand Mi­not­ti. The in­te­riors ha­ve been si­zed do­wn but de­li­ver all of the com­fort that is cu­sto­ma­ry on lar­ger uni­ts mea­su­ring 5060 metres. The aim in the ca­se in point is to pri­vi­le­ge tho­se ow­ners who ha­ve be­co­me ac­cu­sto­med to the ve­ry hi­gh stan­dards ty­pi­cal of real­ly lar­ge ya­ch­ts, but who are no lon­ger pre­pa­red to spend so mu­ch in run­ning costs and are the­re­fo­re hap­py to pur­cha­se re­la­ti­ve­ly mo­re prac­ti­cal and com­pact mo­dels whi­le sa­cri­fi­cing no­thing to com­fort. On li­ne con­fi­gu­ra­tion in terms of yacht per­so­na­li­sa­tion from paint jobs to elec­tro­nic na­vi­ga­tio­nal aids and gad­ge­ts, their costs and mo­re, is avai­la­ble for the GTT 115. This ser­vi­ce en­tails clear of­fers, set pri­ces and re­du­ced de­li­ve­ry ti­mes. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Dy­na­miq Ya­ch­ts – Sho­w­room; Quai Louis 2, 4th Floor, Yacht Club de Mo­na­co, 98000 Mo­na­co; tel. +377 97708388;­dy­na­ - in­fo@be­dy­na­

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