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sa­me ma­te­rial in ad­di­tion to buil­ding eve­ry CRN yacht’s su­per­struc­tu­re wi­th the sa­me al­loy. It’s thanks to this know how that we built the Per­shing 140. This way CRN can al­so set up fur­ther in­te­re­sting so­lu­tions, for exam­ple weight sa­ving fur­ni­tu­re and other gear whi­ch is nor­mal­ly fit­ted on board. Di­ver­se ma­te­rials and the ne­ces­sa­ry know how go hand in hand in bet­te­ring pro­duc­ts of all brands. Is the 50 MT Ri­va built in Ancona? It was a new en­try at the CRN yard at the end of Fe­brua­ry. In the gi­ven ca­se as well the ex­chan­ge of know how and mul­ti­ple com­pe­ten­cies played an im­por­tant ro­le in up­gra­ding qua­li­ty. We wi­th CRN want to be­co­me Ita­ly’s top yard in terms of qua­li­ty. In the pa­st CRN al­ways avai­led itself of se­ve­ral na­val ar­chi­tec­ts and de­si­gn stu­dios li­ke Zuc­con, Pasz­ko­w­ski, Nu­vo­la­ri & Le­nard. The idea to car­ry on pro­po­sing “CRN” de­si­gned ya­ch­ts wi­th the brand’s own sty­ling or bet­ter de­li­ve­ring all pro­ject de­si­gn work in hou­se for a gi­ven client, is not im­por­tant, to know who de­si­gned it and what sty­le it can sport as for exam­ple a Phi­lip­pe Stark in­te­rior de­si­gn could be pe­rhaps? Up to 2008 it was CRN’S po­li­cy to work on leng­the­ning or wi­de­ning exi­sting plat­forms as well as wor­king on gi­ven spe­ci­fic pro­jec­ts. To­day we’re cur­ren­tly de­mon­stra­ting we ha­ve the ca­pa­ci­ty to de­li­ver ya­ch­ts whi­ch dif­fer grea­tly from one ano­ther, ya­ch­ts li­ke Az­te­ca, or Ja­de, or li­ke Sa­ra­mour, or Cho­pi-cho­pi and al­so Yal­la fol­lo­wed by Atlan­te, the­se are all ya­ch­ts whi­ch on­ly share the sa­me brand and qua­li­ty.we’re laun­ching Cloud Ni­ne whi­ch boasts strong per­so­na­li­ty. We li­ke the idea of a client wi­th his dream boat

in mind who turns to us to ma­ke it co­me true. We agree on the ar­chi­tect, point out eve­ry pos­si­ble prac­ti­cal sug­ge­stion thanks to our ex­pe­rien­ce, but the dream be­longs to the client. We wi­sh to aim at a gi­ven iden­ti­ty na­tu­ral­ly enou­gh this is ba­sed on qua­li­ty, not on sha­pe or a fa­mi­ly feel. So if I un­der­stand you cor­rec­tly you pos­sess a li­st or ca­ta­lo­gue of “sug­ge­stions”? Yes we do, we need a ba­se on whi­ch to build. For exam­ple we ha­ve de­ve­lo­ped wi­th Ome­ga a li­ne cal­led Ocean Sport, wi­th Pasz­ko­w­ski a li­ne ba­sed on Sa­ra­mour, wi­th Zuc­con ano­ther and again wi­th Nu­vo­la­ri & Le­nard and wi­th Win­ch De­si­gn whi­ch wor­ked ve­ry well for us for the in­te­riors of Cloud Ni­ne.we talk to all the tren­dy de­si­gners, but we prio­ri­ti­se tho­se four or fi­ve wi­th whom we ha­ve al­rea­dy wor­ked po­si­ti­ve­ly. And what about the mar­ket? Is it eve­ry­whe­re or no­whe­re? The over 50 me­tre seg­ment is a ra­re one, The­re are not less clien­ts, on the con­tra­ry may­be mo­re, but they are spread over mu­ch ground and are mo­re dif­fi­cult to lo­ca­te. For exam­ple Rus­sians are fair­ly ac­ti­ve, less than be­fo­re and mo­stly ou­tsi­de of Rus­sia. Old Eu­ro­pe is the­re as well: Ger­mans, and Bri­ti­sh buyers are al­ways pre­sent across the seg­ment board and so are Nor­th Eu­ro­peans and Midd­le Ea­st ow­ners. Loo­king at “Exo­tic” mar­ke­ts for exam­ple, is it a pro­blem for po­ten­tial buyers to pur­cha­se in Ita­ly from a fi­nan­cial, and le­gal view point? The­re’s mo­re tru­st­wor­thi­ness to­day. We’ve had on­ly one client who spe­ci­fi­cal­ly asked to work th­rou­gh a dif­fe­rent bank than the one we in­tro­du­ced him to. Per­so­nal­ly I feel a good ma­ny fo­rei­gn buyers tru­st the Ita­lian ban­king sy­stem. Ma­de in Ita­ly pro­duc­ts, lu­xu­ry col­lec­ti­bles, and qua­li­ty we gua­ran­tee ma­kes them for­get other less at­trac­ti­ve aspec­ts in the sy­stem. Fi­nal­ly I can say our clien­ts re­co­gni­ze and ap­pre­cia­te the ca­pa­ci­ty we ha­ve in get­ting to the bot­tom of things and de­li­ve­ring on ti­me. We, ju­st as CRN ex­ploit

Bri­ti­sh law whi­ch we feel co­vers us bet­ter and mo­re whi­le al­so pro­tec­ting clien­ts. The Bri­ts are dear, but si­gni­fi­can­tly fa­ster and mo­re pre­pa­red on the­se ty­pes of lar­ge lu­xu­ry builds. What are you cur­ren­tly buil­ding? As I men­tio­ned ear­lier we’re loo­king at col­lec­ting year­ly or­ders of about 3,000 GRT no mo­re, and not to ac­cept single or­ders abo­ve 3,000 GRT, and to start wi­th an en­try le­vel of 400 GRT, be­cau­se of­ten enou­gh our clien­ts start wi­th smal­ler di­men­sions whi­ch grow in the cour­se of ne­go­tia­tions. Su­ch was the ca­se for Atlan­te whi­ch kic­ked off wi­th an im­pres­si­ve 499 GRT whi­ch tur­ned in­to 1,000 GRT! Al­so the 50 me­tre Su­per Co­ne­ro grew to about 60 “on the way” a num­ber of ti­mes. We’re cur­ren­tly buil­ding a 50 me­tre Su­per Co­ne­ro whi­ch will be rea­dy by the be­gin­ning of 2018 and will be pre­sen­ted at the Mo­na­co Yacht Show the sa­me year. We’ve ju­st com­ple­ted Cloud Ni­ne a lo­ve­ly 74 me­tre whi­ch we’ll be pre­sen­ting at this year’s MYS. We’re al­so buil­ding a 79 me­tre whi­ch is due for de­li­ve­ry in 2019 and a ve­ry ori­gi­nal 62 me­tre Nu­vo­la­ri & Le­nard yacht. All in all we ha­ve the­re­fo­re got four uni­ts in construction and are ho­ping to start shor­tly on ano­ther 62 me­tre for whi­ch we’ve al­rea­dy si­gned a pre­li­mi­na­ry agree­ment. But the 3,000 GRT year­ly li­mit in­vol­ves on­ly the CRN brand? As for bo­th Ri­va and Per­shing we ha­ve not co­me up wi­th any li­mi­ta­tion, but an across the board mix. This means we could build an ex­tra CRN, and then a Ri­va eve­ry two years. We don’t want to over pro­du­ce se­mi custom ya­ch­ts. The­re are de­di­ca­ted slo­ts for Ri­va and Per­shing ya­ch­ts and we’ re rea­dy, and fle­xi­ble. We can ad­ju­st pro­duc­tion to set pe­riods, wi­thout en­croa­ching on other spa­ces. If we col­lect three or­ders for 50 me­tre Su­per Co­ne­ro ya­ch­ts, then Ri­va and Per­shing are post­po­ned. Real­ly we’re li­ke a work­shop and do not want to step out of this di­men­sion. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Fer­ret­ti Group;via An­sal­do 7, 47122 For­lì (FC); tel.+39 0543 787511, fax+39 0543 473069; www.fer­ret­ti­group.com

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