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Sep­tem­ber is the mon­th re­no­w­ned for ho­sting the mo­st pre­sti­gious in­ter­na­tio­nal yacht sho­ws in Eu­ro­pe. As of Sep­tem­ber 27th to 30th Port Her­cu­les wi­th a fa­sci­na­ting, sun­ny Mon­te­car­lo ac­ting as a splen­did bac­k­drop will be ho­sting the Mo­na­co Yacht Show an un­pa­ral­le­led in­ter­na­tio­nal lu­xu­ry yacht ex­hi­bi­tion whe­re top players will be vy­ing for sui­ta­ble slo­ts in whi­ch to show ca­se their ware.the lion’s share goes to su­per and me­ga ya­ch­ts, and ten­ders, wa­ter toys, bro­ke­ra­ge firms, and lo­ts mo­re will al­so be ex­hi­bi­ted. Ac­cor­ding to MYS or­ga­ni­zers this next edi­tion, the twen­tie­th will be ho­sting 593 ex­hi­bi­tors, 125 su­pe­rya­ch­ts, among whi­ch the­re are about 40 whi­ch ha­ve ne­ver been seen and 40 ten­ders & toys. By la­st April 87% of the ex­hi­bi­tors from pre­vious years had al­rea­dy re­newed their boo­kings for the 2017 edi­tion. The num­bers prac­ti­cal­ly speak for them­sel­ves and con­firm the or­ga­ni­sers’ suc­cess in buil­ding up and main­tai­ning re­cord fi­gu­res thanks to the de­ve­lo­p­ment strategies adop­ted over the la­st four con­se­cu­ti­ve years whi­ch ha­ve com­pri­sed collateral even­ts li­ke the Mo­na­co Yacht Sum­mit and Le Me­ri­dien Bea­ch Pla­za Ho­tel work­shops, re­pre­sen­ting a uni­que op­por­tu­ni­ty for UHNWI to meet up wi­th so­me of the ex­hi­bi­tors. Fur­ther­mo­re the 4th Su­pe­rya­cht Award ce­re­mo­ny will be held in the cour­se of the for­mal din­ner one day be­fo­re the of­fi­cial ope­ning of the MYS. Bo­th of the even­ts whi­ch will be ta­king pla­ce on the eve of the ope­ning day are part of an ex­clu­si­ve pro­gram­me re­ser­ved to exi­sting su­pe­rya­cht clien­ts, fu­tu­re su­pe­rya­cht ow­ners, al­so on char­ter par­ties. Sap­phi­re Ex­pe­rien­ce of­fers guests as­si­stan­ce whi­ch in­clu­des ho­tel

room boo­kings.trans­fers to and from on board vi­si­ts to the ex­hi­bi­ted su­pe­rya­ch­ts. So­me reor­ga­ni­za­tion of the al­lot­ted spa­ces in­vol­ved was up­gra­ded in a mo­re ra­tio­nal way than ear­lier and now the areas are sub­di­vi­ded by the­me.the Quai An­toi­ne 1er this year too will be ho­sting the Car Deck ve­nue whe­re a col­lec­tion of ama­zing mo­tor cars will be ex­hi­bi­ted, among whi­ch the Ele­men­tal RP1 de­si­gned and en­gi­nee­red by a group of Bri­ti­sh en­gi­neers co­ming from the For­mu­la 1 cir­cuit.this car can ac­ce­le­ra­te from 0 to 100 kph in ju­st 2.7 se­conds.then ano­ther not to be mis­sed is a li­mi­ted edi­tion mo­del, the Hof­f­mann HN R-200 whi­ch is the re­sult of the mee­ting bet­ween Ko­vo­vý­ro­ba Hof­f­mann and de­si­gner Pe­tr No­va­gue, plus two ico­nic Lam­bos the Hu­ra­càn Per­for­man­te whi­ch can com­ple­te one lap at the Nür­bur­gring ra­ce track in ju­st 6 mi­nu­tes and 52 se­conds and the Aven­ta­dor S. Quai An­toi­ne 1er will be the epi­cen­tre of the ac­ti­vi­ties going on wi­thin the MYS thanks al­so to the Star­board an area de­di­ca­ted to top of the ran­ge ex­hi­bi­tors in the field of ser­vi­ce pro­vi­ders, a lounge wi­th re­stau­rant, a cof­fee shop whe­re to glimp­se th­rou­gh lea­ding in­ter­na­tio­nal ma­ga­zi­nes and la­st but not lea­st the HISWA de­di­ca­ted to Dut­ch ex­hi­bi­tors. On­ce again the Up­per Deck Lounge area will be avai­la­ble for b2b mee­tings in a de­di­ca­ted and lar­ge open spa­ce room fur­ni­shed wi­th set­tees and small so­fas on whi­ch it will al­so be pos­si­ble to re­lax as well as to work. The who­le of this area has been or­ga­ni­zed in part­ner­ship wi­th im­por­tant firms pro­du­cing lu­xu­ry col­lec­ti­bles li­ke

Ulys­se Nar­din who’s been of­fi­cial spon­sor of the Mo­na­co Yacht Show for ni­ne con­se­cu­ti­ve years and will be pre­sen­ting the nin­th edi­tion of the wri­st wat­ch se­ries de­di­ca­ted to the Mo­ne­ga­sque ci­ty, Das­sault Avia­tion wi­th its pri­va­te jet pla­nes, Glyn Pe­ter Ma­chin wi­th his in­te­rior/ex­te­rior de­co­ra­ti­ve ele­men­ts, Pre­cio­sa wi­th splen­did lamps ma­de ac­cor­ding to Bo­he­mian tra­di­tion, and Sa­bri­na Mon­te­Car­lo and Pao­la Len­ti ar­chi­tect/de­si­gner who hand­led the who­le of the Up­per Deck Lounge. Crews and cap­tains from moo­red ya­ch­ts will again be able to spend con­vi­vial mo­men­ts chil­ling out at the Cap­tains’&crew Lounge, whe­re the now usual raf­fle and pri­zes will be awar­ded to the win­ners as or­ga­ni­zed by MYS part­ners. The­re will be 125 lar­ge ya­ch­ts ex­hi­bi­ted in the wa­ter ma­de up of new ones di­rec­tly ex­hi­bi­ted by the shipyards and so­me sug­ge­sted by agen­cies ca­te­ring for char­ter par­ties. Among this no­ta­ble se­lec­tion vi­si­ting par­ties will ha­ve the op­por­tu­ni­ty to pre­view about 40 mo­dels mo­stly co­ming from Ita­lian shipyards and nor­th Eu­ro­pean ones. Mo­na­co Yacht Show; 7, rue Suf­fren-rey­mond – Le Suf­fren, MC 98000 Mo­na­co; www.mo­na­coya­ch­tshow.com

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