52 Steel Se­ven Sins

Superyacht - - Work In Progress -

wa­ter’s ed­ge on­to whi­ch a teak plat­form is se­cu­red re­vea­ling the trans­pa­rent bot­tom of the pool in the deck abo­ve! On a bright sun­ny day the full beam bea­ch club area and gym are fil­led wi­th na­tu­ral light whi­le guests can in­dul­ge in ba­thing as the sun’s rays pier­ce the wa­ter in the pool abo­ve them. All this has be­co­me an in­cre­di­ble chan­ge, from ten­der ga­ra­ge to lounge and ba­thing plat­form by the wa­ter, thanks to the Su­pe­rya­cht Technical De­part­ment’s crea­ti­vi­ty ca­pa­ci­ty and pro­ject de­si­gn work. Sanlorenzo clien­ts’ de­man­ding na­tu­re is well re­flec­ted right from the de­si­gn of 52Steel, whi­ch is re­co­gni­za­ble se­ve­ral ti­mes over by gla­zed cut glass pa­nel­ling, the hi­gh pri­va­cy le­vel gua­ran­teed when in port by the se­clu­ded coc­k­pit area whi­ch is out of sight from land as it is ‘shut off ’ from view by the pool in the stern. The in­te­rior de­cor of Se­ven Sins, clear­ly re­flec­ts the ow­ner’s wi­shes and per­so­na­li­ty as in eve­ry other Sanlorenzo whe­re the­re’s great re­spect for clien­ts re­quests. In the ca­se in point sli­ding cut glass pa­nels open and clo­se bo­th sa­loon/lounge areas si­tua­ted on the main an up­per decks un­der­sco­ring na­tu­ral­ly, con­tem­po­ra­ry de­si­gn and great com­fort whi­le en­han­cing a wel­co­ming at­mo­sphe­re inside. Low fur­ni­tu­re in open spa­ce areas of the main sa­loon sub­di­vi­de the va­st area in smal­ler con­vi­vial even in­ti­ma­te ones in a sub­tle way. The di­ning area is si­tua­ted wi­thin the sa­loon along the up­per deck whi­ch the­re­fo­re of­fers a bet­ter view of the sur­roun­dings. From the sen­sa­tio­nal lob­by/lounge along the main deck whe­re a glass ca­se set in­to a Car­ra­ra mar­ble stair­ca­se re­veals a work of art cho­sen by the ow­ner, guests can ac­cess their quar­ters along the lo­wer deck ma­de up of two sump­tuous VIP ca­bins and two dou­bles ones wi­th ba­th­room, whi­le ano­ther is si­tua­ted on the up­per deck. Thanks to the technical de­part­ment’s de­tai­led ve­ry ef­fi­cient sound proo­fing work eve­ry ca­bin is ab­so­lu­te­ly noi­se free. The ow­ner’s sui­te is ma­de up of a pri­va­te stu­dy, a va­st full beam ca­bin, and ba­th-

room li­ned wi­th mar­ble from the sa­me si­te whi­ch sup­plied Mi­chae­lan­ge­lo for his sculp­tu­res. Se­ven Sins’ guests are well loo­ked af­ter by a crew of ten. The yacht’s lay­out has been spe­cial­ly de­vi­sed so that crew mem­bers can go about their du­ties in­de­pen­den­tly wi­th lit­tle con­tact wi­th vi­si­ting guests. Thanks to Sanlorenzo’s tai­lor ma­de po­li­cies, smal­ler ya­ch­ts too are de­vi­sed the sa­me way, whe­re in­te­rior lay­ou­ts are per­fec­tly fle­xi­ble to sa­ti­sfy eve­ry ow­ner’s needs even the mo­st de­man­ding. Eve­ry crew area, in­clu­ding gal­ley, ca­bins, mess room, helm con­trols sta­tion, technical areas fea­tu­re plen­ty of room whi­ch is so­me­thing Sanlorenzo has learnt to do well in near­ly 60 years. In­te­re­stin­gly the group’s technical de­part­ment has ma­na­ged to con­tain the flag ship’s gross ton­na­ge be­low the 500 GT mark, whi­ch sim­pli­fies bu­reau­cra­cy, the ow­ner’s and cap­tain’s li­ves. A pair of MTU 12V4000 M63 - 1.500 kw en­gi­nes (2,012 hp) gua­ran­tee a top speed of 17.5 kno­ts, a crui­sing one of 15, wi­th a ran­ge of 4,000 nau­ti­cal mi­les at econ speed of 12 kno­ts thanks to a fuel ca­pa­ci­ty of 55,000 li­tres. Se­ven Sins – Sanlorenzo’s flag­ship, but till to­day on­ly, as we’re ex­pec­ting the sump­tuous 64 me­tre. Mea­n­whi­le Se­ven Sins will re-de­fi­ne new stan­dards in me­tal built su­pe­rya­ch­ts and will be of­fi­cial­ly pre­sen­ted at the co­ming MYS this year. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Sanlorenzo Di­vi­sio­ne Su­pe­rya­cht - Can­tie­ri Na­va­li di La Spe­zia; Via­le San Bar­to­lo­meo 362, 19126 La Spe­zia; tel. +39 0584 38071; www.san­lo­ren­zoya­ - su­pe­rya­cht@san­lo­ren­zoya­

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