Superyacht - - Marinas - By Pa­tri­zia Magi

Kno­wn as ACI, Adria­tic In­ter­na­tio­nal Club, is the lea­ding Croa­tian com­pa­ny de­di­ca­ted to ya­ch­ting ser­vi­ces and boasts 22 hi­gh qua­li­ty ma­ri­nas si­tua­ted all along the Croa­tian coa­st whi­le main­tai­ning low en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact and im­pro­ved via­bi­li­ty along the coa­stli­ne. The la­te­st en­try - whi­ch was of­fi­cial­ly pre­sen­ted in the cour­se of la­st sum­mer in the Du­bro­v­nik area is the ACI ma­ri­na Sla­no whi­ch can ho­st up to 30 me­tre vi­si­ting su­pe­rya­ch­ts, whi­le ACI ma­ri­na Ro­vi­nj is fi­na­li­sing re­struc­tu­ring and new builds in Istria. The re­ma­ke will be com­ple­ted by sum­mer 2018 and wi­th fi­ve an­chors to its na­me will al­so be the mo­st im­por­tant ACI cer­ti­fied ma­ri­na wi­th spa­ce enou­gh to ho­st ya­ch­ts mea­su­ring up to 60 metres. Out of 22 ACI ma­ri­nas, 13 can ber­th ya­ch­ts mea­su­ring over 25 metres among whi­ch the al­rea­dy men­tio­ned ACI ma­ri­na Ro­vi­nj whi­ch will be spor­ting an ul­tra mo­dern cut­ting ed­ge con­fi­gu­ra­tion and sta­te of the art tech­no­lo­gy whi­le of­fe­ring ad hoc re­stau­ran­ts and ser­vi­ces de­di­ca­ted to vi­si­ting ya­ch­ts and aims to be­co­me a nau­ti­cal one-stop-shop.

. ACI ma­ri­na Umag (Še­ta­li­šte Vla­di­mi­ra Gor­ta­na 7, Tel. 00385 (0)52 741 066, GSM 00385 (0)98 398 833, Fax: 00385 (0)52 741 166; – VHF Chan­nel 17). Uma­go ci­ty and port along the nor­th we­st coa­st of Istria re­pre­sent the fir­st con­tact to ya­ch­tsmen sai­ling from cen­tral Eu­ro­pe. The ACI ma­ri­na of­fers 475 ber­ths, and hand­les ya­ch­ts up to 40 metres and has been ex­hi­bi­ting a blue flag for 14 years whi­ch gua­ran­tees the clean­li­ness of the wa­ter and of­fers ex­cel­lent ser­vi­ce.

ACI ma­ri­na Pu­la (Ri­va 1,Tel. 00385 (0)52 219 142, GSM 00385 (0)98 398 837, fax 00385 (0)52 211 850; m.pu­ – VHF Chan­nel 17). Pu­la, the lar­ge­st ci­ty in Istria is en­ri­ched wi­th hi­sto­ric mo­nu­men­ts among whi­ch a fa­med Ro­man am­phi­thea­tre kno­wn as the Are­na. The ori­gi­nal na­tu­ral harbour goes back to an­ti­qui­ty and was al­so a mi­li­ta­ry ba­se du­ring the Au­strian-hun­ga­rian mo­nar­chy. The ACI ma­ri­na is si­tua­ted the­re wi­th 194 ber­ths and room for ya­ch­ts mea­su­ring up to 40 metres.

ACI ma­ri­na Po­mer (Po­mer 26 A, Tel. 00385 (0)52 573 162, GSM 00385 (0)98 398 832, Fax 00385 (0)52 573 266; m.po­ – VHF Chan­nel 17). Was com­ple­te­ly re­built in 2016. This mo­dern ACI ma­ri­na can ber­th ya­ch­ts up to 30 metres. It is si­tua­ted in the Me­du­lin Gulf and is pro­tec­ted by Ka­me­n­jac pe­nin­su­la and by the Mar­le­ra pro­mon­to­ry. It is an ideal pla­ce from whi­ch to lea­ve from when wi­shing to vi­sit the Quar­ne­ro re­gion and Dal­ma­tia.

ACI ma­ri­na Opa­ti­ja (Li­bur­ni­j­ska ce­sta 7 A, Iči­ći, Tel. 00385 (0)51 704 004, GSM 00385(0)98 398 840, Fax 00385 (0) 51 704 024; m.opa­ti­ja@ – VHF Chan­nel 17). Is si­tua­ted in Iči­ći, well shel­te­red from nor­ther­ly winds by Mount Mag­gio­re the hi­ghe­st in the Istria re­gion ju­st a lit­tle way from what used to be the crad­le of so­me of the eli­te du­ring the Au­strian –Hun­ga­rian em­pi­re. ACI ma­ri­na Opa­ti­ja is the be­st along the nor­th Adria­tic to ca­ter for ya­ch­ts up to 40 metres.

ACI ma­ri­na Cres (Oba­la sv. Be­ne­dik­ta 3, Tel. 00385 (0)51 571 622, GSM 00385 (0)98 398 839, Fax 00385 (0)51 571 125; m.cres@aci-club. hr – VHF Chan­nel 17). Is si­tua­ted in the midd­le of the gulf by the sa­me na­me of the lar­ge­st island in the Adria­tic sea – it is one of the mo­st beau­ti­ful and un­spoilt - He­re ACI ma­ri­na sports “A Eu­ro­pean Blue flag”, to si­gnal the pu­ri­ty of the wa­ters. This ma­ri­na can ho­st up to 50 me­tre ya­ch­ts.

ACI ma­ri­na Žut (Oba­la sv. Iva­na 47 E, Je­ze­ra, Tel. 00385 (0)22 786 0278, GSM 00385 (0)98 398 844, Fax 00385 (0)22 786 0279; m.zut@ – VHF Chan­nel 17). This ACI ma­ri­na opens sea­so­nal­ly (from April 1 to Oc­to­ber 31) and can ho­st ya­ch­ts up to 40 metres. It is on the nor­thern side of Žut, a small island co­ve­red wi­th fig trees and no per­ma­nent set­tle­men­ts, a lit­tle pa­ra­di­se whi­ch is part of the Kor­na­ti ar­chi­pe­la­go.

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