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Ro­man de­si­gn ar­chi­tec­ts’ stu­dio Ex­clu­si­va, whi­ch boasts Gaz­prom. Fer­ra­ri Chi­na, en­tre­pre­neurs among its clien­ts as well as heads of sta­te, now steps in­to the su­pe­rya­cht world in part­ner­ship wi­th Tankoa, a well kno­wn ni­che yard whi­ch will be hand­ling Bo­li­de Pro­ject, de­ve­lo­ped by Fa­bio Mazzeo Ex­clu­si­va’s De­si­gn Di­rec­tor, wi­th Vi­to Tad­dei the firm’d foun­der. Bo­li­de Pro­ject is a 72 me­tre, eve­ry cen­ti­me­tre of whi­ch is in­no­va­ti­ve to the ex­tent that the in­ter­na­tio­nal ya­ch­ting sce­ne has not been in­for­med as yet nor ha­ve ren­de­rings been ma­de avai­la­ble whi­ch bo­th par­ties will be pre­sen­ting join­tly at the next MYS Mo­na­co Yacht Show. Mazzeo com­men­ts as fol­lo­ws, “in the cour­se of this pa­st year we’ve been vi­si­ting a good num­ber of shipyards whi­le we we­re de­di­ca­ting se­ve­ral mon­ths to crea­te what is for us now an ideal pro­ject for a yacht. We wan­ted to main­tain Ita­lian cul­tu­re and tra­di­tion right from the start. The ap­proa­ch, fle­xi­bi­li­ty and com­pe­ten­ce we ca­me across at Tankoa are to us de­fi­ni­te­ly uni­que.. Tankoa has not been cha­sing vo­lu­me for de­ca­des, but has been fo­cu­sing pri­ma­ri­ly in de­li­ve­ring pri­me qua­li­ty, re­sul­ting from sin­ce­re pas­sion whi­ch gui­des eve­ryo­ne wor­king at the yard. We’ve seen it and see Tankoa as the per­fect part­ner for our Bo­li­de Pro­ject. I’d al­so li­ke to hi­ghlight that our technical con­sul­tan­ts sub­mit­ted to us the re­sul­ts of per­for­man­ce ana­ly­ses on Tankoa’s 72 me­tre hull whi­ch has pro­ved to be the ideal plat­form on whi­ch to work. This fact fur­ther in­fluen­ced our choi­ce”. Eu­ro Con­ten­ti Tankoa Ya­ch­ts CEO open­ly de­cla­red: “I ha­ve been buil­ding ya­ch­ts for 40 years and when I was at the helm in Ba­gliet­to, we laun­ched se­ve­ral ex­cel­lent ya­ch­ts li­ke Blue Ice, for exam­ple this yacht’s li­nes still turn mo­re than a few heads to­day. In the cour­se of our ve­ry fir­st mee­ting wi­th team Ex­clu­si­va we asked our­sel­ves what kind of pro­ject we­re they going to show us, con­si­de­ring we well know that dra­wing up plans for a buil­ding or a lu­xu­ry re­si­den­ce are ve­ry dif­fe­rent to dra­wing up a pro­ject de­si­gn for a su­pe­rya­cht. Sur­pri­sin­gly Ex­clu­si­va did not show up wi­th a de­fi­ned pro­ject but wi­th a long li­st of things whi­ch they thought to­mor­row’s yacht had to com­pri­se and we­re not pre­sent or avai­la­ble on the mar­ket at the ti­me. From the­reon and af­ter nu­me­rous mee­tings wi­th our technical bran­ch, they ca­me up wi­th the pro­ject. They kept their word by pre­sen­ting de­si­gns for a yacht whi­ch to­day has no equal on the cur­rent mar­ket but sports an in­cre­di­ble lay­out whi­ch is in li­ne wi­th all our technical re­qui­re­men­ts. We ha­ve no se­cond thoughts in de­cla­ring we are ve­ry proud to ha­ve been se­lec­ted as part­ners to su­ch a well re­spec­ted firm as Ex­clu­si­va”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: www.tankoa.com - www.ex­clu­si­va­de­si­gn.com

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