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Benetti has an­noun­ced the sa­le of BM004 whi­ch is now the four­th Me­di­ter­ra­neo 116 mo­del of the Class Di­spla­ce­ment ran­ge. The new yacht has been sold to an Asian bu­si­ness man in mid Ju­ly fol­lo­wing se­ve­ral mee­tings wi­th Benetti’s Asia sa­les team as well as a lo­cal bro­ker. Ch­ri­stos Ram­nia­lis Benetti’s DG com­men­ted the an­noun­ce­ment as fol­lo­ws: “We’re ve­ry ex­ci­ted for this new or­der. It will soon be ad­ded to the exi­sting Benetti fleet in Asia. Gi­ven the gro­wing po­pu­la­ri­ty su­pe­rya­ch­ts are cur­ren­tly en­joy­ing in Asia we are pret­ty con­fi­dent our suc­cess in this mar­ket area will con­ti­nue to ex­pand”. In the mean­ti­me In Ju­ne Benetti de­li­ve­red the se­cond and third unit of the Benetti Fa­st 125’ li­ne, “Skyler” and “Con­stan­ce Joy”, bo­th ya­ch­ts are equip­ped li­ke the fir­st one “Iron Man” wi­th Azi­pull Car­bon 65 dri­ves. Bo­th al­so sport the sa­me D2­p_­di­spla­ce­ment to Pla­ning hull dif­fer in co­lour and in the choi­ce of the in­te­rior de­cor ba­sed on Air ty­pe con­fi­gu­ra­tion adop­ted on “skyler”. In­stead al­so in Ju­ly “La­dy Lil­lian” the 32nd unit of Benetti’s Clas­sic l21 li­ne ini­tial­led by Ste­fa­no Ri­ghi­ni and Fra­nçois Zu­ret­ti, was de­li­ve­red. La­st but not lea­st in Au­gu­st Benetti de­li­ve­red the four­th Fa­st 125’, “Le­jos”, si­ster ship to “Skyler”, “Con­stan­ce Joy” and “Iron Man”. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion:­net­tiya­ch­

ARCADIA SELLS FIR­ST A100+ - Arcadia Ya­ch­ts is proud to an­noun­ce the sa­le of the fir­st A100+ in Great Bri­tain af­ter ju­st mon­ths from the of­fi­cial pre­sen­ta­tion day held in the cour­se of an event at the Mon­te­na­po­leo­ne Yacht Club 2017. This fur­ther con­tract con­firms Arcadia Ya­ch­ts’s firm and well con­so­li­da­ted po­si­tion in the UK mar­ket fol­lo­wing the sa­le of #12 of the A85 mo­del to a bri­ti­sh ow­ner.

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