TECH­NI­CAL DA­TA LOA: 28.06 m – Beam: 6.55 – Draught ful­ly la­den: 2.13 m – Di­spla­ce­ment ful­ly la­den: 84.7 tons – Fuel tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 12,000 li­tres – Wa­ter tank ca­pa­ci­ty: 1,750 li­tres – Black wa­ter ca­pa­ci­ty: 435 li­tres – Grey wa­ter ca­pa­ci­ty: 1,000 li­tres – E

Superyacht - - Shi­pyards -

a bal­co­ny ope­ning out from the top­si­des. All of this is com­pa­ra­ble to what you ha­ve on lar­ger ya­ch­ts thanks to the fact the helm con­trols sta­tion has been shif­ted to the bow sec­tion of the up­per deck. The fly­ing brid­ge is equip­ped wi­th a fur­ther helm con­trols sta­tion. It is fur­ni­shed wi­th a loun­ge, bar cor­ner, sun­ba­thing spot for tan fans and on re­que­st, a hy­dro mas­sa­ge tub. Li­ke eve­ry la­te­st Sun­see­ker mo­del the 95 Ya­cht al­so sports a won­der­ful “V” sha­ped pla­ning hull ca­pa­ble of de­li­ve­ring up to 28 kno­ts ac­cor­ding to the po­wer hou­se cho­sen. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Sun­see­ker Lon­don; 36 Da­vies Street, May­fair, Lon­don, W1K 4NF; tel. +44 2073550980, fax +44 20 73550985; www.sun­see­ker­lon­ - in­fo@sun­see­ker­lon­

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