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Wi­th six­teen years of work and pas­sion un­der its belt, this fa­mi­ly brand to­day, is pro­du­cing two hun­dred thou­sand pie­ces a year and two hun­dred for eve­ry event.the­se are the fi­gu­res for Faliero Sarti’s brand na­me. He re-in­tro­du­ced the Ac­ces­so­ry by crea­ting splen­did par-ex­cel­len­ce scar­ves the ‘mu­st ha­ves’ for all the world’s ‘Fa­shion buffs’ whi­ch de­ri­ve from Mo­ni­ca Sarti’s de­si­gn work, his grand­daughter who’s smart en­tre­pre­neur­ship ma­kes her stand out from the cho­rus li­ne. What did it all start wi­th and why scar­ves? Scar­ves and tar­tan blan­ke­ts ca­me to be a pro­duc­tion li­ne of Faliero Sarti’s wool mill foun­ded in 1948...it mu­st ha­ve been the spe­cial de­part­ment my Gran­d­fa­ther Faliero de­di­ca­ted to his daughter Pa­tri­zia who pas­sed away pre­ma­tu­re­ly. So in me­mo­ry of her, that de­part­ment was ne­ver clo­sed do­wn but was tra­di­tio­nal­ly al­ways used as so­me­thing ex­tra wi­th whi­ch to com­ple­te the sa­les of other fa­brics and tex­ti­les from the fac­to­ry.....then in 2000 this de­part­ment star­ted up as so­me­thing en­ti­re­ly in­de­pen­dent from the fa­mi­ly bu­si­ness, a se­pa­ra­te on­going con­cern. And why the scar­ves?... you asked, well sin­ce I pro­du­ce tex­ti­les, I thought using fa­mi­ly pro­duc­ts was going to be a smart mo­ve. Who would you con­si­der as your men­tor? Lo­ve of the soft­ness, warm­th and light­ness at­tri­bu­ted to the sha­tu­sh... mil­lions of peo­ple who know them gi­ve you a dream to go on wi­th a me­re smi­le of theirs. Your fir­st re­col­lec­tion to do wi­th fa­shion? Du­ring my school ho­li­days when I was on­ly a child, I was al­ways ea­ger to da­sh off to my fa­ther’s of­fi­ce and to play about wi­th cut­tings and bi­ts of ma­te­rial and fi­ne fa­bric wi­th whi­ch to dress my Bar­bies.... and a scarf was al­ways wrap­ped round my dolls’ necks! What’s your star­ting point for your col­lec­tions and what’s your se­cret, is the­re al­ways a ‘fil rou­ge’ whi­ch links eve­ry­thing? The star­ting point is the world around me. I’m ve­ry aware of art and to re­cur­ring pro­duc­ts whi­ch are mi­ne for ever mo­re, in­tui­tions...the full aware­ness of con­stant re­newals, re­tur­ning trends, the un­der­ly­ing common denominator or ‘fil rou­ge’.... soft­ness! Whi­ch are Faliero Sarti’s three main fea­tu­res whi­ch ma­ke the brand suc­ces­sful? Tra­di­tion, in­no­va­ti­ve so­lu­tions and fe­mi­ni­ni­ty. How can we re­co­gni­ze a real Faliero Sarti pro­duct from any other? On­ly by tou­ching it, can you ap­pre­cia­te a spe­cial uni­que soft­ness, light­ness, con­ve­nien­ce, prac­ti­ca­li­ty....and the new look about it, can ef­fe­v­ti­ve­ly con­vey a spe­cial fee­ling whi­ch im­me­dia­te­ly ma­kes it your ve­ry own. My scar­ves are war­ming but wi­thout ma­king you feel hot or as if you are wea­ring so­me­thing whi­ch is hea­vy around your neck. Am I ma­king a mi­sta­ke or aren’t you al­so pro­du­cing scar­ves for brands li­ke Cha­nel. Bot­te­ga Ve­ne­ta, Gior­gio Ar­ma­ni or Sal­va­to­re Fer­ra­ga­mo. How can you not avoid co­py­ing

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