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36me­tre Harmony laun­ched ear­lier this year be­longs to the New Se­ries of Maiora ya­ch­ts whi­ch com­pri­ses mo­dels 26 RPH, 29 me­tre Wi­de­bo­dy and 36, 42, and 46 me­tre mo­dels avai­la­ble wi­th a three deck con­fi­gu­ra­tion “Roya­le” or in RPH mo­de. Harmony is part of the RPH fa­mi­ly as su­ch and is built li­ke the other new ya­ch­ts de­ri­ving from mi­xed sy­ner­gies in­vol­ving Cen­tro Sti­le the yard’s in hou­se de­si­gn team and Quar­to­sti­le de­si­gn stu­dio from Tu­rin whi­ch de­ri­ving from the au­to­mo­ti­ve field has wan­ted to de­li­ver a su­per­struc­tu­re whi­ch is mo­re com­pact and air pier­cing wi­thout pe­na­li­zing in­te­rior vo­lu­mes. The yacht con­se­quen­tly looks ve­ry dif­fe­rent in terms of de­si­gn and lay­out too whi­le it main­tains tho­se uni­que har­mo­nic pro­por­tions and ele­gan­ce whi­ch ma­ke it ty­pi­cal­ly Maiora. The in­te­riors are ef­fec­ti­ve­ly ma­de to mea­su­re as re­que­sted by the ow­ner whi­ch is proof of the yard’s ma­de to mea­su­re ‘pen­chant’. As for Harmony’s in­te­riors, choi­ce fell on a soft wal­nut co­lour, brighte­ned by di­ver­se­ly co­lou­red spot lights ran­ging from red hues de­ployed in the in­te­riors and tur­quoi­se ou­tsi­de. Pre­cious ma­te­rials and fi­ne fa­brics mat­ch con­vin­cin­gly, ran­ging from gra­ni­te ele­men­ts to cut-glass, from skins to mo­saics ma­de wi­th po­ly­chro­me glass.the gue­st ca­bins in­stead sport a so-

ward in the bow sec­tion a lar­ge ter­ra­ced sur­fa­ce area al­lo­ws you to en­joy pa­no­ra­mic views from a pri­vi­le­ged po­si­tion al­so whi­le crui­sing. This area of­fers great pri­va­cy when ber­thed stern to. The fly­brid­ge can be sha­ded by an air pier­cing hard­top, is all of se­ven metres across wi­th a di­ning area ser­ved by a wet bar, pads and cu­shions for tan fans, whi­le aft, beyond the hard­top co­ver the­re’s a lounge area wi­th mo­re sun-pads, cu­shions and a hy­dro-mas­sa­ge tub. A pair of MTU 2,600 HP en­gi­nes pro­pel this yacht to a top speed of 27 kno­ts, whi­ch be­co­me 23 when crui­sing nor­mal­ly, but at 12 kno­ts the yacht’s ran­ge ex­tends to 1,100 nm. Sea­kee­per gy­ro sta­bi­li­sers in­stal­led con­tri­bu­te in ma­king ea­ch crui­se hi­ghly com­for­ta­ble. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Maiora;via Ma­ri­na di Le­van­te 12, 55049 Via­reg­gio (LU); tel. +39 0584 38191, fax +39 0584 3819333; - in­

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