Sunseeker 95 Yacht

Wi­th the new 95 Yacht, Sunseeker pre­sen­ts new di­men­sio­ning, ae­sthe­tic fea­tu­res and li­vea­bi­li­ty in its lar­ger mo­dels.

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The new Sunseeker 95 is a mi­ni su­pe­rya­cht if a yacht ex­cee­ding 28 metres can be ter­med as su­ch. This pre­ci­se mo­del from the re­no­w­ned Bri­ti­sh brand looks si­mi­lar to the sty­ling of its lar­ger si­ster ships of the sa­me Yacht ran­ge but set up in­to a mo­re prac­ti­cal ea­sier to run su­pe­rya­cht whi­le spor­ting in­no­va­ti­ve sty­ling and re­newed lay­ou­ts. The en­ti­re Yacht ran­ge will be adop­ting the sa­me re­newals.the mo­st in­no­va­ti­ve fea­tu­re is how the ow­ner’s lod­gings ha­ve been or­ga­ni­zed: on three se­pa­ra­te le­vels whe­re the ma­ster ca­bin wi­th king si­ze bed is si­tua­ted in the bow sec­tion of the main deck, a stair­way de­scends to the lo­wer deck whi­ch sports the ow­ner’s dres­sing room and from the­re do­wn to a lo­wer le­vel to a hu­ge ba­th­room boa­sting the sa­me spa­ce nor­mal­ly found on lar­ger ya­ch­ts. The­re’s a com­for­ta­ble full beam VIP sui­te com­pri­sing a dres­sing room area, a dou­ble and a twin wi­th se­pa­ra­te beds for vi­si­ting guests all wi­th pri­va­te ba­th­room.the crew’s quar­ters are si­tua­ted in the stern end and com­pri­se two ca­bins wi­th bunk beds and a ba­th­room wi­th a sho­wer unit. The in­te­rior de­cor is bright wi­th loads of na­tu­ral light, spor­ting fi­ne fa­bric and ex­clu­si­ve ma­te­rials ac­cor­ding to ow­ners’ wi­shes. A lar­ge sa­loon/li­ving area leads to a di­ning zo­ne whi­ch can seat eight com­for­ta­bly and from whi­ch the­re’s a pa­no­ra­mic view of the sur­roun­dings thanks al­so to

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