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ACI ma­ri­na Pi­ške­ra (Oba­la sv. Iva­na 47 E, Je­ze­ra, Tel. 00385 (0)22 786 0278, GSM 00385 (0)98 398 844, Fax 00385 (0)22 786 0279; – VHF Chan­nel 17). Is si­tua­ted bet­ween Pi­ške­ra and Pa­ni­tu­la Ve­la isle­ts en rou­te for the won­der­ful Kor­na­ti Na­tio­nal Park. This ACI ma­ri­na is the on­ly man ma­de construction in a na­tu­ral­ly in­tact en­vi­ron­ment ma­de up by a mo­saic of islands, isle­ts and rocks. The ma­ri­na can ber­th ya­ch­ts up to 30 metres. The dai­ly ra­te is in­clu­si­ve of the tic­ket to ac­cess the park. This ma­ri­na open sea­so­nal­ly.

ACI ma­ri­na Skra­din (Oba­la ba­na Pa­vla Šu­bi­ća 18, Tel. 00385 (0)22 771 365, GSM 00385/98/398-848, Fax 00385 (0)22 771 163, m.skra­ – VHF Chan­nel17). Is no doubt one of the mo­re fa­sci­na­ting ones. In fact it is si­tua­ted in the to­wn of Skra­din, foun­ded 23 cen­tu­ries ago on the Kr­ka ri­ver estua­ry be­hind the cur­rent Kr­ka Na­tio­nal park whi­ch pro­tec­ts the mo­st beau­ti­ful sec­tion of the ri­ver along whi­ch the­re are won­der­ful wa­ter­falls li­ke tho­se in Ro­ški slap e Skra­din­ski buk. This ACI ma­ri­na is one of the si­tes whi­ch can ho­st the lon­ge­st ya­ch­ts - up to 70 metres.

ACI ma­ri­na Split (Uva­la Ba­lu­ni 8, Tel. 00385 (0)21 398-599, GSM 00385 (0)98 398-850, Fax 00385 (0)21 398-556, – VHF Chan­nel 17). Is si­tua­ted nor­th of the Su­sti­pan pe­nin­su­la in the mo­st beau­ti­ful part of the lar­ge gulf whe­re Split ci­ty is. Ori­gi­nal­ly Split was built around the ma­je­stic Dio­cle­sian pa­laz­zo (Une­sco world he­ri­ta­ge) by Ro­man em­pe­ror Dio­cles around 293 AD. The ACI ma­ri­na can ho­st up to 80 me­tre ya­ch­ts and is well pro­tec­ted from sou­ther­ly winds by a long dam.

ACI ma­ri­na Kor­ču­la (Tel. 00385 (0)20 711 661, GSM 00385 (0)98 398 854, Fax 00385 (0)20 711 748; m.kor­cu­ – VHF Chan­nel 17). Ex­cel­lent si­te for this ACI ma­ri­na whi­ch can ho­st ya­ch­ts up to 40 metres. It is si­tua­ted near the hi­sto­ric cen­tre of the to­wn – one of the bet­ter kept me­die­val to­wns in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean wi­th its at­trac­ti­ve hou­ses and gol­den walls. A small island whi­ch rea­ches out to the Pe­l­je­sac pe­nin­su­la.

ACI ma­ri­na Du­bro­v­nik (Na ska­li 2, Mo­ko­ši­ca-ko­mo­lac, Tel. 00385 (0)20 455 020, GSM 00385 (0)98 398 813, Fax 00385 (0)20 451 922; m.du­bro­v­ – VHF Chan­nel 17). Ne­stled at the Om­bla ri­ver mou­th, this lar­ge ACI ma­ri­na is con­tou­red by se­ve­ral hills and can ber­th up to 60 me­tre ya­ch­ts. In terms of sa­fe­ty it is one of the mo­st pro­tec­ted any ti­me of year, it of­fers main­te­nan­ce to small craft. It is si­tua­ted on­ly six ki­lo­me­tres from Du­bro­v­nik wi­th its hi­sto­ric cen­tre (Une­sco world he­ri­ta­ge) whi­ch da­tes back to the se­ven­th cen­tu­ry.

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