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Bonollo Um­ber­to di Pa­do­va di­stil­le­ries ha­ve a new en­try to their comprehensive ran­ge: The Grap­pa of Ama­ro­ne Bar­ri­que whi­ch is the top ex­pres­sion of the firm’s re­co­gni­zed ex­cel­len­ce,the new en­try: the Ofroscopo col­lec­tion ta­kes its na­me in an ar­ti­stic in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the twel­ve air si­gns ma­king up the Zo­diac. The­re’s a sculp­tu­red han­d­craf­ted co­lou­red glass con­tai­ner mo­del for ea­ch of the twel­ve air si­gns whi­ch dou­bles al­so as de­can­ter fil­led wi­th Grap­pa Of Ama­ro­ne Bar­ri­que 1999 vin­ta­ge! Ea­ch sculp­tu­re seems to ema­na­te the cor­re­spon­ding astral light of the air si­gn it per­tains to, as if Of’s ma­gi­cal ex­qui­si­te aro­ma we­re in con­tact wi­th the stars. Si­gn af­ter si­gn, pie­ce af­ter pie­ce be­co­mes a hi­ghly per­so­nal gift and the ‘en­sem­ble’ form to­ge­ther an en­ti­re pre­cious col­lec­tion. Ofroscopo en­ri­ches the exi­sting Of col­lec­tion of the Bonollo Um­ber­to di Pa­do­va di­stil­le­ries whi­ch re­pre­sent a who­le uni­ver­se in terms of re­fi­ned so­phi­sti­ca­tion and sty­le whe­re the su­pre­me art of di­stil­ling espou­ses the ele­gan­ce of ea­ch sculp­tu­re, gi­ving ri­se to unu­sual, in­ten­se and un­for­get­ta­ble he­do­ni­st ex­pe­rien­ces. - in­

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