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Af­ter ha­ving ri­sked going on the rocks in 2015, in spi­te of se­ve­ral laun­ches, new pro­jec­ts and the start up of a bran­ch de­di­ca­ted to re­fi­ts that sa­me year ISA Ya­ch­ts cal­led for a pre­li­mi­na­ry agree­ment th­rou­gh whi­ch it could car­ry on to fa­ce the stor­my wea­ther. In fact, now two years la­ter the yard has ma­de a big co­me back wi­th the re­cent laun­ching of the ele­ven­th unit of the ISA 120 Sport ran­ge na­med “Clo­rin­da” whi­ch will be ex­hi­bi­ted at the Can­nes and Mo­na­co Yacht Sho­ws. This Ancona yard’s re­bir­th is es­sen­tial­ly thanks to Grup­po Pa­lum­bo’s ac­qui­si­tion of the brand in 2016 whi­ch pre­sen­ted al­so a pro­ject to build as ma­ny as four su­pe­rya­cht li­nes

wi­th Team for De­si­gn Stu­dio’s – En­ri­co Gob­bi and others con­tri­bu­tion as well. Grup­po Pa­lum­bo is mo­st kno­wn for its long stan­ding (three ge­ne­ra­tions) re­pair work, con­ver­sions and ship buil­ding pre­mi­ses in Ita­ly (Na­ples, Mes­si­na, and Ancona) as well as in Mal­ta, Mo­na­co, Mar­seil­les, and Te­ne­ri­fe whi­ch com­pri­se Co­lum­bus brand su­pe­rya­ch­ts. The fir­st en­try from the new set up is exac­tly the ISA 120 Sport “Clo­rin­da” whi­ch is the na­tu­ral evo­lu­tion of the pre­ce­ding 37 me­tre “en­try le­vel” of the brand. This new yacht main­tains the sty­ling fea­tu­red pre­viou­sly whi­ch ma­kes it spe­cial and ea­si­ly re­co­gni­za­ble in the sha­pe of the stern’s stair­ways and a lar­ge arc whi­ch tra­ces a well de­fi­ned con­nec­ting link bet­ween the coc­k­pit area and su­per­struc­tu­re, but whi­ch stands out gi­ving an ove­rall re­ju­ve­na­ted ap­pea­ran­ce to the area. En­ri­co Gob­bi un­der­sco­red the­se ou­tli­nes as fol­lo­ws:“we’ve re­vi­si­ted tho­se fea­tu­res dear to and whi­ch be­st iden­ti­fy ISA Ya­ch­ts, wi­th a mo­dern ap­proa­ch, whi­le ac­qui­ring es­sen­tial for­ma­ti­ve in­put from na­tu­re’s sha­pes mat­ching them to de­tails whi­ch re­call tho­se of a sports car. ISA Sport 120’s di­stin­gui­shing ele­men­ts are in or­der of im­por­tan­ce the fol­lo­wing: the yacht’s ele­gan­ce, en­han­ced by clean well pro­por­tio­ned flo­wing li­nes, the si­mi­li­tu­de to na­tu­ral ele­men­ts whi­ch the de­si­gner tran­sfor­med in­to sty­li­stic de­tail, and the phy­si­ca­li­ty per­cei­ved and the ove­rall dy­na­mic fee­ling the yacht tran­smi­ts to di­scer­ning eyes”. A 140 mo­del will al­so be part of the Sport li­ne, whi­le Mar­co Ca­sa­li has dra­wn up an even mo­re ‘ex­tre­me’ ran­ge

whi­ch will be na­med Su­per Spor­ti­vo and will be ma­de up of ju­st two mo­dels a 121 and a 141 foo­ter. The Clas­sic ran­ge fo­re­sees 41, 50, 57, and 65 me­tre mo­dels. The fir­st pro­ject to be com­ple­ted will be the ISA Clas­sic 50 whi­ch as ex­plai­ned by En­ri­co Gob­bi is “a per­for­ming, stream­li­ned ele­gant yacht fea­tu­ring a har­mo­nious si­lhouet­te al­so thanks to the am­ple arc whi­ch con­nec­ts the aft coc­k­pit area to the su­per­struc­tu­re. Unin­ter­rup­ted gla­zed pa­nel­ling in cut glass add cha­rac­ter to the pro­fi­le and si­lhouet­te whi­le de­li­ve­ring ou­tstan­ding pa­no­ra­mic views from inside the bright in­te­riors fil­led wi­th na­tu­ral light.the cut glass pa­nel­ling adop­ts si­nuous sha­pes whi­ch ac­crue the stream­li­ne ef­fect. The ISA 50 Clas­sic li­ke eve­ry other mo­del can be to­tal­ly per­so­na­li­zed inside. The cur­rent mo­del sports the ori­gi­nal op­tion whi­ch fo­re­sees a har­mo­nious play of al­ter­na­ting dark and light hues whi­ch of­fer bright in­te­riors and a con­tem­po­ra­ry wel­co­ming at­mo­sphe­re. Wal­nut es­sen­ces and li­me wood egg­shell fi­ni­shes blend well wi­th po­li­shed de­tails, Ita­lian fa­bric and hand stit­ched skins. The GT li­ne of­fers 43, 50, 57, 67 me­tre ya­ch­ts. The ISA GT 67 flag­ship whi­ch will be laun­ched in 2019 it de­ri­ves from the GT 66 “Ok­to” win­ner at the 2014 edi­tion of the World Yacht Tro­phies. “We’ve al­so suc­ces­sful­ly ma­na­ged to up­gra­de ISA Ya­ch­ts sty­ling whi­ch sports an even stron­ger ap­peal” adds En­ri­co Gob­bi. This stands out mo­re in the lar­ge arc whi­ch con­nec­ts the coc­k­pit area in the stern wi­th the su­per­struc­tu­re whi­le re­cal­ling the look of a sports car. The pro­ject de­si­gn work of the ISA GT 67 of­fers well pro­por­tio­ned clean cut, taught li­nes and a stream­li­ned si­lhouet­te. The vo­lu­me of the su­per­struc­tu­re has been mo­ved aft pur­po­se­ly so as to re­sem­ble the long bon­net of clas­sic sports cars”. ISA GT 67 will com­pri­se a lar­ge deep ‘in­fi­ni­ty’ pool, as well as a he­li­pad, a glass co­ve­red area up on the sun­deck and an ex­ter­nal LED lighting sy­stem li­ke the one on the Clas­sic 50 whi­ch un­der­sco­res the sha­pe of the top­si­des.the in­te­rior de­cor whi­ch can be per­so­na­li­zed at will of­fers ac­com­mo­da­tion in four lar­ge ca­bins plus a VIP for a to­tal of ten.the sty­ling of the con­cept is mar­ked­ly con­tem­po­ra­ry wi­th bold ele­men­ts in po­li­shed wen­gé wood es­sen­ces whi­ch stand out when com­pa­red to other sof­ter ivo­ry co­lou­red ma­ple wood fi­ni­shes. For fur­ther un­for­ma­tion: ISA Ya­ch­ts; Via Mat­tei 14, 60125 Ancona; www.isa­ya­ch­ - in­fo@isa­ya­ch­

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