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your­se­fl? In­deed we pro­du­ce for other brands too... to ea­ch one its ve­ry own iden­ti­ty and spe­cial fea­tu­res by whi­ch re­co­gni­tion be­co­mes ea­sy. This is the rea­son why we don’t pro­du­ce things for ma­ny, as we li­ke to con­ti­nue to gi­ve ex­clu­si­ve ca­re for de­tail to ea­ch one se­pa­ra­te­ly. Your main fo­rei­gn mar­ke­ts? USA, Fran­ce, Ger­ma­ny, Rus­sia, Ja­pan…even if no­wa­days ter­ri­to­rial bor­ders thanks to on­li­ne mer­chan­di­sing don’t exi­st any lon­ger. What’s new in terms of pro­duc­ts? To con­ti­nue try­ing to blend no­ble fi­bres li­ke cash­me­re silk, and fi­ne wool wi­th tech­no­lo­gic and in­no­va­ti­ve ma­te­rials. Who are you tar­ge­ting wi­th your scar­ves, Whi­ch sort of men or wo­men choo­se them? To all tho­se di­scer­ning peo­ple that re­co­gni­ze beau­ty and qua­li­ty in a light­weight rec­tan­gle. Your mo­st ex­pen­si­ve mo­del? A vi­cu­na sha­wl spor­ting pu­re gold fi­ni­shing tou­ches. Whi­ch among your pre­fer­red mo­dels is the one you li­ke be­st? The mo­del cal­led Pe­dro, li­ke my lit­tle dog, whi­ch re­pre­sen­ts the chan­ges I ma­de ma­ny years ago... a ve­ry soft knit­ted swea­ter ma­de in cash­me­re boi­led wool whi­ch is in­cre­di­bly soft at the tou­ch, and an in­di­spen­sa­ble ‘cudd­le’ I can’t do wi­thout when I tra­vel. At a glan­ce I’d say that eve­ry new col­lec­tion is bet­ter than the pre­ce­ding one? Eve­ry col­lec­tion is an evo­lu­tion of the pre­ce­ding...you mu­st al­ways look ahead to stay ahead! In ad­di­tion to scar­ves are you thin­king about flan­king them wi­th other ac­ces­so­ries and wea­ra­ble gear? We’re plan­ning on so­me­thing...in fact it will be on the mar­ket soon. Fu­tu­re ob­jec­ti­ves? To main­tain our hi­gh le­vel of en­thu­sia­sm... seek out new mar­ke­ts.... and con­ti­nue to evol­ve wi­th the ti­mes. What is it that you li­ke mo­st about your work? and what’s your re­ci­pe for suc­cess? Mee­ting new peo­ple and pla­ces, and let­ting your­self be over­whel­med by “ma­gi­cal” si­tua­tions crea­ted by in­cre­di­ble peo­ple.... and my se­cret? Think po­si­ti­ve al­ways and want mo­re. What’s Art for you? Art is fa­shion’s fo­re­run­ner in mo­re ways than one. It is whe­re I draw the mo­st in­spi­ra­tion from. Af­ter the tri­bu­tes to Da­mien Hir­st and to Pop Art I en­joyed

in­ter­pre­ting Ali­ghie­ro Boet­ti, Ric­car­do Gu­sma­ro­li, Car­lo Fei, Do­me­ni­co Bian­chi, Lu­cio Fontana e Pie­ro For­na­set­ti. What’s ‘lu­xu­ry’ for you and what’s the fir­st re­col­lec­tion you ha­ve of it? Being able to bor­row ti­me and de­di­ca­te it to my­self and to the ones I lo­ve.... whi­le the fir­st re­col­lec­tion I ha­ve of lu­xu­ry in this flee­ting ephe­me­ral world is my ve­ry fir­st Bir­kin! Does ele­gan­ce exi­st? And being ele­gant means… Ele­gan­ce has al­ways exi­sted but com­pa­ra­ti­ve­ly few know how to show it. To me being ele­gant means being po­li­te, bien dres­sé and ne­ver vul­gar.. plain if you mu­st but wi­th ta­ste We would li­ke to know a lit­tle mo­re about the per­son you real­ly are: whi­ch other things do you go in for, asi­de the de­di­ca­ted pas­sion you ha­ve for the world of scar­ves? Mat­teo Mat­teo Mat­teo, my son, sports and to tra­vel. As a child did you ever ima­gi­ne you would get to whe­re you ha­ve got­ten to? I’ve al­ways been ve­ry am­bi­tious. Lo­ve, suc­cess, mo­ney: what’s your per­so­nal ran­king? Lo­ve, heal­th, suc­ces mo­ney. A po­si­ti­ve trait you deem im­por­tant? Smi­le a lot al­ways. What do you usual­ly find at­trac­ti­ve asi­de from fa­shion? Ab­so­lu­te­ly eve­ry­thing!!! I’m the quin­tes­sen­ce of per­so­ni­fied cu­rio­si­ty. Ha­ve you a fa­vou­ri­te ph­ra­se you re­peat of­ten? You mu­st al­ways look ahead to stay ahead...car­pe Diem! Whi­ch is your own ‘ma­gi­cal ‘ pla­ce you li­ke to shel­ter in mo­st? In­tro­spec­tion-inside my­self and...pre­fe­ra­bly by the sea­si­de in Sar­di­niaa. Whi­ch sports do you go in for to re­char­ge from fren­zy wor­king rhy­thms you are ex­po­sed to? Jog­ging swim­ming and play­ing ten­nis. Three ad­jec­ti­ves to de­scri­be your­self. Po­si­ti­ve cheer­ful am­bi­tious. You don’t go out your front door wi­thout... Kis­sing my son. Should you not ha­ve been a sty­li­st? Had I had an in­cre­di­ble voi­ce I would ha­ve li­ked to sing... I lo­ve the idea of being on sta­ge and to sing out wi­th all my might A wi­sh? To be sha­me­les­sly hap­py! www.fa­lie­ro­sar­ti.com

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