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From the smoul­de­ring ashes of a on­ce fa­med ship yard a new brand is born: Fa­bia­ni Yacht. The ini­tia­ti­ve sees a pool of en­tre­pre­neurs joi­ning for­ces and buy­ing up the pre­mi­ses si­tua­ted bet­ween the pro­vin­ces of Le­ghorn and Pi­sa to kick off wi­th an am­bi­tious pro­ject of whi­ch Fu­tu­ra 100’ is the fir­st en­try. Fu­tu­ra 100’ will be the el­der of a new fleet of ya­ch­ts whi­ch will be equip­ped wi­th loads of tech­no­lo­gy and technical aspec­ts to mat­ch. Na­vi­rex na­val en­gi­nee­ring stu­dio was cal­led in to con­tri­bu­te but mo­re so Ma­rio Grass na­val en­gi­neer and Ro­ber­to Cur­tò de­si­gner who wor­ked to­ge­ther to find so­lu­tions for the ma­ny re­quests wan­ted by the shi­pyard star­ting wi­th the lay­out whi­ch is to ena­ble peo­ple in wheel chairs to en­joy com­ple­te frui­tion of the yacht au­to­no­mou­sly from the mo­ment they get on board of the yacht from any quay­si­de. Ano­ther re­que­st had to do wi­th in­no­va­tion of eve­ry­thing from sty­ling to technical sa­fe­ty gear, en­su­ring re­lia­bi­li­ty in any wea­ther and com­fort. As for de­si­gn and looks, the in­no­va­ti­ve pro­cess can clear­ly be seen in the lar­ge cut glass in the top­si­des and along so­me of the su­per­struc­tu­re en­su­ring plen­ty of na­tu­ral light as well as a con­si­de­ra­ble ter­ra­ce li­ke ope­ning along the top­si­des whi­ch en­han­ces a sen­se of grea­ter con­tact bet­ween inside and the sur­roun­dings out. The coa­chroof opens up in the bow sec­tion whi­ch di­rec­tly ac­ces­ses the lounge /sun­ba­thing area and so does the hard­top struc­tu­re. Ob­viou­sly the­re are dif­fe­ren­ces in the lay­out and in the choi­ce of ma­te­rials de­di­ca­ted to the de­cor whi­ch can be cho­sen ac­cor­din­gly.the sug­ge­sted or stan­dard in­te­riors fo­re­see a full beam ow­ner sui­te at amid­ships, plus two VIP ca­bins one a twin the other a dou­ble.the day area is ma­de up of a li­ving room and di­ning area, a lounge and ‘fold away’ bar/gal­ley. The helm con­trols sta­tion is si­tua­ted along the up­per deck and sports an A/C unit. The yacht can ho­st from 4 to 6 six crew ac­cor­din­gly. Tech­ni­cal­ly spea­king the main in­no­va­tion is to be found in the choi­ce of the en­gi­nes and their ty­pes whi­ch can be hy­brid wi­th con­si­de­ra­ble bat­te­ry banks hid­den from view. Wi­th this con­fi­gu­ra­tion the yacht’s di­spla­ce­ment would in­crea­se by ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly 15 tons, and would al­low the yacht to crui­se at 8 kno­ts for se­ve­ral con­se­cu­ti­ve hours wi­thout stop­ping and wi­thout de­ploy­ing en­do­ther­mic po­wer hou­ses. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Fa­bia­ni Yacht; Via Pog­gio­ga­gliar­do 12, 56040 Mon­te­scu­da­io (PI); tel. +39 335 7153211.

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