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Nuc­cio Ma­glioc­chet­ti ow­ner of San­re­mo­ma­re, and com­mu­ni­ca­tions ma­na­ger Pao­lo Bo­net­to and elec­tro­nics de­part­ment ma­na­ger wel­co­me me in a ty­pi­cal­ly warm Sum­mer’s day in San­re­mo a Li­gu­rian sea port to­wn. I can tell at a glan­ce of the firm’s long­stan­ding pro­fes­sio­na­li­sm and ex­pe­rien­ce in the re­crea­tio­nal ya­ch­ting sec­tor.

Mr. Ma­glioc­chet­ti tell us about your con­cern and brie­fly about your­self. San­re­mo­ma­re was set up at the end of the se­ven­ties fol­lo­wing my fa­mi­ly’s pas­sion whi­ch for de­ca­des and for se­ve­ral ge­ne­ra­tions had been de­di­ca­ted to sai­ling, in­ten­ded as a sport and eve­ry­thing el­se that this en­tails. In that sa­me pe­riod I was bu­sy de­si­gning se­ve­ral sai­ling boa­ts whi­ch thanks to in­no­va­ti­ve con­cep­ts we­re ob­tai­ning good re­sul­ts. In fact in 1984 we ca­me third in the “MI­NI TON” world cham­pion­ship and fol­lo­wing that we ca­me fir­st at the Ita­lian cham­pion­ship wi­th the sa­me pro­ject de­si­gn. I ju­st want to un­der­sco­re that in ad­di­tion to the fir­st J24 class sai­ling ya­cht whi­ch San­re­mo­ma­re spon­so­red, in the cour­se of the sa­me pe­riod went on to win the then fa­mous Golf Ya­ch­ting event held in San­re­mo. One of our fir­st clien­ts was the fa­med Mo­ro di Ve­ne­zia, ju­st when Raul Gar­di­ni en­tre­pre­neur sold, We re­fit­ted the ya­cht wi­th spe­cial at­ten­tion to the deck gear.that sa­me year the “Mo­ro” thanks to the up­gra­ding of the crew wi­th so­me of our own crew mem­bers went on to win the off­sho­re Gi­ra­glia ra­cing event. The­se men­tio­ned are the fir­st pha­ses of San­re­mo­ma­re of whi­ch we are proud and whi­ch ha­ve led to the ex­po­nen­tial gro­w­th of our com­pa­ny whi­ch has be­co­me one of Ita­ly’s lea­ding ship chand­lers and rig­gers. Our com­pa­ny is well kno­wn along the Li­gu­rian coa­stli­ne and the Fren­ch Ri­vie­ra mo­stly thanks to the ca­pa­ci­ty our ship chand­ler shop pos­ses­ses and thanks to the fact it is si­tua­ted in­si­de San­re­mo’s Por­to So­le Ma­ri­na. Our clien­ts ha­ve eve­ry op­por­tu­ni­ty to view the va­st ran­ge of tech­ni­cal gear we ha­ve in stock and to bro­w­se th­rou­gh our ca­ta­lo­gue. The com­pa­ny will be ce­le­bra­ting its 38th an­ni­ver­sa­ry this year, we ha­ve de­di­ca­ted spe­cial at­ten­tion to tech­ni­cal equi­p­ment and top qua­li­ty sa­fe­ty gear and other obli­ga­to­ry ele­men­ts sin­ce the be­gin­ning and ha­ve of­ten been sup­ply­ing pre­sti­gious and fa­mous sai­ling ra­cer/crui­sers. Again, San­re­mo­ma­re is not on­ly that: It is ma­de up of a hi­ghly qua­li­fied pro­fes­sio­nal team whi­ch deals wi­th a se­ries of dif­fe­rent ex­pan­ding ac­ti­vi­ties: bro­ke­ra­ge,

elec­tro­nics, ma­ri­ne ser­vi­ces, cu­stom ma­de to mea­su­re pro­duc­ts (ca­bles, li­nes, ha­lyards warps and mu­ch mo­re for di­scer­ning ya­ch­tsmen). Pao­lo Bo­net­to adds: San­re­mo­ma­re has ex­ten­ded its ran­ge of ser­vi­ces for ya­ch­ts in li­ne wi­th re­crea­tio­nal boa­ting whi­ch has in­crea­sed over the years. This means that in ad­di­tion to the con­so­li­da­ted ship chand­le­ry and tra­de sa­les the­re is al­so a bro­ke­ra­ge sec­tion de­di­ca­ted to buy­ing and sel­ling pre ow­ned sai­ling and mo­tor ya­ch­ts whi­ch be­gan in the ni­ne­ties wi­th ve­ry good re­sul­ts right from the be­gin­ning. Af­ter a few ‘quiet’ years the mar­ket is pic­king up again wi­th ad­ded vi­gour. As for sai­ling ya­ch­ts we are loo­king at the 50/60 foot fa­st crui­ser ran­ge of­ten built in com­po­si­tes (car­bon/ Ke­vlar) from Vi­sma­ra and Fel­ci, whe­reas the mo­tor ya­cht sec­tor we are dea­ling in is ma­de up of lar­ger uni­ts from 20 me­tres up. Whi­ch brands do you nor­mal­ly deal wi­th mo­st? We can say that over the years we ha­ve bought and sold a lit­tle bit of eve­ry­thing but we ha­ve no­ti­ced grea­ter re­pe­ti­tion of Be­tram ya­ch­ts, San Lo­ren­zo, Amer, Cer­ri, Leo­pard and Man­gu­sta. Loo­king at your web­si­te I ca­me across pro­duc­ts wi­th your brand na­me am I right? Well af­ter ha­ving im­por­ted and di­stri­bu­ted th­rou­ghout the Coun­try brands li­ke Shu­rhold, Clin Azur, Epi­fa­nes, Fen­der­fi­ts, Echo­max as well as other pri­ma­ry brands, we de­ci­ded as ma­ny as ten years ago to start up our own pro­duc­tion li­ne of pro­duc­ts wi­th whi­ch to main­tain and treat boa­ts. They are all top qua­li­ty pro­duc­ts ma­nu­fac­tu­red ac­cor­ding to our own specs. we ha­ve la­bel­led them San­re­mo­ma­re.this li­ne of ours wan­ts to ad­ver­ti­se the firm’s brand na­me. Es­sen­tial­ly we are tal­king about clean­sing pro­duc­ts sui­ta­ble on a va­rie­ty of sur­fa­ces whi­ch are al­mo­st for dai­ly use. The­se com­pri­se spe­cial de­ter­gen­ts , spe­ci­fic ones for teak even so­me creams and spe­cial oils to po­li­sh up stain­less gear. We are proud to say we are al­ways tal­king about bio-de­gra­da­ble pro­duc­ts whi­ch are of­ten ma­de up wi­th na­tu­ral in­gre­dien­ts; one clas­sic exam­ple of ours is whi­te vi­ne­gar whi­ch is ve­ry po­pu­lar in all of the Tyr­rhe­nian Sea it re­mo­ves salt and is good for trans­pa­rent sur­fa­ces su­ch as glass and mo­re whi­le re­spec­ting the en­vi­ron­ment whi­ch is dear to us ina­smu­ch as it is ve­ry mu­ch in li­ne wi­th our po­li­cy on re­sear­ch for al­ter­na­ti­ve ef­fi­cient so­lu­tions. The­se pro­duc­ts are for who­le­sa­le and re­tail we do bo­th. They are of­ten enou­gh mo­re in­no­va­ti­ve and mo­re ef­fi­cient than what the com­pe­ti­tion of­fers be­cau­se they go as they are, di­rec­tly on the pro­duct and re­qui­re no di­lu­tion, it seems they are de­ployed in con­cen­tra­ted for­mu­lae the­re­by kil­ling eve­ry ri­sk of da­ma­ging con­ta­mi­na­tion: Fur­ther­mo­re they are hi­gh qua­li­ty long la­sting pro­duc­ts. To of­fer clien­ts an even wi­der ran­ge San­re­mo­ma­re sells other brands and other pro­duc­ts as well th­rou­gh our ship chand­le­ry, e-com­mer­ce and to the tra­de. Ex­pe­rien­ce th­rou­gh ti­me and our clien­ts’ feed­back con­vin­ced us to de­ve­lop our own li­ne of clean­sing pro­duc­ts to bet­ter sa­ti­sfy our clien­ts’ spe­ci­fic re­quests.the re­sult has been ve­ry po­si­ti­ve. In a nu­tshell our pro­duc­ts gi­ven their di­ver­se cha­rac­te­ri­stics are de­ployed in a dif­fe­rent way com­pa­red to tho­se of our com­pe­ti­tors and gua­ran­tee ex­cel­lent re­sul­ts, at the right pri­ce and are ea­sy to use. But if I’m not mi­sta­ken your of­fer does not stop he­re... In fact we now ha­ve al­rea­dy ob­tai­ned great re­sul­ts and re­co­gni­tion for on board elec­tro­nic sa­les and as­si­stan­ce/ in­stal­la­tion ser­vi­ces: San­re­mo­ma­re sup­plies lea­ding brands’ equi­p­ment su­ch as Flir, Ray­ma­ri­ne, Gar­min, Echo­max, KVH, Icom, Fu­ru­no and Sea­tel for whom we al­so de­li­ver as­si­stan­ce sou­th and nor­th of the Li­gu­rian Sea up to and in­clu­ding the Fren­ch Ri­vie­ra th­rou­gh a net­work of spe­cia­li­sed elec­tro­nics tech­ni­cians who in­stall the equi­p­ment on board, and car­ry out pe­rio­dic main­te­nan­ce. Fran­ce­sco Fi­lip­pi car­ries out pro­ject work and in­stalls elec­tro­nic equi­p­ment and re­pre­sen­ts us in ship yards, he is our man “in the field”. He deals wi­th the yards’ tech­ni­cal de­part­men­ts and ma­kes our wor­king re­la­tions mo­re ef­fi­cient wi­th so­me of our clien­ts li­ke Amer abo­ve all and is va­lua­bly con­tri­bu­ting to our com­pa­ny’s suc­ces­sful work. We al­so of­fer to or­ga­ni­se the ‘re­vi­sion’ of sa­fe­ty equi­p­ment (li­fe­raf­ts) when they ex­pi­re and fi­ne tu­ning elec­tro­nic equi­p­ment su­ch Epirb, AIS, GPS as­si­stan­ce, au­to pi­lo­ts com­pass set­tings, wind re­la­ted sy­stems for sai­ling ya­ch­ts. Thanks to this new field we are wor­king we ha­ve been con­so­li­da­ting our re­la­tion­ships wi­th shi­pyards and im­por­tant groups in­vol­ved in buil­ding mo­tor ya­ch­ts. Na­me­ly Amer Ya­cht wi­th whom we are con­tri­bu­ting mo­re and bet­ter. Well how are you con­tri­bu­ting wi­th Amer? San­re­mo­ma­re has been of­fe­ring Flir Ray­ma­ri­ne pro­duc­ts, for this rea­son fol­lo­wing ca­re­ful stu­dy we ma­na­ged to in­stall an in­te­gra­ted elec­tro­nic na­vi­ga­tio­nal sy­stem whi­ch can in­ter­fa­ce wi­th all other on board sy­stems, th­rou­gh whi­ch it is pos­si­ble to mo­ni­tor, func­tions and con­trols, as well as all of the elec­tro­nics plant whi­le main­tai­ning a ma­nual bac­kup sy­stem. Hen­ce we wor­ked on Amel mo­dels mo­re spe­ci­fi­cal­ly on the 94 and on the Amer 110 and ca­me up wi­th on board elec­tron-

ic pro­ject work and plan­ts wi­th whi­ch to hand­le the do­mo­tics as well whi­ch are uni­que and ma­de for the mar­ket ni­che the­se ya­ch­ts slot in­to. In this ac­tual ti­me fra­me the work we do wi­th Amer is on­going thanks to the suc­cess ob­tai­ned in the la­te­st mo­dels: two new Amers are mo­re than on the dra­wing board wi­th loads of in­no­va­tion in the elec­tro­nics de­part­ment al­ways car­ried out by San­re­mo­ma­re. Mu­ch re­sear­ch work has been car­ried out the­re in terms of pro­ject de­si­gn, as­sem­bly and in­stal­la­tion so that Amer could sport cut­ting ed­ge tech­no­lo­gy on the la­te­st mo­dels whi­ch would rank them at the top for qua­li­ty in their mar­ket sec­tor. Whe­re can you be con­tac­ted and whe­re can your pro­duc­ts be pur­cha­sed? The­re are two web si­tes de­di­ca­ted to client ser­vi­ces:www.san­re­mo­ma­ whi­ch of­fers a ve­ry com­pre­hen­si­ve ran­ge of pro­duc­ts de­di­ca­ted to all the pro­duc­ts we of­fer at ship chand­le­ry le­vel from warps to elec­tro­nics. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly still in the e- com­mer­ce si­te you can find pro­duc­ts of whi­ch San­re­mo­ma­re is the so­le or se­mi so­le di­stri­bu­tor in Ita­ly. To gi­ve you an exam­ple the warps and li­nes pro­du­ced by the Fren­ch­meyer-san­sboeuf are ve­ry hi­gh qua­li­ty pro­duc­ts. This Fren­ch com­pa­ny wi­th whom we ha­ve been wor­king clo­se­ly, has fi­ne tu­ned a spe­cial li­ne de­di­ca­ted to clas­sic ya­ch­ts wi­th la­te­st ge­ne­ra­tion per­for­man­ce in dy­ne­ma dy­na­fil SK 78 for exam­ple, but wi­th the ap­pea­ran­ce and co­lours whi­ch go do­wn well in this ex­tre­me­ly ele­gant and con­ser­va­ti­ve con­text whi­ch clas­sic ya­ch­ts em­bo­dy to­day. Ano­ther brand ap­pea­ring in the e-com­mer­ce san­re­mo­ma­ is Clin-azur whi­ch pro­du­ces clean­sing pro­duc­ts for ya­cht ca­re, de­ter­gen­ts and oils for the sa­me as well. This is a ve­ry good brand of whi­ch we are one of few di­stri­bu­tors. Shu­rhold too is a well kno­wn brand in this field and is mu­ch sought af­ter by ship chand­ler clien­ts in Por­to so­le. www.san­re­mo­ma­ in­stead deals wi­th the bro­ke­ra­ge area we are in­vol­ved in and clear­ly of­fers a da­ta ba­se wi­th all the ya­ch­ts hand­led by San­re­mo­ma­re wi­th ex­hau­sti­ve pic­tu­res and tech­ni­cal specs. Ear­lier you men­tio­ned so­me­thing about pro­ject de­si­gn work can you tell us mo­re? To an­swer this que­stion I’d fir­st li­ke to men­tion what has re­cen­tly hap­pe­ned in the plea­su­re ya­ch­ting sec­tor, wi­th spe­cial em­pha­sis as to the ten­den­cy ma­ny shi­pyards adop­ted in the ini­tial pe­riod of the fi­nan­cial cri­sis. So as to re-mo­der­ni­se pro­duc­tion they re­vam­ped exi­sting mo­dels wi­th mo­re po­wer­ful en­gi­nes, lon­ger bea­mier hulls and mo­di­fied su­per­struc­tu­re whi­ch en­tai­led hea­vier di­spla­ce­men­ts, ine­vi­ta­bly as well as mo­re drag and pro­por­tio­nal grea­ter fuel con­sump­tion. Ta­king in­to due ac­count what hap­pe­ned and par­tly as a gam­ble, we are cur­ren­tly de­ve­lo­ping a pro­ject whi­ch has been sto­red for so­me ti­me in a dra­wer but is rea­li­sti­cal­ly be­co­ming a doa­ble thing in the im­me­dia­te fu­tu­re thanks al­so to new com­po­si­tes and dri­ve uni­ts. The end of the di­sa­strous pe­riod le­ts us re­veal what we ha­ve in mind a lit­tle. San­re­mo­ma­re is wor­king on th­ree ideas: mo­tor ya­ch­ts wi­th a lar­ge in­no­va­ti­ve com­po­nent in terms of pro­ject de­si­gn, con­struc­tion and en­gi­nes and dri­ve uni­ts. The pro­ject pha­se as su­ch is con­cen­tra­ting on stu­dy­ing a 28 me­tre mo­tor ya­cht whi­ch can be re­gi­ste­red as a 24 me­tre mo­del ( whi­ch is al­mo­st com­mon prac­ti­ce by Ita­lian norms and stan­dards). This ya­cht fea­tu­res am­ple open spa­ces in whi­ch to en­joy the con­tou­ring sce­ne­ry whi­le of­fe­ring am­ple in­door spa­ce and vo­lu­me. To keep ahead of the near fu­tu­re, vi­tal im­por­tan­ce will be gi­ven to ef­fi­cien­cy, speed and com­fort whi­ch mu­st be ve­ry low as asked for to­day for en­vi­ron­men­tal rea­sons. The­re’s al­so a 45 me­tre ya­cht whi­ch is on the dra­wing board wi­th con­si­de­ra­ble ran­ge in mind so that it can crui­se ex­ten­si­ve­ly wi­thout stop­ping. And fi­nal­ly a pla­ning/di­spla­cing mul­ti func­tion 33 me­tre ya­cht. We’re ban­king on the mo­st de­man­ding and di­scer­ning pool of clien­ts to whi­ch we’re of­fe­ring an ef­fi­cient pro­ject whi­ch re­spec­ts the en­vi­ron­ment, is user friend­ly, sports loads of com­fort, is low on fuel con­sump­tion and per­forms well. We don’t at this point in ti­me wi­sh to di­sclo­se eve­ry­thing we’ve got li­ned up but we’re con­vin­ced we’ve star­ted on a ve­ry in­no­va­ti­ve and am­bi­tious pro­ject and we pro­mi­se to keep you po­sted on fu­tu­re de­ve­lo­p­men­ts as they ari­se.

San­re­mo­ma­re Ship Chand­ler: Sup­plies tech­ni­cal sup­port: sa­fe­ty equi­p­ment, tech­ni­cal ac­ces­so­ries, ca­bles warps, spe­cial moo­ring li­nes clean­sing and main­te­nan­ce pro­duc­ts for ya­cht ca­re and mu­ch mo­re. San­re­mo­ma­re Agen­cy: Cu­sto­mer ca­re. af­ter sa­les as­si­stan­ce, bro­ke­ra­ge, ya­cht main­te­nan­ce, ber­th boo­kings, tech­ni­cal elec­tro­nics as­si­stan­ce, bun­ke­ring and mo­re.

For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion San­re­mo­ma­re Ship Chand­ler:via del Ca­stil­lo 17, Por­to­so­le, San­re­mo (IM), E-mail: in­fo@san­re­mo­ma­, Tel. +39 0184.501519 San­re­mo­ma­re Agen­cy:via del Ca­stil­lo 10, San­re­mo (IM), E-mail: in­fo@san­re­mo­ma­

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